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  1. Hello there, I like the result, seems very smooth for me. I did different Lightnings from Frog (in Revell boxing)/Matchbox/Trumpeter/Airfix companies and I have a Sword T.5 but never met with this one personally. Nice job. Regards, Laz
  2. Hello there, Beautiful monster, simply. You don't see these built very often. For example I have one in the stash in Revell boxing, will be built as a Pemòn once. There is something special in the Russian stuff... Very nice. Regards, Laszlo
  3. Hello, As far as the soapy surface details are concerned: inconsistent lines are begging you to make rescribing. From that perspective Heller could be a better choice when you decide to do that, at least you do not need to correct the already existing lines. Anyway, example above shows that with proper approach, skills and tricks (spacers inside the fuselage) it can be built to an amazing model. Regards, Laszlo
  4. Hello there, Nicely done. I have the same kit, ready about 50%, I can tell that the kit looks much better in the box and really demands a lot of work to progress... I collect some mojo from your build. Good craftmanship. Regards, Laszlo
  5. Hello exdraken, Interesting colours, definitely. As I mentioned, depending on the era, it can be also some kind of yellowish green. Check the link: http://indafoto.hu/dynax_7/image/5867097-189f18b6/user Regards, Laszlo
  6. Hello there, As a Hungarian guy I can tell that the build is quite convincing. The colours are OK but honestly it was fading that almost any gren/sand/brown would fit depending on the era you consider as the subject of the build. Nice job, really. Regards, Laz
  7. Hi, Like very much. Is there any in progress picture available? I was flying this plane as a passenger back in my military years. Very nice model, congratulations. Laz
  8. Hello, What happened to this build? Regards,Laz
  9. Wow, AMAZING. How did you deal with the Microscale decals? I am stucked with my F-84F project (built from Italeri kit) due to the fact that decals were falling apart from the water... This is very nicely done. Laz
  10. Nice. Mine did not turned out this well, I had some problems with the fuselage, one side was warped like hell consuming hue ammount of putty/sand paper. Most probably single issue in production. Well done. Regards, Laz
  11. Hi there, Salmo,well done. For normal human beings like me this is the level I would be very-very satisfied to achieve. The result is more than impressive. Regards,Laz
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