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  1. Hi, I'm trying to organize my stash. I've noted that I've far more models than I'me ever going to build. Most of the ones I'm going to sell off are British aircraft. So, if anyone is looking for something specific, drop me a line and, if I have it, I'll give you a price and let you know how much it will cost to ship it. I'm not looking to make a fortune on these, I just want to send them to someone who will build them. Thanks!

  2. NickOnai

    F7 U Cutlass

    Hello, I'm planning on building a few 1/48 F7U Cutlass models. I have accumulated 6 of the HobbyCraft 1/48 kits and 6 of the Collect Aire correction sets, 6 Scale Aircraft Conversions F7U Landing Gear sets, Squadron and Falcon F7U Canopies as well a 2 of the Lone Star Models F7 U Photo noses. I also have the Collect Aire F7U-1. I would like to build them with the wings folded, (except for the F7U-1). I want to do this because of space limitations in the display case. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any detailed images of the wing folds in the folded position. Does anyone know of a s
  3. Stephe was inquiring about the RF8G. RVHP made one (don't know if it's still around) I've got one. I might be persuaded to part with it. Kitty Hawk is supposedly releasing the F7U this year. I' gone ahead and bought Lone Star's photo nose. If Kitty Hawk doesn't come through, I have 7 of the old Hobby Craft kits and a few of the Collect Aire correction sets. Thanks! Nick
  4. Hi, I've got a 1/48 Fairey Gannet AEW kit. It's a resin kit. Since I don't I think I'll ever get around to building it, I'm going to sell it on Ebay, along with a 1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet ASW kit and a 1/48 Dyavector Fairey Gannet ASW kit. I don't remember how much I paid for them, so I'll have to research the subject to determine how much I'll want to sell them for. Bear with me. I'll send another message when I'm ready to list them. Nick

  5. Hello, I managed to buy a resin AEW kit on Ebay. I don't know who the manufacturer is...the box says it's from Iceland. Nick

    1. SleeperService


      Hi Nick


      The manufacturer is Iceland Models. One of our Club Members saw him at a recent show and will pass on the details at the next meeting.

      What's it like? I hope the fuselage is hollow as it will be challenging to get it to stand properly otherwise....



    2. NickOnai


           Hi, the kit  looks pretty nice, although it's awfully heavy. The fuselage is hollow, the radome is solid , as well as the wings. They do reccommend using metal landing gear due to the weight of the aircraft, since it's resin. I was planning to rob the metal gear from my Dynavector kit and substitute the gear from the resin kit in the Dynavector kit.  I'll probably build the Dynavector kit aas anCOD aircraft. I have the Airwaves wing foild set...I really don't know if I'll use it though. I was going through my stash and realized that I've got quite a few models of British aircraft that I'll never build. I'm seriousl considering offering them for sale on Ebay. I'll have to determine how much I want to charge for them. Thanks again, Nick

    3. SleeperService


      The AEW Gannet has a completely different undercarriage to the AS/COD air-frames. You might be better going through the Albion Alloys list and making your own. SAC make some British undercarriages but IMHO they are pretty useless. Tony O'Toole has had issues with them bending as have I. 


      Airwaves wing fold DON'T DO IT!!!!!! One of our club members has given up on one project in his life the Dynavector  kit with the wing fold set. He is seriously good to the stage of designing his own photo-etch.


      I'd try the For Sale section here on BM rather than eBay. As a club never had a single issue on BM but too many on eBay. One of our members died suddenly 4 years ago and we were asked to dispose of his stash. Good job I could get a Class 2 curtain sider as there were several thousand. The money handler recently mentioned that we'd gained 3K from commission savings and were down to less than a hundred kits.Better in your pocket than eBay's.


      Thanks for the information about the AEW, I think I've been persuaded now.




  6. Hello All, it looks like I will not have to attempt a conversion of a Gannet ASW to a Fannet AEW...I found a 1/48 resin AEW on Ebay. I don't know the manufacturer...The box says it's from Iceland. As I said, it's a resing kit and the instructions say that metal a metal landing gear set is reccommended. No luck finding that. I do, however have a Dynavector ASW that has metal landing gear, so that problem's solved. I was originally going to convert the Dynavector kit to an AEW. I was intending to use the Airwaves wing fold set, but I think taht the resin wings are 'way too heavy to try tat. Per
  7. Hello all, I would most certainly purchase the 1/48 F7-U and the 1/48 FJ-3. I'm hoping that they offer the Cutlass with optional wing folds. I prefer to build Naval and Marine Corps with the option of folded wings, when possible...it's a matter of display space. So far the Kitty Hawk kits seem to be good quality. I have the Hobby Craft F7-U kits as well as the Collect Aire correction set. If the Kitty hawk is of good quality, I'd sell the F7-U correction set. I have a number of variants of the FJ-4 Fury, but building the ESCI FJ-2, 3 (??!!) would be more trouble than it's worth. I can't wait!
  8. Well, I finally found what I was looking for...I've had the 1/48 Classic Airframes ASW kit for some time now. I located a 1/48 Gannet AEW of unknown lineage last month and I found a 1/48 Dynavector vac-form ASW. I'm planning on building the Classic Airframes as an ASW, the AEW as is and the Dynavector kit as a COD. I'm pretty sure I can find the decals, etc that I need to complete the project. I've just got an interest in these contra rotating prop birds. Wish me Luck! Nick
  9. Hello, Yes, there IS a resin 1/48 Fairey Gannet AEW kit. I scored one on eBay. The box says it was produced in Iceland. Please don't ask me how much I paid for it. "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is still asking me: "What do you need that for? No, I don't have an answer for her. Send me an E-Mail and I'll send the name and address of the fellow who sold it to me. Perhaps he can give you a lead on where he bought it. Nick
  10. Hi, I have the Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Gannet ASW and I just got a lead on a 1/48 AEW. I COULD be persuaded to part with them both. Let me know if you're interested. ~Nick~
  11. Do you recall when the article on the 1/72 RA5-Cto A5A conversion was published in Finescale Modeler? I have all back issues, back to #1. I also have the 1/48 Cutting Edge A3J-1/ A5A conversion for the RA-5C. It would be 'way too large. I'll probably want to sell that one.


    1. boffin


      I think it was Jan 93



    2. NickOnai


      Thanks, I'll check the "pile". If I find it, I'm going to put the 1/48 Collect Aire (Cutting Edge??) Vigilante correction set up for sale on EBAY. Nick

  13. Hi, your HU-16B ASW is beautiful! I just bought the 1/72 RVHP kit from Aviation Megastore. Just waiting for the 1/72 RVHP HU-16 A kit so that I can have them shipped together. Do you think it would be worthwhile to replace the engines with Aires or Vector units? I'll definitely lightly re-scribe the panel lines, drop the flaps and deflect the control surfaces. SAC doesn't offer 1/72 landing gear, so I'll have to scratch build those. I don't know how much effort I'll put into building a flight deck or interior. I do have a bunch of Eduard Tracker/Tracer interior PE sets that I could use, but t
  14. Hi, I just ordered an RV HP HU-16 B ASW from Aviation Megastore. It's stored, awaiting the arrival of an HU-16a kit. I'd like to have them shipped together to save costs. I've also purchased a number of items from them in the past...Lockheed EC121L Warning Star (WV-2E) for Heller kit 1 Lockheed NC-121K Warning star for Heller kit and 2 PB-1W's I want to build both variants one with a dorsal radome and one with a ventral radome. I find them to be helpful and courteous. Nick
  15. To: FAAFAN. I just heard from a fellah at Kitty Hawk. They were the guys who did the ejection molds for Classic Airframes. They recently bought everything from Classic Airframes and there's a possibility that they may bring out a 1/48 Fairey Gannet AEW 3 and a 1/48 Fairey Gannet COD. I also heard from RVHP that they will soon be re-issuing their 1/72 HU 16 B AEW. I had attempted to get them from a guy called "JBEGUNES"...just a rip off. Stay away from this guy! I already have the money for four of them set aside. No, I have not told "She Who Must Be Obeyed" about it. I'm currently working on d
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