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  1. According to the Avalon decal sheet for Finnish Hawks, there was a Green camo jet flying with Grey wings, how accurate the info is I don't know.
  2. Colours for the two tone Green scheme are BS381C 222 Light Bronze Green BS381C 337 Dark Olive Drab BS381C 627 Light Aircraft Grey
  3. Surely it's your time that your charging for, therefore it shouldn't be any different from building a full aircraft?
  4. Now available in the UK, but at £75.00 rrp (most retailers are £68.00) I think I'll pass. Some manufacturers are starting to out price the hobby.
  5. Some video footage on page 141 here Some stills here
  6. Model Alliance did a sheet, oop but can still be found on the net Caracal Models is planning on releasing these in the near(ish) future in 1/48, not sure if he's planning 1/72 though.
  7. Any Kinetic sprue can be ordered separately by requesting through the "my account" tab within the Luckymodel website, obviously you'll have to pay for it and postage.
  8. This will build up a pre-MLU a/c (pre 1998) from the box. As with all Hasegawa F-16's it will build rather nicely. As you say the decals could be done with replacing and Vingtor Decals do a rather nice sheet covering early RoNAF F-16's The RoNAF F-16's are unique in carrying the AGM-119 Penguin ASM, these can found in the Kinetic F-16AM boxes or can ordered separately from Luckymodel
  9. I actually think the 19 shot would be preferred due to the extra punch, however weight with a full load and operating in hot climates may be an issue.
  10. Ghost scheme without a doubt. I've got a photograph taken in 1995 and it was in the Mod scheme by then.
  11. Looking at various photos it would appear that from the countries listed above only the Dutch still use the older AIM-9 16S210 pylon. Also the Belgians and Danish have carried out several rotations each to the Baltic region with their F-16AM's
  12. Both Netherlands and Norwegian F-16 have the extended para brake housing, no ECM fit in tail. All European F-16 A/B's are now up to MLU standard and are more or less the same with exception of the Portuguese a/c which operated 45 of the type in a mix of Blk15OCU and Blk15 a/c, but only the latter 20 were updated to MLU. Weapons for the Baltic Air Policing are Norwegian: AIM120 and IRIS-T with Sniper pod Netherlands: AIM120 and AIM-9M Portugal: AIM120 and AIM-9M with LITENING pod As for the strengthening plates, someone else will have to answer that one
  13. With exception to what's mentioned above you'll also have to source a set of unslotted rear stabilizers and remove the RWR blister from the top of the tail. Everything else looks good, you even get the IFR probe and choice of camera housings(Spain used both types).
  14. It's the same scheme that is found on the Hohenfel, Germany FOCT/JMRC Lakota's, this may help
  15. The loadouts I saw in Iraq varied, but a common one port to starboard was 2 TOW 7 Shot Zuni 7 Shot Zuni 4 Hellfire(sometimes only two were carried on a 4 shot launcher)