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  1. boffin

    Indiana Jones Flying Wing

    I recall a magazine article (Scale Models?) a long time ago where the writer had obtained a toy version from a Florida Theme park. Said toy was pretty accurate (for a fictional aircraft) and the writer used it as the basis for a nice model. Probably too many years have passed for this to be of any use but...... George addendum: it was Sep 2003 of Fine Scale Modeller and it was a disney toy
  2. boffin

    1/144 Victor B2 from Great Wall Hobby

    The Welsh Models VacForm Victor B2 comes with Blue Steel. May be the quickest way George
  3. boffin

    Lightning F.6 XS903/BA 11 Sqn Pilots Name?

    I have the Squadron Prints image of the Lightning (XS903 BA) in those markings (No 273) and it is indeed Wg Cdr J C Jarron as the pilots. Not a photo but almost as good George
  4. boffin

    Tornado F3 Missile pylon question

    That is a BOL launcher that replaces the old rail and incorporates a chaff dispenser. I think they're of Swedish origin. George
  5. boffin

    SA-3 Viking

    Great work and a very attractive finish George
  6. boffin

    F-8C can this be done?

    There is a conversion from Muroc Models to convert the 1/72 Academy kit into an F-8C. I think they are still in business - perhaps check Hyperscale or other sites to get current contacts. I 've always been impressed with their stuff. George
  7. boffin

    British nuclear weapons - what colours?

    Aviation Workshop did 1/72 WE177s (not sure which type offhand). They might re-appear from Air Graphics George
  8. boffin

    1/72 Dragon Apollo CSM

    Hannants are showing the LM in "Future Releases" in both scales ao we can hope. 1/72 is Columbia plus Eagle whilst 1/48 is Eagle only. Tad expensive at £60 though. George
  9. boffin

    A-6E slats and flaps

    I think the open panel is the one that covers the Ram Air Turbine. Having checked a couple of books all pictures with wings folded have slats and flaps retracted George
  10. I have checked my copy of Vietnam to Western Airlines. There is a picture of Dennis Wills standing by Mr Toad. Mr Toad is written under the wing on the port fuselage in a pop art font. The picture is black and white. The text claims that there are several picturies in books about the F-105. Book suggests that a/c was named Mr Toad as that was what Dennis Wills called his son. Hope this helps George
  11. boffin

    Drones or UAVs?

    The preferred RAF term is RPAS - Remotely Piloted Air System. Which has the advantage of making it clear that there is a person in the loop (excepting loos of signal where the platform has a pre-programmed plan) I think the terms and UAV are too imprecise. George
  12. That's very nice indeed. I have that boxing - I may move it up the queue George
  13. Do you recall when the article on the 1/72 RA5-Cto A5A conversion was published in Finescale Modeler? I have all back issues, back to #1. I also have the 1/48 Cutting Edge A3J-1/ A5A conversion for the RA-5C. It would be 'way too large. I'll probably want to sell that one.


    1. boffin


      I think it was Jan 93



    2. NickOnai


      Thanks, I'll check the "pile". If I find it, I'm going to put the 1/48 Collect Aire (Cutting Edge??) Vigilante correction set up for sale on EBAY. Nick

  14. boffin

    F-4J (RAF) and FG.1 nose contours, any difference?

    I'm sure you know but just in case..... Whirlybird have announced a FG1 and FGR2 in 1/144 for future release. George