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  1. 1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

    Hello Dears, I received a pack from Lowestoft !! Since they no longer send Paints whitout a kit, I must buy a kit Paints are for my Seafire and the Shagbat mainly plus one for Pierre ! Decals are to repair the Airfix ones for my Frightening, but wait did I will waste the decals for 2 low viz fin flashes Certainly not, I'll find another Lightning kit and have a trainer one PE for my Uhu, not any WiP but may be one day when I'll restart her ! Decals for the Hurricane, but they both are metal winged, so I must have another BoB one ??? That's the drama of the modeller.... Every time new ideas... Have a good modelling time, Chaps I go to work Again (must pay that stuff Huh !) Sincerely. CC
  2. Royal Navy Airspeed Oxford

    Hello Chris, How did I have missed that one ! Congratulations ! very nice work ! And a FAA one, you're a man of great taste ! Sincerely. CC
  3. Hello Spad, Is that big ?? OooooKaaay, Why not a 1/72 B-52 to put it aside ??? Sure You did great ! When I winged mine for test, Mrs CC get in the kitchen and just ask "Where are you going to expose this ?? On that same day the Frightening and the Phantom were on the table too.... No more comments... About the drift, it's spring, bombs are blooming too, they found one last month in Namur Not unusual, I dig for the whole Aircraft... Glad that everything went right in MÛnster too... Have a nice modelling time, I'm back to evening work week Sincerely. CC
  4. Once upon a time, I started it, 1/25 Chevy

    Thanks for the kind words Jeroen ! I saw one on the web and I looked what are the best choice of paint for my kit ! lots of masking ahead ! I use the Tamiya can for clear or matt cote on my kits and I always wait for SWMBO to be abroad Sincerely. CC
  5. Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Yup, The Taunus gt that V4 engine too, my father got a 17M super with the V4. As for the diesel one, they have the french indenor engine (marine engine affiliated to Peugeot) Slow and clanky engines but really reliable ! Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  6. Once upon a time, I started it, 1/25 Chevy

    Hello Richard, It's Vallejo surface primer for metal and plastic ! Good stuff, it's a 400ml can, I pay 14,50€ in Belgium There's white and grey I think. Hope that help, only inconvenience is the fumes, use it outside ! If not Squabblings with SWMBO are in sight Sincerely. CC
  7. Hello Dears, I know I have a lot of WiP, some of it are stalling for months if not years, but sometimes I will improve my skills Or I need more documentations OR I'm bored and jump to another kit What is a luck for SWMBO is that I do it only with kits, is there an modelling equivalence to womanizer ?? Kitizer ? Modelizer ? So in my Chuck Yeager serie, I want to do the NF-104 in which he has beaten an altitude record, not registered Aaaaand crashed ! Here's the basis, Oh did I mention that this thread will be a double kit issue ?? Why cutting in a not too bad but expensive Hasegawa kit when you have one or two Monogram at hand ?? Dave Claus from cutting Edge say, if you want to adapt it in a Monogram kit, you are on your own ! Caramba, Too tempting for me... I must try !! No longer have the Monogram box sorry but it was the German G with a (too) colorfull yellow marking ! Aaaand that one too Still I have some resin parts for these birds ! As it is said that the G version is the best choice, I started some "chainsaw massacre" Yellow plastic... loads of sanding ahead ! The Hasegawa one will depict the box art for my Cold war serie ! Ok Dears, I don't know when this one will be called finished But be reassured, I've tons of other projects that are not WiPed I know, I'm mad But hey ! I finish some models too !! Sincerely. CC
  8. Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Do you speak about this one ?? Ot this one ? Have a great time in Oxford oh great admiral Sincerely. CC
  9. Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Hello Dear Martian, Come ooooooonn, you already are a kind of Corsaircorp !! So, the Tracker, the Hélix, the F-104, the target tug floatplane Roc now an Albatros plus the ones you did'nt tell us about.... Hats up to Mrs Martian, You're a Lucky man with a perfect lady Oh great galactic fleet admiral Very good choice indeed, it's a very nice Aircraft but is there any Target tug version of this one ?? Could be interesting, just a joke ! I 100% agree on civilian version ! So may I have a seat and sip my BB in a the usual nasty corner ?? Great choice and super good start ! Have fun my friend ! That's the way ! Sincerely. CC
  10. ICM 1/48 Do 17Z-7

    Hello David, I'll tag along if you don't mind since I have one or two versions of this kit ! Détails are looking good, Adjustment have improved but .... Where would be the pleasure ?? Have a good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  11. 1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    Wow ! It's a piece of Madness bravery ! Good job anyway, please mind a room for a nose ballast because all the A-10 kits are prone to tail sitting ! Keep carry on Dear ! Sincerely ! Corsaircorp
  12. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    Hello dears, Still riveting tediously, Extrados is near to be called finished ! Have fun and take care ! Sincerely. CC
  13. Hello Dears, I re-painted the roundel and now it's decal or transfer time... For both the Ladies But the Frightening seem to have a myriad of decals... Have a good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  14. GeeBee R1 1/48 Dora Wings

    Great job Road runner ! wich one is your Kit ? Seem to have a future full of putty and sanding ! Welcome to the sander club Sincerely. Corsaircorp
  15. CF-104D Starfighter 1/48 Hasegawa

    I know Oh Dear tentacled one, but it's so nice a way to describe your accident did you get OK after all that adventures ? Have a good modelling time my friend ! Sincerely. CC