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  1. For me, please: 1/48 Blenheim Mk.IV 1/48 Westland Wasp and Scout Thank you, Airfix!
  2. Thanks, Homebee, I had forgotten this one! BUT, it's short-un plus resin plus photoetch, isn't it? I am a simple guy, loving the luxury of easily buildable, high-end plastic injection-moulded kits... (But I might have a try...)
  3. I would prefer this BEAUTIFUL airplane in 1/48th scale, BUT am happy with it in 1/32, too: Thank you, Dora Wings!
  4. ..., but only if you have a VERY CLOSE look! That is: Click on the pics with the question-marks.
  5. Then if you google Roland D.VIb by Fly in 1:72th scale, they have some (at least to me) interesting post-war Czech versions. You'd need to find someone to upscale their decals, like Melius Manu, perhaps. As for me, I'll buildmy WnW's Roland D.VIb in the livery of the post-war US-test plane at Cook Airfield.
  6. These are the only „extra“ Roland D.VIa and b decals in 1/32th scale, I know of: https://www.aviattic.co.uk/apps/search?q=Roland
  7. I had my knowledge directly from Eduard themselves and they said a S-199 and probably a CS-199 too are planned for 2019/2020.
  8. RHWinter


    Well, not so many differences, it's got a little smaller, narrower fuselage and a bit shorter wingspan, as far as I know. But that's not why I am „waiting“ for a Cl.IIIa. I like the late-war colour-schemes, that is why!
  9. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Junkers-D.I-22862046.html looks promising, too, esp. concerning drawings of the prototype!
  10. I am quite sure you'll find all the answers to all of your questions in those two Albatros Publications' publications (Windsock...) on the Junkers D.I.
  11. RHWinter


    Nice, but I'll probably wait for a Cl.IIIa...
  12. Yesss, PLEASE!!
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