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  1. From the top of my head, I think there was resin included in the kit. Nevertheless the remaining memory is poor fit, loads of filler and off scale scale. The MustHave kit is a much more pleasant company.
  2. Oh, difficult to tell, did not really count the hours. Around four months of weekends only, plus Christmas holidays, including some full days when the ‘weather’ allowed it Detailing actually took a while and so did painting the figures. I also spent a lot of time on interior details that I thought would be way more visible than they turned out to be... Another quite time consuming part was broadening the wheels. The ones used was both narrower and had a smaller diameter than the original ones. The exterior paint job was quite straight forward though. I’d
  3. I have inserted the links again and everything shows up fine on my end...
  4. Hi folks, A project just for fun. I had the the Bandai 1/35 M61A5 Semovente Main Battle Tank on the shelf and decided to modify it a little and make a small diorama to go with it. I moved around kit parts, added left over parts from the spare box, various scratch built and different resin parts to create a heavy infantry support vehichle. Figures are from Live Resin, Master Box, Airborne Miniatures and Yufan. I moved heads around and added equipment parts here and there.
  5. Thank you! Yes, it builds really well. I personally think Revell kits are really worth the money. I have previously build their F-86D. I used a led clay product from Uschi van der Rosten called Three Green. It conforms well into the small spaces around the intake.
  6. Thank you Nils, Tøffe Tom would not have been built if it was not for your excellent work. Keep it up
  7. The Vingtor decals are very thin and crisp, just the way I like them. They only need a few seconds in luke warm water so work with one at the time. I used only a tad of softener. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of ‘2’ and ‘3’ in some serials if you choose to build a plane from your own references. The KASL resin is very nice detailed and without bubbles. It is a bit tricky to keep the right shape on the plastic wing to get the perfect fit with the resin part. Nothing a little patience fixes though.
  8. Thank you for the comment and the attachment. Just love this site, so much knowledge. I will keep it in mind for the next build.
  9. Thnx! Actually it was new to me as well and it took a while to figure out how the inner tanks were attached to the wings.
  10. Ok, thank you for telling, love the knowledge around here. I just followed the instructions
  11. That is a very very nice build, just brilliant!
  12. Thnx! Yep, the Vingtor sheet 48-103. They are really good
  13. Hi folks, Here are a few pictures of my F-84-F40 Sabre from 338 Sqn, RNoAF Ørland, in 1963. I used the Revell Canadair Sabre Mk.6 kit and added some extras, including a Martin Baker seat (from Eduard's F-8 Crusader) I also used KASL Hobby's slats and flaps together with wheels from Eduard. The very nice and thin decals are from Norwegian Vingtor. She is painted with Alclad2 and Gunze, and weathered with Ammo of Mig products. It was just a pleasant build all the way Thank'
  14. Hi, Recently finished my RCAF Canadair Sabre from 427 Sqdn. I used the Academy F-86F-30 kit OOB except for the Aires seat and True Details wheels. The Leading Edge decals turns it into a Hard Wing F-86-30 style from Zweibrücken, Germany in 1957. The tail markings is from the Weapons Meet Cazaux, France. Unfortunately the decals had a tendency of silvering. Painted with Mr.Paint and weathered with Ammo of Mig products. Thanks for looking //Fred
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