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  1. Thank you, I'll try and find a good satin varnsih to remove this shine - i think alclad have some designed for their paint
  2. Thank you - Alclad seem to have a good selection of varnishes to achieve each effects I think I'll use one of them
  3. This is great I have alclads high-speed silver - also where do you find info like this. I really struggle to.
  4. Hello all, so I have a 1/72 scale vampire that has to be done in a metal scheme but I'm not sure what colour would be the right colour as I have some alclads and was wondering what would be the best colour to paint it?
  5. Do you reckon high speed silver would be ok or is this too shiny
  6. I think I may have this colour as well so it would be worth a try
  7. Thank you, Im doing the revell vampire and it was with 608 sqd in 51 with the airforce auxiliary. But in the future I'd like to do a actual camo scheme one
  8. Thank you, I did not pick up on that, would alclad airframe aluminium be ok for this finish
  9. Thank you, I've heard mr hobby varnishes are very good.
  10. Hey guys so, I'm at the stage im ready to paint my vampire and before i started i wanted to order the right varnish - obviously i have both a gloss and matt varnish but with a metallic I was wondering is there any special varnish I needed as on a previous metallic model I applied a humbrol gloss varnsih to finish and it ended up looking very glassy rather than proper metallic. So I was looking into investing into some more alclad products to go with their paints I bought and wondered if this would improve the finish of my kits. Thank you for reading this and the k you for allowing me to be a part of the modelling community
  11. Vinster

    Lacquer paints

    Thank you so much - yeah I watched a video and he was like they spray nicely with Tamiya but I always like to get a second opinion. Thank you so much - i have levelling thinner as well so that's ok
  12. Vinster

    Lacquer paints

    Hey all, I've been looking into trying both hataka orange line and ak real colours mainly because they are lacquers and I like tamiya's lacquer but also for the ease of buying the sets of colours and getting some colours i need for subjects i use commonly. What is everyones opinions on these paints and do i need to buy own brand thinners or will Tamiyas lacquer thinners do the job ok?
  13. Hey all, I'm currently building a 1/72 vampire and it is an all metal scheme. I was wondering as I'm using a lacked paints is it necessary to have alaclad aqua gloss to create a good metal finish or will any gloss varnish do?
  14. Thank you, yeah i think I'm gonna go for like 1 gram or in that region
  15. Thank you, I'm probably going to get some shot as others have suggested and go with what you said about using bolts for my C-121. Also I'll give the candle wax idea a go sounds interesting.
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