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  1. What a beauty ! you've done a superb job on my favourite airplane
  2. I have another colour query regarding Scharnhorst. I also have the 1/700 Gneisenau kit and it occcured to me that with a bit of cross kitting I could build Scharnhorst as she appeared ( open type bridge, etc. ) as she appeared during the " Channel Dash "as I quite like the interesting colour scheme with the mottled superstructure. My question is : What was the colour of the turret tops ? I've seen depictions showing a blue colour, and also dark grey, so which is more likely to be correct ?
  3. Many thanks, Jamie, you've been most helpful. I'm reading " The Death Of The Scharnhorst " by John Winton at the moment, and that inspired me to get the Tamiya model, plus the fact that my Father served in HMS Belfast, although that was during the Korean War.
  4. Hi Guys, I have the Tamiya 1/700 Scharnhorst kit to build, and I'm after some info on camouflage / colour schemes for the kit. The model has an enclosed bridge, which I understand was fitted after the channel dash, and I've seen photos of her with dark superstructure and hull, but with light bow and stern. I've also seen pictures of a rather elaborate camouflage pattern, so my question is what would be correct for this model ? I do have the Snyder and Short Kriegsmarine colour chips, so I would be able to refer to them if needs be.
  5. Superbly done, Calum, and I like the nicely restrained weathering.
  6. Cheers, Antti, I was thinking of the Corogard as applied to KC 135's at that time ( A dull silver shade ) As I said before I do remember the leading edges of intakes being a different surface finish, although still camouflage colour, so maybe that was it. Mind you, it WAS a long time ago and the old memory cells are not what they were, so you're probably right.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree, hence my avatar. Ever since I saw a line up of German F-104G's on my first detachment to Sardinia I've been hooked ! My other " Obsessions " would be the F-100 Super Sabre, and Hawker Hurricane.
  8. Wow, thar's just excellent ! I've always preferred the Razorback version, and the weathering is really superb as well . thanks for sharing.
  9. nNot a 109, but i did have at one time the glass fitting for the starboard wing trailing edge light from one of our Phantom FGR 2's, and that had blue glass in it, but when illuminated it did look green. HTH.
  10. This picture was taken at Wethersfield 's Open Day on 17th. June, 1961
  11. Many thanks for the info, GRM , that's something I didn't Know. Just as well I haven't drilled the holes out for the fairings yet ! Once again, many thanks.
  12. Hi guys, I have a questyon for all you FW190 experts . . . just received my Eaglecals decal set ( EC 76 ) and according to their info the a/c I wish to depict ( "Red 11 " from IV/JG54. )did not have the upper wing cannon fairings fitted ? I do have the Valiant Wings Airframe & miniature No. 7, which details every variant of the FW190A - 8, and nowhere does it show the upper wings without these fairings, so which one is likely to be right ? I'm inclined to go with the book, as it's very comprehensive, but if anyone has any info on this I'd bee most grateful.
  13. I think you're right, Georgio . . . It certainly wasn't 34079 " forest Green "
  14. Regarding the gun pod colour, as I remember them during my time as an armourer on 17 Squadron they were painted olive drab, and not dark green. The article states that they could have possibly been FS34079, but if you look at page 85 of that book there's a superb underside shot of a 6 Squadron FGR 2 with gun pod, and it clearly looks like olive drab, or something very similar, HTH. PS : Someone will come along with a pic of a pod painted dark green, you wait and see !
  15. As I remember during my time at Bruggen ( 1971 - 74 ) our gun pods painted a brown shade of olive drab and not dark green. I have a photo which shows the markings and colouring, so if you PM me I'll email it back to you. My email : patemm17@gmail.com
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