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  1. Thanks! I'm using old Trumpeter scriber, old hobby knife (not sharp at all) and one leg with needle from old divider.
  2. Thanks guys! Small update - lower surfaces are engraved 90% - few panels to add after I assemble everything together. Also because gun bay door is really bad and it doesn't fit properly so a lot of sanding is to be expected... Cheers, Nenad
  3. Hello! This kit is lying around for quite some years, I don't want to throw it into trash (since there are Hasegawa and Kinetic now) so it's time to make this kit as simple as possible. At the moment, I'm engraving panel lines and upper surfaces are 90% complete. Few mistakes to correct and a few new panels to add. Some parts will be from Hasegawa, like an ejection seat GQ-7A - Hellenic Starfighters had that kind of seat, engine nozzle and landing gear. A friend of mine gave me Eduard PE parts for cockpit so that will be used too. Next update will probably be after lower surfaces are completed. Cheers! Nenad
  4. Nice! I'm planning single seater but post-Soviet camouflage and markings...
  5. Looks great! I have one in mind too, same markings...
  6. Hello! This build will be straight from the box. Well, not 100%... I also found old PE parts from Extratech that I bought years ago. Cockpit is the only place where details are added + wheel bays and that's it. No rivets, nothing fancy. Stay tuned, I'll try to update in next 3 weeks, I have some other projects to finish... Cheers!
  7. Hello guys! Recently, I've finished this MiG which I started in 2020, I think. It's well-known old Zvezda kit in 1/72 scale with a few pros and cons. This one was molded with new plastic, some parts are literally like rubber (windshield for example) and panel lines are not that good, not engraved enough for my own taste. Vertical stabilizer and panels on it are not accurate so I modified some. White numbers are aftermarket, they performed amazing, roundels are from RV Aircraft. I really hope that Eduard will come with Bis version in 1/72. P.S. Photos are not the best - my phone can't "catch" the true/real color of the cockpit and I don't know why but on one small canopy detail can. I'll try to use better camera next time... Cheers! Nenad
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