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  1. RHWinter

    1/35 ICM German Rheinmetall „Leichttraktor“

    Thanks for sharing this information, Rogue705!
  2. Ganz, ganz toll!
  3. RHWinter

    New US Trucks from ICM

    MiniArt have announced some (still „top secret“) WW1 subjects and Copper State Models have a nice range of WW 1 armoured cars.
  4. RHWinter

    New US Trucks from ICM

    I am really looking forward to these two trucks! And there's also a bunch of Doughboys coming along with them, too!
  5. RHWinter

    LVT-4 "Water Buffalo"

    IMPRESSIVE! Have you built the Italeri kits of the LVT 2 and 4, too? How do they compare to AFV-Club's kit? Thanks! Richard
  6. I preordered mine last year as soon as Airfix had announced „Dooleybird“, bringing back those sweet, sweet boyhood-memories (in 1/48th scale..)!
  7. Aha. Thank you, Bjorn. I support your wish and dare adding that Claes and his friends will also find some time to communicate... I am looking forward to their releases.
  8. Weeell, you know, I was a bit frustrated: I am not such a huge fan especially of this Saab (although I like it), but more of some of the other birds, Pilot Replicas had announced some years ago. What frustrated me was the lack if communication by Pilot Replicas. Was it that their top-kit-designer fell seriously ill? Was it that the banks did not give them the money they needed to realize their planned schedule of kits? (If so: THAT we will never hear of, hahaha!) What ever it is/was: No communication. (Or did I miss something?) And: At least me, I do not like that! (Let's hope, millions of other modelers don't give a s**t on a lack of communication, but buy and build as soon as there's something to buy and build!)
  9. I don't believe a word (any more), unless I see their kits will materialize some sweet day. And until then I do not wait any more. They may surprise me.
  10. Announced in ICM's 2019 catalogue.
  11. Laurent, Homebee, I was not aware of these possibilities, thank you!
  12. It still seems like Mars Models‘ models can only be bought via Ebay.