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  1. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    I’ve always been a bit down on/sceptical of injection molded plastic tall ships. Having seen your work, it seems a hasty revision of that opinion is in order!
  2. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Those headrails! Wow! Apart from the excellent work, they really change the way the bow looks. Lovely work.
  3. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Looking great - nice and steady progress, too. Are those sails vacform ones from the kit?
  4. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    A lot of work to make this a flush-deck? Or does it qualify as a razee? Excellent job, regardless!
  5. Excellent progress as always - any chance of an overall pic with something alongside for scale reference (bottle of beer, Eiffel Tower, aircraft carrier?)?
  6. Great to see more progress on this.
  7. 1/35 Accurate Armour SAS Land Rover

    Is that a gun ring that the AGL/GMG is mounted on? Looks like it’s visible to the driver’ left (right as we look at it) and immediately to the rear of the roll-bar padding/rolled up tarp.
  8. British AFV Group Build

    Dependendant on when it kicks off. I’m up to my eyeballs converting Tamiya’s 1/16 Abrams to an Australian A1 at the moment. https://imgur.com/gallery/dzYND
  9. British AFV Group Build

    Small correction - Challenger 2 wasn’t deployed to Afghanistan. The only western tanks to serve there were Danish Leopard 2s, Canadian Leopard 1 & 2 variants, and USMC Abrams’. Interesting concept for a GB.
  10. Stunning work! That bridge is impressive - doubly so, when the scale is taken into account!
  11. Andrew - stunning, stunning work! Really enjoy watching such quality scratch building unfold.