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  1. I know that feeling there are lots of fit issues but I'm getting to the point of just accepting them. I have fitted the original canopy with a little manipulation (and being let down by allycat) next job is masking.
  2. Had a go at reshaping the tail I'm not sure if to try doing something about the huge elevators. Dave
  3. A little more gluing and the beast is coming together. Dave
  4. Thanks folks it's going together quicker than I thought, I had to grind out a little plastic to get the jet nozzles to fit and not push the wing halves apart apart from that it is going pretty well I think. I super glued some lead into the nose 30g the instructions say 20g so I over estimated. I did infact build a fully detailed interior and popped it in before gluing it all up but for obvious reasons I'm not allowed to show it. Dave
  5. Thanks I'm not bothered about the intakes from what I've seen the replacements aren't much better the only bit that I think notices is the horizontal stab. shape which I think is easily sorted. Dave
  6. Right oh here goes I'm building this as a gift to be given to my father in law who worked on this aircraft XW664. I am not a proficient aircraft modeler the perfect finishes scare me, but I'll give it my best shot. I'm planning to build out of the box part from I have an extra decal set the horizontal stabiliser needs re shaping and I've seen that the canopy doesn't fit very well so I might look into that. Any how here goes a stormy Saturday morning let the fun commence, i think this is the bigest model I've attempted. Dave
  7. No I'm not a fan of fitting lights on kits it does seem to be though. Dave
  8. Bbdave

    U.S. Navy colours

    Not sure if this will be of any use but while visiting Greenways house which was occupied by the U.S. navy during the war one of the officers painted a freeze round the library walls using U.S.N paint which I thought could be useful as a colour guide. Dave
  9. A little more work done and it's starting to look like a Viper I have some pictures of studio models I'm using as reference but even they vary a little so I'm putting on what I like the look of. Dave
  10. Thanks folks the black was a pain I have a picture of a heavily weathered beufighter but I didn't dare go that far. Dave
  11. I'm not an aircraft modeler so I'm adding some to my builds to get practice I was given this kit and I did what I could with the black I painted it in Japanese anti glare blue black which is what I am told near to the original special night they were painted in any how here it is. Dave
  12. Woo hoo think I have it they aren't public!
  13. Sorry some are posting others refuse to the link is https://www.flickr.com/gp/142759537@N02/94K084 Any ideas? Dave
  14. Hi and welcome to my first build thread. I have wanted to build a Viper for some time I have the Revell and Moebius kits but will build one from the best bits of both. The nose of the revell is about the right length the rear of the moebius is more stocky so they will be grafted together, the revell has no cockpit and a solid canopy so the moebius pit and clear canopy will be used The difference between the moebius (left) and revell noses. The panel lines will need scribing into the revell nose to match the rear fuselage. The cockpit all painted up The pilot glued up I adjusted the head he was looking up a bit to much. Starting work on the front fuselage trying to get it to marry up. That's progress so far I'm painting various bits up ready to get it put together if it all fits ok. Dave
  15. Belay last I think I've sussed it. Dave
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