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  1. Don't take what I'm about to write as gospel as I don't have either the kit or cover in front of me. However looking at the Revell instructions on the internet, it looks like you have to remove the front portion of the intake at the first panel line where it starts to curve towards the intake face, then leave off the fan faces and the covers should then fit flush, for the exhaust leave parts 11 and 81 off and again the cover should fit flush.
  2. Aren't the Steel Beach covers exactly that , and not plugs? I've used several of Darren's sets and never had a problem with any of them, just a little clean up of edges and that's it.
  3. It'll be Aluminium, the same colour as the undersides.
  4. One's that I've came across would be at a guess and from memory approx 500mm/50cm long at most, I've also seen some short ones approx 250mm. RAF Tornado, Jaguar, Harrier etc etc.........
  5. I would drop Sprue Brothers an email as they normally adjust the shipping costs at point of postage and will refund you the difference.
  6. The English or Sanskrit inscriptions?
  7. I think the E relates to it being a blind round? The only RB-27's I can find reference to much like yourself are the B and the and J.
  8. Nearly, it's FS36231 over 36320. The radome is slightly darker than 36231 but no FS for it.
  9. I looked at my copy of "A Steep turn to the Stars"( history of aviation in the Moray Firth) last night and if the photographs are captioned correctly, the Mosquitos had lost the their stripes by Autumn 1944. On a side note some of the Beaufighters further up the coast at Dallachy still had them.
  10. The only Kinetic kit that had serious nose droop issues was the early F-16 NATO Viper kit 48002 and only the early batches, the problem was rectified although some people still aren't happy. I've built the Kinetic Blk52 kit and sitting next to the seemingly fantastic Tamiya Blk50 the nose droop is not noticeable with the back of the pitot being 1mm lower on the Kinetic version.
  11. In all my time of being a member on here and many other forums I have never came across anyone as delusional as you. Also you don't have to worry about any posts from me anytime in the future, cause my time is spent better elsewhere. Nick, apologies for not giving you any credit for the reference material an oversight on my behalf. I actually just picked it off the Google images page and pasted it on here as a link, some how it's embedded the image. Once again apologies.
  12. That's half the problem, reading your posts is like trying to decipher the Enigma code. They make hardly any sense, then you go back and edit it to make it no sense. Holding a grudge about what exactly? It's not me that's buggered up my model due to the fact I can't take on board advice from others. Spot on with that one, it's your goof, not mine, and not any other members. To be honest I was out of this thread the moment you decided to blame the members for your mistakes, however I did think that maybe you were just having a bad day as we all have them, but it's clear that it's your overall attitude and downright rudeness that's affecting your modelling. May I suggest that before you even go looking for any photographic material or asking for more help is to go and check your attitude and offering an apology to the members for your earlier outburst wouldn't go a miss either. If you want to carry on this conversion them PM me.
  13. You're failing to grasp that all the photographs that you are referring to are of restored aircraft and not how they actually appeared during the war. The Grey on the underside of the last pic is far far too light, which in turn knocks off the actual colour of the Green. Also referring to pictures that you post then delete half an hour later doesn't help anyone. I'm starting to think like Milne bay above in that you're not going to listen to any help/advice given to you, and with that I'm out of this thread. Good luck whichever way you progress.
  14. Malx, why do you keep editing your posts and deleting photographs, or is it my laptop?
  15. I think the problem with the build above is that the Light Grey undersides are throwing off the Olive Green upper surfaces, if you were to re do the underneath in a darker Grey as per the pictures linked to earlier in the thread you'll see a notable difference overall. Have you ever used Xtracolor paints? They do a faded WWII Olive Drab X113 and also ANA613 Olive Drab X112. I know the purists amongst us will say the latter appeared after the USAAF stopped camouflaging their a/c, but I think they'll be closer to your needs than Humbrol.