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  1. Texhmod decals

  2. Texhmod decals

    Thanks for the "Heads up" guys, it's much appreciated. Decals duly ordered !
  3. Texhmod decals

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting a sheet of Techmod decals for my recently purchased ICM Dornier Do 17Z ( 1/48 scale ) and wondered if anyone has any experience of using these, as I've not bought them before, and would like to know if there are any issues with them before I make a purchase ?
  4. Heinkel He 111 guns

    That's what I plan to do, so thanks for your suggestions.
  5. Heinkel He 111 guns

    Thanks guys. As you say, Lawzer, I don't think I'll be able to fit them after building, so I think I'll have to cut the barrels off and re-fit them later. Thanks for your help anyway, chaps, it's much appreciated.
  6. Heinkel He 111 guns

    Hi everybody, I'm after a bit of advice regarding fitting the fuselage guns to my ICM 1/48 Heinkel 111 . . . I wondered if any of you helpful chaps would have any tips about fitting these, as I can see a problem with them getting damaged / broken during assembly of the main components, so if you do have any tips on how you'd avoid this I'd be most grateful.
  7. Ground Equipment color in the seventies...

    When I was posted to Bruggen in Germany in December 1971 practically all the ground equipment had been painted dark green, with a yellow band around it. Not long after all the buildings were also painted dark green as a "Tone down " measure. HTH
  8. AFFTC C-17 T-1 at Edwards AFB

    Very interesting pics, and glad they never used the European 1 scheme on the C-17. In my opinion the only airplane to look good in that scheme was the A - 10 !
  9. Heinkel He 111 aerials

    Thanks for the info, 72modeler. It looks like I might have to scratch build the fairing, which shouldn't be too difficult, but I just wondered why ICM have left that out, given that the rest of the kit is pretty well detailed.
  10. Heinkel He 111 aerials

    Hi everyone, I've just started building the ICM 1/48 Heinkel He 111H, and it is an excellent kit, but there would appear to be an ommission in that the trailing aerial fairlead which projects from the gondola is not included . My question is this : Did all He 111's have this fitted, or was it retractable, as all the photos i've seen have this fitted ? hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can help with this query.
  11. Tamiya 1/48 Spit vs Airfix 1/48 Spit...what's best?

    If it's accuracy you are after, how come Airfix completely missed the rather prominent clear vision panel on the left of the Mk. 1 canopy, which is there on the Tamiya kit ? . . . just saying.
  12. Tamiya 1/48 Spit vs Airfix 1/48 Spit...what's best?

    Well if the Airfix spitfire is anything like their 1/48 Hurricane you can keep it ! It might be accurate, but I found the Hurricane over complicated and not easy to get everything lined up . . . i ended up chucking it in the bin and built the Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane Mk. i . . . A much more enjoyable build . . .Rant over, I'll get me coat !
  13. 1/48th Scale HPH B-36!!!

    Well, you never know. One day . . . Maybe . . .
  14. 1/48th Scale HPH B-36!!!

    It certainly was ! Now if only they'd do a Phantom FGR2, or an F-100D, or an F-101C, or . . .
  15. Heinkel He 111-H3 (48261) 1:48

    Many thanks for that, ABeck . . . That's a lot clearer now.