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  1. During my time at Bruggen ( 1971 - 74 ) there were three aircraft on QRA, one each from 17, 31 and 14 squadrons. I was an armourer on 17, and I did QRA duty a lot. HTH .
  2. Very interesting, John. It seems that Phantoms were loaded with B57's as you said, so my memory was playing tricks on me. Seeing the drawing of the strike camera pod brought back memories of fitting them on many an occasion !
  3. In the final phase of the exercise we would generate as many serviceable aircraft and load them with dummy special weapons before doing a mass launch, which was quite impressive.
  4. As I remember ( It WAS a long time ago ! ) the inboard pylons were retained and the rear Sparrow wells were left empty. Regarding the special weapons I've looked at pictures of the B57, and to my memory it looks a bit short, and ours more like a B43. Of course it could be my memory playing tricks on me, so maybe they were B57's. As I say, it was a long time ago. If the balloon had gone up the planning was for conventional weapons to be used at first, and eventually resorting to nukes. This was the scenario that we practices on exercises. HTH
  5. If I remember correctly it was either a B57 or B43 nuclear store. HTH
  6. Thanks for the info, Francis . . . I'll check out Imgur later today or tomorrow.
  7. Not quite. The KB-18 strike camera pod was carried in the PORT ( Station 4 ) forward Sparrow well .Our ( 17 Sqdn. ) normal load was : Sargeant Fletcher fuel tanks on outer pylons CBLS practice bomb carrier on port inboard pylon Camera pod in port forward Sparrow well Suu 23 gun pod on centreline Dummy ( ballast ) sparrow round in forward starboard Sparrow well Matra 155 rocket pod on triple ejector rack on starboard inner pylon For QRA duties they carried two live Sparrows in forward missile wells and a bucket of "Instant sunshine " on the centreline This was the normal day to day loadout, but obviously things changed on exercises, weapons meets, etc. NTH .
  8. Hi Francis, If I remember the Tamiya kit was originally motorised. so it did have holes in the bottom of the hull, which I blanked off, and as you say, it was a nice kit to build. Just finished my Trumpeter 1/16 Panther, which is a big beast, and if I can work out how to post pictures I will !
  9. Following this build with great interest. I built the Tamiya kit a few years ago, and it went together a dream, considering it was released in the 70's. It's interesting to compare the two kits, and there's not a lot different between the two kits, although the Takom kit appears to have more detail, which you would expect from a new model. Tamiya call their kit a Mk. 5, but I think it's really a Mk. 2, which is what I called mine, and it does look an awful lot like yours. I look forward to seeing the finished model of one of my favourite Cold War tanks.
  10. You're right, it DOES look impressive, and externally at least it looks accurate. I have the Haynes manual for the Panther, and inside there's a photo of the engine bay and the kit looks exactly like it. I just have the decals and tools, etc. to fit and then it's done ) Can't stop looking at it ! )
  11. I don't doubt you are probably right, Arild, but I've almost finished my model and it's quite impressive as it is, so I'm happy with it, and I've built it to the best of my ability with the info I have. If I was building an F-104 that would be a different matter, as I have LOADS of detail stuff on that . !
  12. I think it's entirely up to you if you want to add extra detail,I'm quite happy with the parts I have ( All 2,300 of them ! ) and it still looks an impressive model.I should have mine finished in the next couple of weeks, and if I can work out how to post pics I will.
  13. Parts H1 and H2 are fitted as per the drawing. I found a three part video on Youtube looking inside and outside of the Panther, and you can see that those parts are as shown on the instructions. HTH .
  14. I agree about the colour info ( Or lack of it ! ) I found some pictures on the web from the instructions for the Takom & Rye Field Panthers which were very useful. The red oxide colour in the hull should only be up to the level of the floor, with the rest being the interior pale ( cream ? ) colour, as is the turret. I used Humbrol 126 dark grey for the transmission, turret motor ( In the bottom of the hull ) and the driver's levers and pedals. The engine bay I painted all red oxide, with the engine itself being dark grey. The two boxes ( Fans / filters ? ) on top of the engine were painted off white. The turret basket is red oxide, with the various mechanisms dark grey. I think that's fairly accurate, but do bear in mind that there were differences depending on where they were built, so my model is approximately correct ( I think ! ) Anyway, have a search around the web and see what else might be there. PS : Have fun fitting the guide horns to all the track links ! HTH.
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