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  1. Hello Christer and reconcilor, Not to mention the resin parts for Spitfire. I can make acomplete spit with the leftover only. And there are the early marks.... As I show it in another thread, here's my dog, Forbidden for her to came in when I'm modelling She work as a mantrailer with Mrs CC there was an exam for her last week end in Bonn Can you imagine how she can clean the chair with that Corsair box on it. Wagging tail from a Dogge is a solid brush !! Not to mention her big head coming on the table. She is the worst carpet monster since she also find the tiny parts that fell from the table Look that angel face ! But forget about the tiny now engulfed part Have a very nice day. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  2. Here's my would be carpet monster !! She can find the Fallen tiny parts before you did... Here's on the Rhine river But if she find it, you can consider it as lost Nice job, keep carry on. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  3. Very nice kit, fine job and nice german sheperd dog. I have a german Dogge, but she know that when I'm modelling wandering aside is a very bad idea for her Specially with her big wagging tail, able to knock off whatever is lying on a chair. Good job, congrats. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  4. Hello Beard, You don't fear the carpet monster Waow ! Record studio ?? Interesting ! Nice job on your kits, your desk look like mine, a kind of MASDC for WWII aircrafts. Hat up for brush painting, I use it a few, only to rectify or weathering ! Congratulations anyway, can't wait to see the Hellcat Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  5. Hello Dears, As I said in my Tungsten Corsair thread. Hoops I did it again, I bought a Corsair from Hobby Boss And found another Tamiya Birdcage, but I did start an Otaki F4U-1 So this Thread is now modified since there no longer is 2 Corsairs but 4 in fact... Shape and dimensions are good, let's carry on.. I erase the "details" from the Otaki fuselages Have it smooth and then I had some resin from my stock. Hobby Boss has issued a brand new sprue for the interior, seem righteous than the -4 in shape. The Otaki will represent "Big Hog" flown by the late John Thomas Blackburn, since this Co has my whole respect. The Hobby Boss is not determined yet, F4U-2 night fighter Corsair or Marines early Corsair ??? Whatever, I will make both the 2 of them Have a very nice day and take care of yourself. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  6. Will never say again "I'm bored by Spitfire" Will never say again "I'm bored by Spitfire" Will neva say again..... Won't waste time, I prefer trying to improve my Sweet sixteen... Did'nt she look better after some polishing ?? I will now engrave the panel lost in the battle... Epic battle I was fearing the worst with My Mk VIII, there has been a chemical reaction but the fixing will be easy. Never use blue tack again, lots of never in this thread So the CR C is again on her way to RFI To be continued ... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  7. Nice evening of modeling today. Lots of little thing have been done on some kits. Stencils and decals on my very next RFI, masking one of the next RFI, more stunning and different. And Spitfiring of course, here is usual ICM assembly on my Mk XVI Trenches on the Karmann, I said Mark XVI, not 1916 I found another sink, one on each side Natürlich ! where would be the pleasure ?? Closing the belly is funny too Look a little bit better now And now some shot of the would be family I feel that I grew bored of Spitfire... Mk IX, will get back to Mk I and V for the next ones There is also the 2 Mk VIII, and the PR XIX, and that old project started in 2015, a FR 47 and a F 24. Yes, back to basics seem a good plan. See you later. Sincerely. Corsaircorp

    Hello, I totally agree, seem very nice. I Wonder about my large fingers Even at 1/48 I use pincer and magnifier Thank for the nice review. Corsaircorp
  9. Real nice job Thom, I like it ! First time I saw the Dinah, I've been puzzled by her tiny size And the bent wing bird show it all the best way possible ! Congratulations, nice weathering too ! Thank for sharing. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  10. Thank you Russ, Collection is the right word. Here a glance at the Hobbycraft F4U-1 late version. Here is compared with the Otaki ArII Shape and dimension are right, hope that the belly just behind the engine cowl is better than for the -4. Proppeller is wrong... would say, as usual with HB But on the plus side, you receive the 2 types of rear deck, plus the antenna for the radar So, she will be a Ni Fi Corsair, F4U-2. Hooops did I forget to mention that I've started 2 other Corsairs. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  11. Hello Dears, I did bought another Corsair today, already smuggled. Will make a Marines one I will never amend myself and stop buying kits. And I'll make my first SMW this year, Mrs CC know that I won't make it back empty handed Sincerely. Corsaircorp more than ever PS, I already found a little not so local retailer who still have a Tamiya Birdcage... And an Academy low back Mk XIV
  12. Hello Christer, Nice job on these, reassuring to see that I'm not alone in this kind of modelling madness Nice job on the Volvo too, I just experienced a Peterbilt with such a long nose, manual clutch No longer seat or anything in the cockpit, since it was in Africa, and I just gived the engine is last life. 7th fixing, no more. Moving that chunk of metal on a dirt road was a little bit harder than your Volvo But funny rememberance and I did it. Lots of smoke from the huge exhaust stacks... Keep carry on the tomahawk, cheers from an other serial starter... Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  13. Hello Calum, Nice job on CRC, I used Life colors set for my own CRC. The one piece cowling is a pretty good idea. Lovely job on your VIII, I like her. Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  14. Hello Bill, I know what you mean, I did bought a metal barrel for one my Sherman project, I received it from Han, enjoy it as nice piece of improvement... Then I put it in the Sherman box and figure out that there already is a metal barrel included in the kit to myself ! Good job, still follow you. Corsaircorp
  15. Hello dears, I really enjoy "the other true scale" Very nice plane, shiny painting, real good job ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp