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  1. That's an excellent job, farawy, especially the way you've managed to fit the guard rails . . .Very nice , and thanks for sharing.
  2. Absolutely love it ! The very subtle weathering on the upper wings is beautifully done, and your model is a fitting tribute to a grand old lady
  3. I remember visiting Lakenheath back in the days when they were operating F-111F's and they were having an exercise with about 10 airplanes taking off one after the other. Most were in the " Normal" Vietnam camo, but one aircraft has substituted the usual green 34079 with what can best be described as like Luftwaffe schwartzgrun !so stood out like a sore thumb ! I guess this proves the exception to the rule
  4. The FGR 2 had a single landing light in the nosewheel door. Look at photos of FGR 2's and you'll see what I mean.. HTH
  5. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the funnel cap is on back to front ! Hopefully it should be fairly easy to correct before you go too far . HTH
  6. ICM produce a very nice He 111 in various marks, and I built the He 111H-3 kit in Battle of Britain markings, and found it an excellent model, which goes together well. Never done a 1/32 version ( not enough room ! ) but I've heard that the Revell one is supposed to be good, as is their 1/48 version. HTH
  7. Wow, that's looking superb, Jeddahbill. I built the Dragon 1/72 version in 2014, and scratch built most of the missing details, but your model looks to be in a different league to mine.
  8. I remember the small vent pipes on the underside of the rear engine fairings, which I believe were also on the FG!? We had a pilot doing his pre flight checks on one of our FGR 2's who gashed his head on one of those little pipes, so his flight was cancelled and off he went to the medical centre to be patched up. I quite often backed into one of the inner wheel bay doors while loading the SUU 23 gun pod. It seemed that every door or panel was designed to cause as much injury as possible to groundcrew !
  9. What happened to the fuselage insignia ? They look a s if they haven't settled down properly ? Also, I don't know whether you've noticed, but your underwing roundel is upside down ? Really like he "Metal " finish, though. Just thought I'd point out the underwing decal issue for you, which should be an easy fix, and it is no way a criticism of your model. Believe me, I've made boo boos like that before !
  10. That looks lovely, Alpha delta 210. I always liked the Matchbox kits, and the few I built were a pleasure to work with. I don't see much evidence of the so called trench line panels that were supposedly a hallmark of these kits, and they certainly weren't any worse than some of the recent Airfix offerings, but I'm wandering off topic ! Anyway, as I said, that is a lovely model, and I may well build one in the future, seeing as how I live not far from the old home of the 323rd, BG. As a point of interest I believe we met at the Wethersfield museum 4 - 5 years ago ? I brought one of my F-100 paintings for Ross, the museum curator.
  11. Many thanks for the info, guts, especially regarding the enamels effect on the tyres. Ao acrylic spray it is, then.
  12. I don't normally use acrylics, so I presume this system will work with enamels ?
  13. Hi guys, I'm about to start building my Tamiya 1/20 scale JPS Lotus 79, and would like some advice regarding the tyre decals. There are none in the kit, but I have a superb decal set which includes markings for the tyres, which I would like to add. This is a new venture for me, as I mainly build aircraft, so can one of you chaps advise me on how to apply the decals to the tyres, as they are rubber and I'm not sure how well they will adhere ? Any help would be gratefully received.
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