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  1. I was really surprised about the Airfix vintage classics, it reminds me of this Star Wars line called the Vintage Collection, where new figures were put in old 1970’s boxings. But seeing the prices, I think this is a plan by Hornby to sell older molds at a higher price, with the excuse of a “nostalgia” line. There are tons of kids back in that era who built those kits (my Dad included) and I can see a lot of success out of putting the old Roy Cross paintings on the front. I also love the minimalist logo and design, I think they should switch to that logo and no red trimming for all boxes, as the Airfix logo is so recognizable (and the Adam Tooby art really shines.) I just wish there were more aircraft in this style.
  2. A little bit, I started the fuselage also I have finals in two weeks and I need to study
  3. Am I not supposed to start my model yet?
  4. The mold says 1965, So yeah, probably new decals. fortunately it’s always sunny in Southern California, so I’ll start to do that today.
  5. is there still room? I got an airfix P-47 here,
  6. I just returned from Planes of Fame 2018 with this one: https://imgur.com/a/RINwcaQ it looks like a simple build I can do in tonight and tomorrow. Only problem are decals. What should I do with those yellow decals? EDIT: here are the decals are these fine to use? https://imgur.com/a/EO69xGs
  7. Crossiant Oliver

    1/72 AZ Model Mustang III 'Dorsal Fin'

    I’m a huge mustang fan, especially the B/C models, and I have to say this model looks amazing, 10/10.
  8. Crossiant Oliver

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    It’s weird that one dash can make a difference between a WWII naval aircraft and a Vietnam jet. great job on the model though!
  9. Crossiant Oliver

    1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIc

    That’s a really nice looking hurricane, you don’t see many IAF Hurricanes around. If I were you, I’d maybe add a little more weathering (oil stains, exhaust stains, etc.) but besides that, you have a 10/10 model there! Good job making an older kit look good!
  10. Crossiant Oliver

    Tamiya 1/48 P-51B Mustang

    Just wondering, is the oven cleaner safe to use?
  11. Crossiant Oliver

    Tamiya 1/48 P-51B Mustang

    Alright, this model has a long story. I was wanting to build a earlier P-51 model about a year ago, and at Planes of Fame Airshow last year, I found it at a model vendor, not that big of a story (though a P-51B was present at the air show). My plan for this was to parade it around at different model shows and ordered Humbrol Metalcote, as I didn’t have an airbrush at the time, and Eduard masks(I was that ambitious). The end of my school year came and my volunteering work at the Palm Springs Air Museum began. On my free time I was building the P-51B outside. At first it went well, the cockpit went fine and assembly went good. Hell, even the metalcote went well (im terrible at painting). Then it went to um... can I say it on this forum? Let’s just say it crashed harder than Jek Porkins. I wanted to paint the wings silver as a lot of mustangs did. The one thing I forgot was the California desert heat in June. It went from the 80s-90s to the 110s and 120s in temperature. Lots of wind too, so when I painted outside, lots of dust got on the coat and brushstrokes were common. Also I put the landing gear too early and it led to me constantly putting them on again, making this melted plastic looking thing on the undercarriage. I gave up on the model and put it in the stash. fast forward to now when I wanted to tackle this model again, but in an olive drab color and with an airbrush. here it is in all it’s stripped paint glory. My plan is to prime it over and just airbrush Humbrol 55 and some neutral gray on the bottom. Here’s the cockpit. I put some decent detail in it, but now I realize it isn’t really contest worthy. question: if I prime the model with this amount of silver still on it, will it show? Or would I have to strip all of it? view from the front. I plan to mask some of the aluminum and use it as chipping. https://imgur.com/gallery/492vh those melted plastic depressions where the landing gear should be. Any way to fix this? as I continue this restoration I’ll post updates from time to time. Also, should I show it flying or on the ground? Leave a comment on your opinion.
  12. Crossiant Oliver

    Me 410 Fast bomber.

    Great work, the 410 isn’t really mentioned a lot (it’s also an easy German plane to destroy in War Thunder)
  13. I think I’ll go with a Late Pacific War USN single engine. Easy to paint, straightforward contsruction. Which do you recommend?
  14. I have so many models in the stash- what's a good vintage Airifx kit I can finish in a couple days with some effort put into it?
  15. I have one in the stash, what did you use to scratchbuild the cockpit?