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  1. Yeah! I got really bored of building the same old WW2 stuff and some of the older stuff, and I'm glad that I started to do this stuff! It feel's really rewarding!
  2. I forgot to actually post a "WIP" thread of this. I got this as soon as it came into my local model shop, like literally the day the got it. They had to dig around in their delivery for that day to find it for me - so I was very eager to get one haha! Recently I just developed a fascination with Chinese aircraft. The last one I did was the Chengdu J-10 (see here). That was my first foray into Chinese domestic aircraft, and now I have 3 more on my work bench! I really enjoyed this one though. As usual, my full review is on my website (click here to go there) but here are some images of the model.
  3. Yeah, use Flickr. Photobucket stop the hosting either when it's reached a certain bandwidth usage or not at all. I've used Flickr for about 6 years with no issues!
  4. Thanks! I'm currently working on another model (which is basically finished, hence I've not done a build of it) - but I should have this finished (assembly wise) within a week or two!
  5. China's modern air arm is noterious for being filled of 'rip-off' aircraft. The J-10 is apparently the Lavi. The J-31 is apparently made from hacked F-35 designs. The J-20 also follows this pattern, but less obviously. It's alleged that this aircraft draws it's origin from the Mig 1.44 - an aircraft that (sadly) never got into production. I don't know why, but Chinese aircraft have fascinated me recently. Ever since finishing my J-10 I've just become completely obsessed with Chinese aviation! So, a J-20 had to be made. Construction is/was beautiful! It's fit together so seamlessly. I actually forgot to put this up here, however, so I'm pretty far in now. Really I'm nearly at painting.
  6. Aww thanks for the kind words! I’m glad I did it. I really enjoyed it. Its definitely worth doing if you find one not too expensive.
  7. For those who haven't seen the WIP thread (see here) this is my first model of 2018. I actually took a break from modelling for 7 months for personal matters, and this was my return. The kit is really simple, and it shows. But it was a great re-introduction to modelling and required barely any work. So, please see a few pictures below. You can read more on the article on my site here too.
  8. Always been fascinated by this aircraft! Can't wait to see what you do with this kit!
  9. Whilst the top half is pretty much done (bar the decals at the front by the cockpit) I've finished the undercarriage. See both below!
  10. Update! I've now got half of the decals done on my model! There's about 6 more to do. Once this is done, it'll be a case of popping on the canopy and it's done! So it won't be very long at all!
  11. I can totally see this being made IRL if they ever have a display aircraft! Brilliant concept, fantastically executed!
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