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  1. HMS Belfast

    Lovely work, so far.
  2. How about the use of “impact” for those that can’t figure effect vs. affect? Impacted, impactful, etc.
  3. May’ve already been mentioned: http://www.72news.eu/2017/11/hasegawalockheed-martin-f-35b-lightning.html?m=1 for 2018.
  4. Met Andy a couple of weeks back during a work trip to Arizona - lovely bloke. It was his video that made me plump for the Tamiya Abrams.
  5. HMS Belfast : 2nd T26

    Isn’t diversity an old wooden ship? (Reference joke)
  6. Started my Tamiya 1/16 M1A2 today: backdating to a M1A1 AIM SA.
  7. Japan's first Osprey

    Makes sense in light that the Western Army Region is responsible for generating the equivalent of marines - they even have US amtracs (AAV-7).
  8. Japan's first Osprey

    Can't believe I didn't see it!
  9. Japan's first Osprey

    https://theaviationist.com/?p=43372 Looks fantastic!
  10. British Bushmaster

    Mick, you'll have to defete the extra seat - there's no seat under the left, rear hatch. The RWS isn't correct for British Bushmasters - steal one from a Stryker kit. If you're talking to Kinetic, you may want to ask whether they're doing the forward-facing gunner's seat behind the driver.
  11. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Apparently the first high speed run clocked at 27 knots - not terrible!
  12. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    First recovery & launch from across the pond.
  13. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    Seems like the builder's trials have served their purpose, then. Hopefully, a reasonably simple remediation. No doubt this will be viewed as a setback by the anti-carrier crowd and fashioned into a crude weapon to beat UK carrier aviation over the head with.
  14. India wants France's old Jaguars

    Maybe tie the Jag acquisition to the Rafale negotiation debacle?