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  1. But, did I get it correctly: There are no other „novelties“ to be expected, than the new series of 1/48th scale airplanes?
  2. Me 109, FW 190, Spitfire, Mustang - anyone? Me 109, FW 190, Spitfire, Mustang - anyone?
  3. Avia S-199 and CS-199, please. I decree that Eduard has NOW made enough money with all those Messerschmitt 109s, Mustangs and Spitfires to afford issuing some really bad selling kits (see top of message), too.
  4. Very nice! Although: The plane in the box art doesn't look to swedish to me...
  5. It seems that here are many amongst us who do not dare expressing their deepest inner wishes: The whole Bomber Command in 1/16th scale. True?
  6. If they'd only do their interesting decal-sets in other scales, too! Like 1/48, 1/32...
  7. Some attractive schemes provided... (One more than initially shown, as far as I can see.) See page 64 of Airfix' online catalogue: https://issuu.com/officialairfix/docs/airfix-2021-catalogue-pdfs-pages/1?ff
  8. Avia S-199: Will it really turn up in 2021? I don't guess so, as this release originally was planned for 2019. But from an economical standpoint (which Eduard as a company has to take) any well known version of a Spitfire, Mustang, Me 109 or FW 190 makes much more sense than the more esoteric versions of the Me 109 like the Avia S-199 (or the CS-199, the Buchon, the Tripala...). But my taste has taught me patience!
  9. Ah, yes, The Shepherd! I loved the Vampire since I read that book when I was a boy. (My fondness for the Mosquito is even older.. ) Always wanted to read it to my children, but never did.
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