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  1. Some attractive schemes provided... (One more than initially shown, as far as I can see.) See page 64 of Airfix' online catalogue: https://issuu.com/officialairfix/docs/airfix-2021-catalogue-pdfs-pages/1?ff
  2. Avia S-199: Will it really turn up in 2021? I don't guess so, as this release originally was planned for 2019. But from an economical standpoint (which Eduard as a company has to take) any well known version of a Spitfire, Mustang, Me 109 or FW 190 makes much more sense than the more esoteric versions of the Me 109 like the Avia S-199 (or the CS-199, the Buchon, the Tripala...). But my taste has taught me patience!
  3. Ah, yes, The Shepherd! I loved the Vampire since I read that book when I was a boy. (My fondness for the Mosquito is even older.. ) Always wanted to read it to my children, but never did.
  4. Yes, great classic box-art! Glow2b seem to know what an asset real art is, especially when compared to the usual (to me: cheap looking) CAD box-designs of most of the other model companies.
  5. Well, for those of us who are able to spend a little more money for a little bit more fun with considerably better kits are already best served with the Henschel 123 from Gaspatch. All the rest of us are condemned to wait for a cheaper HS 123.
  6. Any profiles available of versions/markings provided?
  7. I will patiently wait for the long since announced Avia S-199 and never stop hoping for an Avia CS-199...
  8. Planned for early 2021. See page 19, Eduard leaflet for distributors https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2021-02en.pdf
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