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  1. You're right, Tokyo Raider . . . This kit is cetainly one of the best kits I've built, and it just falls together. I'm just about to start decalling mine, and if it turns out half as good as yours I shall be very pleased. thanks for sharing your photos.
  2. Wow ! that's just excellent , keefr22. I always preferred that colour scheme to the later ones . . . I think it must be the dayglo, and yours looks brilliant, especially after all the problems you had with the paint. Thanks for sharing .
  3. I think you're right about the two rocket pods, though we mostly carried one at a time, with . as you say a CBLS and strike camera pod on station 4 and a ballast Sparrow in station 6. Os course if on QRA duty they would carry Live Sparrows in stations 4 and 6, with a " bucket of instant sunshine " on the centreline. Also, the only time they had the centreline tank fitted was when going on detachment ( ie : Decimomannu, Akrotiri, etc. ). Mostly though the centreline had a SUU 23 gun pod fitted. HTH
  4. From what I remember ( it WAS a long time ago ! ) our FGR 2's would normally carry one Sneb pod on the inboard pylon, with a CBLS on the other side. Occasionally they would carry practice 1.000 lb. bombs for dropping on the range, but only a couple of times a year . . . dropping small practice bombs was a lot cheaper !
  5. Having been a plumber who worked on Phantom FGR 2's I can tell you that " Plumber " was indeed the nickname for armourers. I think it stems from WW II when armourers were responsible for the hydraulics, etc. on aircraft gun turrets, so would look after the " Plunbing " as it were.
  6. Outstanding build, , and I love the subtle weathering. Thanks for sharing.
  7. While on detachment at Decimomannu in the early 70's I got to " Socialising " with a Luftwaffe F - 104 pilot, and we discussed the differences between Phantom FGR 2's and F - 104G's, and I distinctly remember him saying what a good, stable platform the F - 104G was at low level, which surprised me.
  8. I'll be watching this with interest. I got the Anatomy Of the Ship book about a month ago, and wow, was I impressed. So impressed, in fact , I immediately bought the Bismarck book ! I notice looking through the Kagero book that they've made the same mistake with the anchor chain layout, and I think some of their colour schemes might be a bit suspect.
  9. Thanks, silberpferd for that. I will now re paint my wheel bays neutral grey, as the airplane I am doing is a P 38H. Interesting info on 42-67027 and 42 - 67028, which are both listed as being assigned to the 55th. FG on the "Little Friends " website. Could 42 - 6028 be a replacement airplane ?
  10. Thanks for all the info and the links . . . It's much appreciated. As you mention possibly neutral grey wheel bay interiors, is it possible that they could have been aluminium, as Tamiya states , but with the landing gear in neutral grey ? I ask as I've just done the first coat of aluminium on the bay roof and walls. It's not a problem as I can easily re paint if needed. The a/c I'm planning on doing is " CG G " 267027 of the 55th. FG. Unfortunately apart from the decal instructions illustrations I have no photos of this machine.
  11. Hi guys, I've just started building my Tamiya 1/48 Lightning F/G and have a question regarding the colours of the landing gear. Tamiya state that they should be aluminium, but I've seen photos where the nose wheel leg and yoke appear to be a dull ( Neutral grey ? ) colour, especially on camouflaged airplanes. Would anyone more knowledgeable on P 38's be able to give me some guidance regarding the actual colours ? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Oh joy ! As you may have guessed the F-104 is my all - time favourite airplane, and that sound takes me back to my days at RAF Brüggen, when German , Dutch, Belgian and Canadian F-104's were frequent visitors to the base. Thanks for sharing this video, Ridgerunner. .
  13. While on detachment to Decimomannu in Sardinia during the early 70's with our 17 squadron Phantoms we met up with some Luftwaffe F-104 pilots, and I do remember that during the course of the evening's conversation ( And drinking ! ) we got talking about how our respective a / c handled. I distinctly remember them saying that the F-104 was a very stable airplane for weapons delivery at low level, which came as quite a surprise to me.
  14. Regarding the gun port I've just checked that photo, and the cover is NOT fitted. HTH
  15. As you are looking for F - 104 pics you should look at this website : 916-starfighter.de. There are photos of practically every Luftwaffe and Bundesmarine a/c there, and a page with every a/c ( both single and two seater TF-104's ) Listed by code letters / numbers. HTH.
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