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  1. Well, what can I say ? just a superb model of my favourite airplane.
  2. Thanks for that, Lawzer. However, I've just bought the Eduard " Zoom " instrument panel, and it has PE seat straps included, which are pretty easy to fit, so I'll not bother with the Quickboost seat, although it does look rather nice !
  3. Hi guys, Just collecting " Extras " for a forthcoming build of the Tamiya 1/48 P - 47D "Razorback " and I have a quick query regarding the resin seat which is available. It looks very good, with the harness moulded in, which I prefer as it's less fiddly than PE seat straps , but can anyone tell me if it fits the Tamiya kit ? I presume it will, but no point buying it if it doesn't . Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. That's just what I suspected. Vlad, so I shall put the bare minimum decals on when I get to that stage.
  5. Many thanks for your very detailed reply, it's much appreciated, and nice to have some background info on the pilots themselves. As " White 6 " was an F 4 and not an F2 I can use the deeper oil radiator , and not the smaller one as originally intended to depict a later F 2 with the rounded wheel wells. Luckily the kit I have is for an F 4 that includes both types of radiator, so I'm good to go. I know there's a lot of debate as to the actual camouflage colours, with the Airfix instructions for this kit ( Although I'm building the Eduard model ) and Montex masks stating the colours as RL
  6. Hi guys, I'm building the Eduard BF 109F 2 as "White six " of 7/JG54 , as flown by Werner Von Hofe in Russia during 1942, and I'd like some info regarding colour scheme. I believe this airplane was painted at unit level, and i have a picture of the camo pattern from a Montex Mask instruction sheet which tallies up with a photo of this machine, but there doesn't appear to be any stencilling on it, such as oxygen filler, etc. The photo is not the best quality, so I'm wondering if the factory stencils were painted over when the airplanes were painted " In the field " as it were ? Any h
  7. This is an F- 100C of the 32nd. TFS, 36th. TFW. This squadron was based at Soesterburg in the Netherlands and the tail bands were green with white trim. Like the other a/c of the 36th. the bands finish short of the fin leading edge ( maybe to avoid it wearing away in the slipstream ? ) HYH
  8. Thanks for the extra info, Patrick . . . very interesting. As an aside I spent many school holidays watching the F-100's at Wethersfield, which is not far from my home, and it was very sad when they moved to Upper Heyford , due, I think. to the expansion of Stansted airport. PS : LOVE your avatar
  9. Just one more little bit of tail code info : When the 20th. TFW 's F - 111E's were first coded their tail codes were JR. JS and JT !
  10. When I was an armourer on 17 squadron in Germany ( 1971 - 74 ) all the gun pods were an olive drab colour. I think they changed the colour when Phantoms relinquished the strike role and became air defence . If you have a search on the internet I'm sure you'll find more info. One other point : If you're doing an early FGR 2 then the gun pod has a longer tail section, as opposed to the shorter version seen on later photos. HTH
  11. I think you're right, Vlad . . . Your model looks nearer that shade then RLM 02, so I shall play around with a lighter green and see how that looks. I'm thinking of possibly humbrol 120, which looks not far off your version. Superb photo, by the way.
  12. What's that phrase " A can of worms " ! Thanks for your help, guys, I guess it's whatever colour you feel is " Right " so i shall experiment and see what I come up with. If only the Luftwaffe had kept records of ALL the paints they used life would be so much easier !
  13. Hi guys, I've just bought an Eduard 1/48 Bf 109F 4 to build, and I've decided to build Hans Philipp's machine from the Russian front. I've also bought the Authentic Decals set , which has the relevant markings, but I'm not sure the colour info is right. The decal instructions suggest RLM 70 and RLM 71 for the camo, but I found a photo on the net of this particular a/c, and although B & W there is more contrast between the colours than I would expect with RLM 70 / 71, so my question is does anyone have info on the correct colours for this machine ? Any help would be much apprec
  14. Absolutely brilliant, Miguel. I bet it was fun masking the canopy and nose glazing. I built the ICM 1/48 Do 17Z last year, and that was fun masking up, so doing that in 1/144 scale must have been tricky.
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