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  1. Do you recall when the article on the 1/72 RA5-Cto A5A conversion was published in Finescale Modeler? I have all back issues, back to #1. I also have the 1/48 Cutting Edge A3J-1/ A5A conversion for the RA-5C. It would be 'way too large. I'll probably want to sell that one.


    1. boffin


      I think it was Jan 93



    2. NickOnai


      Thanks, I'll check the "pile". If I find it, I'm going to put the 1/48 Collect Aire (Cutting Edge??) Vigilante correction set up for sale on EBAY. Nick

  2. F-4J (RAF) and FG.1 nose contours, any difference?

    I'm sure you know but just in case..... Whirlybird have announced a FG1 and FGR2 in 1/144 for future release. George
  3. Web site didn't work for me yesterday - Couldn't calculate shipping. Working OK today George
  4. kit (& bits?) for a Belgian Sea King 48 in 1/72.

    I agree Revelll is probably the best way to go. Sponsons are a bit undersized though - Whirlybird do some replacements for £3.00 George
  5. Nimrods

    "Nimrod Rise and Fall" by Tony Blackman states that the change of colour scheme was part of the upgrade to MR2. George
  6. Falklands Harrier GR.3 question

    Re Blue Eric. "Harrier at War" states that 4 a/c flew out from ASI fitted with Blue Eric and ALE-40 as 2 pairs on the 28 May and 8 Jun. I recall from somewhere that they carried the large external tanks as were included in the first Airfix 1/72 Harrier - I think it was the only time these tanks were used George
  7. question about a photo

    If it's on a Typhoon FGR4 then it is a Paveway IV - Similar to GBU12, 500 lb warhead laser/GPS-INS guidance. The only other thing it could be would be a Reaper with GBU-12 but the pylon looks wrong for that. George
  8. 1:144 RAF VC10 question

    Welsh Models do a Fuselage for the C1, designed to use the Roden for the rest. It is Vacform though and the windows and windshields are indented. Does come a set of markings for a grey and white a/c. Part no is CV-46 George
  9. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    There is a picture of a F-14 in the air with one wing forward and one aft. I recall the caption stating it was a test to see if the aircraft was flyable in that configuration and took a lot of engineering to make it happen. It was a test done in 85/86. Picture is in Aerospace book on the F-14. So it can be done! George
  10. 1/72 Buccaneer...what's out there

    Czech Master Resin do a very nice and thus very expensive range of Buccaneers. My choice for a cost effective solution is the Airfix kit + the Neomega cockpit set. George
  11. F-5A in 1/72?

    Esci is a lovely little model.
  12. High Planes Models.

    Their Mirage kits are a straightforward is build, the older stuff not so much george
  13. superb. Certainly the best F-4 model I've seen.
  14. Back in mid sixties I recall making some frog kits that were small scale (144 or perhaps smaller). These were simple but came with the plastic bottle of glue and some paints in the same sort of bottle. I recall the Wellington and Lancaster in this range and I remember them as very simple and very small George