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  1. I have been unable to find mr color which is my go to paint would Vallejo dark full grey suffice if not I will try some modelmaster enamel
  2. Hey all, so I have managed to pick up the Academy F-4j Showtime 100 and planning to start the kit I notes it calls for a white colour however when looking at references it seems that the cockpits of phantoms are usually grey. Is the Academy colour call our correct or should I go for a grey - if so does anyone know a tamiya or Mr colour paint I could use? Thank you in advance and being a great community.
  3. Hey, so I have been ordering a lot of Vietnam planes for the stash recently and am nearly ready to start building them. I was wondering is it possible to free hand the SEA scheme as it is hard lined but I find using my am masking putty difficult as it moves too much when masking camos and is a liquid always flowing toward gravity. I just feel freehanding it would A- improve my airbrushing skill and I have a little experience at this and B - save time, masking tape and stress. Would anyone recommend freehanding the scheme or would you avoid it - I am worried I will not get the same hard lines as with masking it? Thank you, Vini
  4. Thank you - I would be interested to know all little about the Cs or possibly the Es because I'm also looking into getting the USAF phantom. But no rush and don't go out of your way to look only if you have time. Thank you again though
  5. Thank you - this is a good plan. Do you happen to know of any good 1/72 USAF phantoms in Nam too because I'm tryna to make as many nam aircraft as possible. But thank you - I shall have a look at what kits there are decals for. Thanks for the great advice though.
  6. Hey all, I am trying to find a F-4j that saw service in Vietnam - I know there are the Academy kits but they are right at the top of my budget and I was kind of hoping to not spend that much. So I found the revell F-4j but from the research I have done I have found that it was on the Roosevelt (I think) and that during the 70s it was stationed in the med. Does anyone know if there is another kit or whether I could work with the revell kit?
  7. Hey all, so I have recently watched a flory video where he talks about finishing a model up with shine enhancer to keep that metallic sheen and whilst this is something I'd definitely agree with - I was wondering is it possible to use the shine enhancer coat for decals as I do not feel comfortable putting decals directly over ak Xtreme metal or any other metalizer. Do the decals settle well and also does the sheen remain in the area surrounding decals?
  8. I agree - was just watching a flory video and his 1/48th Starfighter was magnificent
  9. Ahh thank you - I am thinking about building a second as well just so I have one as I find the subject interesting and thank you I shall look at sorting the coaming - and check my references. I may do a dual build as I won't be building this for a while so maybe I shall get the revell kit too. I'm happy to shave off any needed from the coaming to make it satisfactory .
  10. Thank you - I have order the CMK resin seat and pe for the 104c but it is intended for the hasegawa kit - someone on scalemates had success using the set so I saw no harm in ordering it. Very silly question but what is the "coaming" as I am happy to work with this. Thank you for the help - I am not sure if the C's were ever fitted with Stanley C-1s but the f-104 society mentioned they may have been unless I read it wrong. Vini
  11. Thank you - yeah I have started planning on building as many Vietnam and Indochina aircraft as possible - I have a PM models F-5A on the go and a few more related subjects in the stash. I saw this version of the 104 was being discontinued and had to find it. Thank you for the help - this will be my first time working with resin and my first trying to give full photo etch details with the interior cockpit set on order and I plan on ordering the exterior one with ladder and extra detail.
  12. Hey all, I have ordered the 1/72 F-104c by italeri and plan to do it in a Vietnam scheme - with this I also ordered a resin Lockheed C-2 ejection seatafter seeing they were retrofitted to the C's. It has now dawned on me that I do not know when they were retrofitted - would it be accurate to build an F-104c in Vietnam with a C-2 ejection seat?
  13. Thank you, I'll grab some pics tomorrow
  14. Hi all, so last year my father gave me an old airbrush he had, the Clarke air CAB-2P . Unfortunately, the air hose was bent and broken and we, therefore, threw it out as we both did not know it would fit into my air hose. Long story short I spent the Summer looking for an air hose or some adaptor to allow the fit but even when I ordered what I believed to be the correct Thread 1/4 BSP it was much too large despite instruction from websites such as https://m.sitebox.ltd.uk/clarke-pro-air-brush-kit-cab2p-oclarke_3110315#.XouWb2nTU0E. Unfortunately, when the school term began I gave up my search but since the lockdown has occurred and the Easter holidays have begun I have found myself at a loose end and have a need to find an air hose. Can anyone point me in the direction of an air hose or adaptor that would fit the Clarke Air CAB-2P or an adaptor that will allow me to connect it to my 1/8 BSP hose? This would be much appreciated. Vini
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