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  1. Can't find any decals depicting that a/c, but you can buy sheets of generic serial codes in all the various colours. Where about's in Aberdeen-shire are you, I live up in Inverness?
  2. The serial you're after is HB836 YT-N
  3. Would depend if the Tornado, Typhoon and F15 had the interfaces to able full weapon connection to the a/c. However I wouldn't be surprised if the Americans and the British were a bit reluctant to pass on that technology and theoretically risk losing weapon sales. As exdraken said as well I can't see any benefit in doing so.
  4. Are you referring to the temporary deployable pads found at FOB's or the more permanent concrete ones found at places like Camp Bastion, Basra AP?
  5. Indeed, I meant the main colour within the scheme is 36320. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. He is referring to two different versions, the MH and the HH. In 1993 all MH-60's were repainted in AFSOC Grey, then in 2003 all remaining HH-60's were repainted in Gunship Grey 36118. Back in the 90's timeframe the HH's were used by ACC, USAFE, PACAF, ANG and AFRC in a SAR/Personnel recovery role. While all MH's were operated by AFSOC in a Special Forces insertation/recovery role. However during the mid 90's all MH-60's were transferred over to ACC except for a few at Hurlburt Field. By the late 90's the MH designation had been dropped and they were all known as HH's. The USArmy still use the MH designation. AFSOC 'Gray' refers to the scheme and not the actual colours in that scheme. The scheme consists of 36118 upper surfaces 36375 lower surfaces(I think this applies to fixed wing a/c only) 36375 all markings. think CV-22. Edit: Looking at the Werner Wings sheet, there is no AFSOC Gray option on it.
  7. What makes you so sure it's 36375? Unless the Lakenheath, and only the the Lakenheath helos have gone through the paint shop in the last 4 weeks, they are most definitely 36118. In contrast the Naval version of the H60 are painted mainly in 36320 Dark Ghost Grey, 36375 is Light Ghost Grey. Therefore are you saying that the Lakenheath helos are now lighter in colour than the US Navy examples? Edit: The mention of 36375 on the Werner Wings decal sheet is related to the colour of the rescue hoist, nothing else.
  8. Painted overall "Aluminium ".
  9. For the price of the SM sheet you would just as well buy the kit again.
  10. The above is no where near the correct colour, 36081 is very dark? Closest in the FS range would be 36231,
  11. The ones on the right are BL755 Cluster munitions, the ones on the left are 1000lb RAF GP bombs, looks like maybe the high drag version.
  12. Luftwaffe F-4's got dirty and tattered looking very quickly to the point that on some a/c the different colours aren't that distinguishable from one another.
  13. I haven't but I'm on the case.
  14. Something is telling me it was applied for Neptune Warrior 2007 at Lossiemouth, it was on the intake splitter plate.
  15. Do you have a serial for the a/c?