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  1. Wow, they look really nice ! If my Panther turns out half as good as these I'll be more than happy. I'm still working on the hull of my model . . . I'm not a very fast worker, but slow and sure is my motto
  2. Following this build with great interest, as I'm building this kit at the moment. Don't like the sound of all those guide horns, with their potential for alignment problems, so may look for some aftermarket tracks, even though they can be quite expensive. I'm not as fast a worker as you, Lloyd, but I'll get there in the end !
  3. Maybe I will have a go at the kit's tracks after all. Just set a couple of days aside for them !
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the metal tracks. I think they might be available here in the UK, which would make postage, etc. cheaper.
  5. Thanks for the info, Lloyd. I shall go with your colour suggestions. As you say, Trumpeter's colour call outs seem rather dodgy to me too : insignia white for the turret and crew compartment ? I'm going with cream ( Eifenbein ) which I believe was the colour mostly used for German AFV interiors.Once again thanks for your help and info . . . It's much appreciated.
  6. I've been reaming out the locations for the axles, etc. today, which was fun , but I'm not bothered about working suspension, but I might invest in a set of metal tracks, which would save having to fit all those guide horns ( Arrgh ! ). One last question . . . What should the colour of the engine bay roof and hatch interiors be ? I know most of the other colours, but there's no info on the instructions, which is pretty poor of Trumpeter since it's a superb, complex kit, but hardly any colour call outs.
  7. Thanks for the info on the rear hull fit . . . I'll keep an eye on it. I've been constructing the torsion bars, and found the ends of them needed to be sanded and adjusted to fit in parts W5 and W 7 in order to get a flush fit, which helps eliminate any slight bowing of the bars. This may, of course be down to me, as Trumpeter kits usually go together OK.. Any tips on fitting the torsion bars and frame to the hull would be much appreciated, as it looks like it might be a bit problematic lining up all the ends with their locations at the same time. I'm also going to use the plastic barrel . . . As you say, I think the metal one will be too heavy, and cleaning up barrel seams is no great problem .
  8. With 2300 parts, it's a bargain, and will keep me busy for quite a while !
  9. I've had a quick dry fit of the major parts, and it looks like I should be able to leave the top in order to display the interior. I think the weight of the turret with the metal barrel should be heavy enough to stop it falling off ( I hope ! ) By the way, I bought my tank from e bay, as a shop in Germany were selling them for about £175, which was a bargain I couldn't resist !
  10. Hi guys, I'm about to start the build of the above model, and I have a question for anyone who has built this or any of the other Trumpeter tanks in this scale, which is : Is it possible to build the kit with the top of the hull removable to display the excellent internal detail ? there is no options shown on the instructions, and it would seem to be a bit odd that they ask you to build the full kit, but then fit the top of the hull on, which would hide most of the internal detail. Advice from anyone who has built one of these large scale models would be gratefully received.
  11. I quite agree. If the model is 1/32 or bigger than the stencils don't look too out of pace, but the smaller scales might not look right, taking into accounr scale effect. I guess the best answer is do as you think fit, after all, it's your model.
  12. Yeah, that would be cool ! About 5 years ago I built a 1/32 Luftwaffe F-104G, and used the Astra decal sheets for my model. They were a bit expensive but well worth the money, and just think of all those hours of fun applying every stencil !
  13. Nothing wrong with being posted to 104's plus, if you do a German F-104 you can paint the pilot in a nice bright orange flying suit.
  14. PS : Oops ! disregard the spoiler ( finger trouble ! ) .
  15. Looking good, Samincam. I built the ICM He 111 H in Battle of Britain markings with the formation bars on the wing and fin. Mine was A1 + DA, from the same unit as yours. If I knew how ro post pictures I would, but I need to read how to do it ! As a note of interest I've read in several books that the wing and fin bars were sometimes painted in a pale pink, so the decals would be correct, although I played safe and used the kit decals, which were white. HTH .
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