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  1. Well, in my defense, I designed the decals based on the real Concordes, trying to fix all the panel and door shape errors by giving more correct decals. I even don't understand how the kit designers were not able to get the tail outline correct... So for all who are going to build a 1/72 Concorde: just fill all panels and doors and you'll get a bit more accurate Concorde ... Too late for you, sorry I didn't catch this topic sooner Danny Coremans DACO Products
  2. At this moment my idea is to truck a pallet with books straight from the printer to Telford rather than to have them delivered first and then probably overload my car… I'll contact all UK-residents who have pre-ordered the Lightning book that they can pick up their copy at Telford if they want, otherwise it will be mailed out the day after Telford. Danny
  3. A year later than originally scheduled, but I'm more than happy to announce the files of the upcoming "Uncovering the EE Lightning" bible have been sent to the printer this morning. The next 3 weeks the book will get printed, folded, binded, packed, shipped and delivered - just in time for the IPMS UK model show at Telford. I've activated the website page, so you can order it from this moment onwards. The "Uncovering the F-14 A/B/D Tomcat " is also being reprinted at the same time, so they will be both available next month! Danny Coremans
  4. Good news for you all, I've been preparing a reprint during the last months - not as much new pictures (only the F-14A cockpit section will have 4 extra pages and 90% new pictures) - but all 700+ pictures have gone through the latest versions of Photoshop, so most pictures show more details than before. Also some errors in the captions and scale drawings have been corrected. It will be available at Telford, still "hot from the press"... Danny
  5. Yes, I'm trying to get it finished within the coming weeks, so it can be printed by the end of next month to have it on my tables at Telford "still hot from the printing plates"... Danny
  6. For those who would like to order this set, please remember to use the full website (with frames) as otherwise the shopping cart won't be visible... Danny Coremans DACO Products
  7. Hi Mathy I don't want to be a spoiler, but the dayglo painted tip tanks in the Belgian Air Force were only HALF painted in dayglo… On the inside they remained dark green to avoid distraction for the pilots, and this can be seen on the inner fin of these pictures: Secondly, if I were you, I would remove the pylon tanks asap and replace them with those of my F-104 Starfighter Set. It's not worth to keep those "bomb shaped" pylon tanks on such a nice model... Danny Coremans DACO Products
  8. Hi Bob Yes that was me I had a closer look at your spine problem, and although there's a subtile difference between the early and late Marks, it's not the difference that Airfix is giving: Middle = F.1 / Bottom = F.6 red line is based on F.6 and here's a comparison for the gun panel for your holes: Feel free to find more differences, it aids me too to have a closer look at everything :-) Danny
  9. Well, it seems my book won't be ready for Christmas after all, there's still a lot of work ahead with creating the captions. So the release will be something for 2016 as I'm no longer going to rush it... On the other hand, to help you with the spine already: this part of the spine is different between the early and later marks, and Airfix seems to have done the early mark version. The F.3 / F.6 / F.53 have a bigger battery than the F.1 / F.2 and as such this part of the spine had to be enlarged. So try to find similar pictures of the area of the F.1 / F.2 to be able to compare the spine angles... Danny DACO Products
  10. Hi John Have you used my DACO Decalsetting solution on these decals? If not and you still want to give it a try, you can still apply the Strong version on top of these decals. Chances are big that the silvering will go away ... Best Regards Danny Coremans DACO Products
  11. Hello Hutch If my Decalsetting product has made the colours of your decal running again then I can only imaging that these decals were printed by an inkjet printer and that they were not protected by a layer of varnish. I'm not saying "never", but normal (screen) printed decals will not have this effect when using my Decalsetting solution. It's also important to use the correct version of my Decalsettings - Soft, Medium or Strong - for the right decal. Using the Strong version on thin 'home-made' inkjet printed decals will probably burn it straight away, that's why there's a Soft version too ... Best Regards Danny Coremans DACO Products
  12. Hi All On September 7th, DACO Products from Belgium, one of the oldest cottage industry companies around, celebrated its 25th Anniversary and for this occasion ALL decals, books and products get a special discount of 25% (*) during 25 days. Due to the very high investments (a six digit figure) involved to realize the new F-104 Starfighter Improvement Sets and the Boeing 737 kits (and the related combo deals), these plastic kits are excluded from this offer. But their volume deals and combo deals give you already a similar discount ... So take advantage of this offer, which will end after 25 days - on October 1st 2014. All orders can be done through the new website of DACO Products: , which has a very handy Shopping Cart integrated that gives you automatically the total of your order, the various shipping options & their prices and the payment options. (*) The 25% is split in two parts: You get -12,5% as direct discount and a voucher with the amount of the second -12,5% for a future order. So for example you buy this week something for e.g. 100 euro, you pay now only 87.50 euro (-12,5%) and you get a voucher for another 12,50 euro. Thanks ! Danny Coremans DACO Products
  13. Hi Guys If I'm allowed to make some advertising for this set and the F-104G decals: they are available through my (new) website Danny DACO Products
  14. The new batch of my Skyline Boeing 737 kits is now available. You can order them through my new website: , which has now a shopping basket integrated. Danny DACO Products
  15. Hello all From now a new website for DACO Products is active at It has a very handy Shopping Basket integrated within the same old-style of frames as the precious website The old one will no longer be updated, but will still stay online Have a look (at the new one) ! Danny Coremans DACO Products