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  1. It is USAF green it may be the way it looks in pictures we'll see but I'm not spraying it again Dave
  2. Yes I liked the look of the two tone camo. . Dave
  3. I opened the box this morning quite surprised to find two front ends canopies etc. I guess they box both kits the same and supply different decals. This one may be next on the bench as it looks fairly straightforward . Dave
  4. This will be my entry to this one. I hope to build this OOB other than I'll need a couple of dudes to go in it. Again I know nothing of the subject I just like the look of them. Dave
  5. A busy day today but I think the camo is done it looks different in the sunshine to under my daylight lamp . I'll see what it looks like in the morning when its all dry. I've been spending more money and bought some eduard resin AIM-9s to try to get the weapons looking better. Dave
  6. Wow this crept up! I'm quite a busy bee already but enjoying the time spent in the model room. The world of aftermarket bits seems to be emptying my wallet at an alarming rate at the moment, I think I'll do a couple of oob builds to help me get back on schedule and to allow the bank account to recover . Dave
  7. I have put down the first green and it does create variation but there is a fine line between just seeing it and obliterating it but I'm spraying very fine coats to build up the colour it is more visable in the flesh than in the picture. Let's see how the next green goes on spraying and accuracy might be a step too far though it'd be nice not having to mask. Dave
  8. I would like to build a model of every aircraft my dad worked on, the Meteor is one the NF11 228 OCU if his memory serves. If I can get a kit I'll be up for this. Dave
  9. Looks great I guess at that scale you can sit in it to paint the cockpit panel!. Dave
  10. Well apparently as I spray the top coat as l spray it will provide subtle lighter and darker patches instead of an even flat colour the catch is, if I spray too much it'll disappear and be a waste of time and I have to spray the patches individually opposed to doing the whole thing green then mask of etc. etc.. I haven't built much so I like to try something new on each build. The airbrush is capable of it the paint is capable of it, looks like its all down to me . Dave
  11. Another first for me is the mottling technique (I think that's what its called) my airbrush threw a wobbly for the first time but I did try flow improver so it may be that which caused the paint to splatter. Hopefully it won't matter when the final camo goes on . Dave
  12. Thanks yes I have looked at pictures and seen that the pylons are left empty, it seems strange that the kit comes with a desert storm decal option but the weapons mounts are wrong. I am new to all these things and normally do as I'm told in the instructions but have been doing some looking for this build. Dave
  13. Thanks so when the chart says right left and bottom on the rack is the right and left from the pilots point of view? Dave
  14. Things progressing a new canopy is on its way. I've turned my attention to the things that go bang!. Thanks to Jabba for pointing me towards the loadout chart I'm not sure the multiple mk 82 ejector rack is correct i can only find reference to triple racks (get me knowing what these things are) but they are all I have. Dave
  15. On the loadout chart is the right and left viewed from the front or back? And do I assume there are 4 mk-82s per side as the rack can hold 6?. Dave
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