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  1. On the A-6 Wild Weasel be aware that there are 3 versions: A-6B Mod 0. 10 a/c modified and could carry Standard ARM (AGM-78 Mod 0). Served in vietnam spread across multiple squadrons . A-6B Mod 0/1 A6B Mod 0 modified to carry AGM-68 Mod 1 and became A-6B Mod 0/1 A-6B Mod 1. This has the the sensors on the nose as per Obscureco nose. 3 a/c produced. Only assigned to VA-34 and VA-35. Did not serve in vietnam good reference is Warbird Tech vol 33 by Dennis R Jenkins George
  2. TIALD was only available at Tabuk (for the composite sqn formed from 16 and 20 sqns) and as noted above only 5 a/c were modified to carry the pod, At the beginning the TIALD a/c only carried the pod (plus tanks etc) but later on they would carry 2 LGBs as well. Another option was to carry the TIALD and another fuel tank.. ZA739/AC "Armoured Charmer" flew the most missions at 36. George
  3. Canberra B6s fitted with Blue Shadow were B.6(BS). I assume the extra pylon on the B.15 was the same as the TT.18 used to carry Rushton Winches etc. The Airfix B(I)8 1/72 kit includes (wrongly!) these pylons as well as AS.30s. I can't find any details on location of the pylons. George
  4. The AC-47 used the 7.62 minigun (SUU-11A then MXU-470) rather the 20mm. I understand that the original design waa a gun in door and a flare launcher further forward. Flares launched by the launcher had a propensity to hit the horizontal stabilizer . Solution - move the door gun forward and throw the flares out of the door. George
  5. I a sure that I have read that the HH-3Es in Vietnam did not have folding rotors. I will see if I can track down where I read it. George
  6. I've checked my model (1435) and it has a different clear sprue to that at top above. Mr sprue is same as second pic. Canopy has no MDC George
  7. According to MiG Master by Barratt Tillman you are correct It was an F-8C from Bonne Homme Richard. Note that John Nichols (VF-191) claimed a MiG-17 using AIM-9 and guns - he fired a AIM-9D which hit but the MiG carried on flying so it was finished off with guns . This was 9 July 1968. George
  8. I think that the AEW version of Merlin known as Crowsnest is still part of the plan. I assume that Chinook/Merlin will provide COD capability. George
  9. Whirlybirds have a HH-3E and a CH-3 in their range. Resin, metal etc but they look very nice in the box George
  10. I have both the Aurora and Revell HH-3s and they are not the same kit. The Revell has lots of rivets ad the parts breakdown is different. Not sure which is the most accurate though George
  11. I recall a magazine article (Scale Models?) a long time ago where the writer had obtained a toy version from a Florida Theme park. Said toy was pretty accurate (for a fictional aircraft) and the writer used it as the basis for a nice model. Probably too many years have passed for this to be of any use but...... George addendum: it was Sep 2003 of Fine Scale Modeller and it was a disney toy
  12. The Welsh Models VacForm Victor B2 comes with Blue Steel. May be the quickest way George
  13. I have the Squadron Prints image of the Lightning (XS903 BA) in those markings (No 273) and it is indeed Wg Cdr J C Jarron as the pilots. Not a photo but almost as good George
  14. That is a BOL launcher that replaces the old rail and incorporates a chaff dispenser. I think they're of Swedish origin. George
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