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  1. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Would i dare to say ???? She sat on him, sad but true !
  2. Some kind of a very special AAA battery

    Hello dears Someone say "Plenty of filler !!" Hit the road Jack, crying over the slits of the wings is fruitless ! Here I go ! Plasticard, CA glue And FILLER, war is declared ! And the other side ! No jealousies... And she will be silver doped.... That will be pretty funny indeed ! Wish me good luck, think that it will help ! Sincerely. CC
  3. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Hello Dears, Yesterday I should have spent some time at the bench but I was over exhausted I fell asleep at 2240, that's rare !! So here are the contenders for this evening ! And every one received a bit of attention ! I was a little bit PE bored... So I bore the Walrus exhausts Start the rigging !! Aaaaaand Weird !! I must ask our dear @Martian Hale about this kind of ETI ???? I Wonder ? Where's that thing is coming from ?? Remula ? With these 2 metallic rearward facing TEETH ! Ooooops ! More to come soon, Have a good modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  4. Hello spad there are some ties, I've started a conversion on that same F-84 Tamiya !! Nice to see you start this one too... May be one I can finish first ?? Sincerely. CC
  5. Hello Spad, Nice, the pack has made it to Château Spadgent safely, No problems, you're welcome ! Did'nt found the story of PD 309 yet, but I will publish it asap ! You did great with the PE, next month I'll order my bending tool, 2 in fact since my friend Pierre need one too ! The pilot seat is a nightmare to do, I did it bare hand... Not so nice and far from your ... Add to this the black plastic is not easy to work at all. sincerely. CC
  6. From Failure to Failure

    Hello Dears, Sorry Ced, Can't resist.... Very nice saving on the turret, glad about the propellers ! Nice painting Jon, I really like these différents effects on field made painting ! always interesting ! Can't wait to see the 4 Bristol finished !! Very nice thread, I really enjoy ! Sincerely. CC
  7. From Failure to Failure

    What ?? Here they are... Sincerely. CC
  8. From Failure to Failure

    Very nice job on the turret PC Now your Bristol got.... Teeth Sincerely. CC
  9. From Failure to Failure

    Look here at the result of what I've called a multiple extraction... The worst has been to stay teethless for about six months waiting for the jaw to heal up... At least that has give my friens a bit of a burst of laugh when I tried to speak... Remember this Sincerely. CC
  10. From Failure to Failure

    Seemingly, a Beaufort, I mean a 1/48 one can become a reality in a few years... Not to mention the "Arlesienne" from Special Hobby, But a good lidarised one in a blue grey plastic. Deemed as a possible in a not too far future from Airfix... Fingers crossed !! Sincerely. CC
  11. From Failure to Failure

    Sure Jon !! There's no doubt about it ! Bill and me are very serious guys, highly concerned by purely medicinal reasons ! Sincerely CC
  12. From Failure to Failure

    Hello all, My daughter used to say that is the fact that someone has erased your action The little green diamond above your head has been re-setted You then have to follow another action !!! Did I mention that my kids are video game addicted Sincerely. CC
  13. From Failure to Failure

    SURE it Would !! what do you think that CC has done when back home after the multiple extractions ???? First get in his bed and then then back in his bed.... Mmmmmh Blue Chimay... Ask our Martian... Sincerely CC
  14. Hello Fuad, What a little beauty ! Congratulations ! Nice adds to the kit ! Sincerely ! Corsaircorp
  15. Hello Patrick, very nice job ! how would you rate the Valom kit beside the Mach 2 one ?? Better? or worst ? Whatever, I will look for the Caracal decal sheet, thank for the tip ! sincerely. Corsaircorp