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  1. Some progress its had a grey sprayed all over then a gloss coat ready for a little weathering I'm not sure how to tackle the tyres yet I've never done anything with rubber tyres. Dave
  2. A few more bits on I'm almost ready to crack open the paint I have posed the wheels steering left just to add interest I have had the bonnet on just to check alignment and it looks good so far. Dave
  3. Yes it has scrap value now . Dave
  4. These are just the standard decals that come with kits that you dunk in water. Dave
  5. I thought a decal was a transfer. Dave
  6. I have a couple of vehicle kits one is a tractor I'm currently building they have rubber tyres how do I best treat them ready for decals weathering etc. or can I just do as I would for plastic? Dave
  7. There are several areas that don't match the instructions , yes I know about the bonnet but not sure I'll have it opening as the internal detail is non existent. I have got a little more done things do appear to fit well, I have left the sides of the bonnet unglued so they can still flex. Dave
  8. I thought I would have a break from military stuff so I got myself one of these I'm unsure yet how weathered it'll be but it won't be showroom condition probably near to one we had at school and used to drive round the school field. I made a start on the engine gearbox etc. Dave
  9. That is a very handsome looking aircraft very well modelled. Dave
  10. A fairly uncomplicated build but it needed a fair bit of filler to hide the seams apart from that it went together well quite a bit of lead was needed to sit the nose wheel down if nothing else it has scrap value!. Here is the build thread which is a bit sparse sorry. Mk1 Horsa glider Dave
  11. Sorry I have totally forgotten to keep taking pictures but I have just taken the masking off the finished job. I'll post more in the gallery. Dave
  12. Today I masked up the greenhouse on the front hopefully it'll turnout OK. It looks like an underground train at the moment. Dave
  13. Things progressing well the fuselage is together plenty of filling and sanding to do but the bonus is no panel lines to re scribe!. Dave
  14. My school report used to say "easily influenced" and here I am totally influenced! and having spent a scarey amount on a kit and AM bits I'm almost ready to start. I had planned to do Australian markings but they proved hard to find so I bought a decal sheet which includes the kit markings but also some other options so yet to decide which I'll go for. This may take me a while I think there'll be lots of questions fingers, crossed it'll end up a passable F-4. Dave
  15. Glad to see they arrived safe, saves them languishing in my bits draw. Dave
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