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Everything posted by djos

  1. Very nice sharp and clean build. Great Dagger Regards
  2. Beautiful 110. Winter camouflage is for me most complex to get it right. You done it perfect. Regards
  3. Nice, nice, nice. Colors looks to me, perfect. Which colors you used? Simply beautiful YAK Regards
  4. Small masterpiece small related to dimension of the model Great Polikarpov Bets regards Djordje
  5. Simply beautiful
  6. Great looking Spitfires in rarely seen version Really special models Regards Djordje
  7. Nice colorful build with great presentation Regards
  8. Great looking Hunter. My attention was caught by ejection seat, looks very nice and detailed. regards
  9. Thank you all @Dermo245 - All three were packed in Italeri boxes, but i think all are just repacked, from some other manufacturer.
  10. Hi all This time even more uninteresting model, Italeri 1/72 RQ-1 Predator. Nice little model, with no issues, small number of parts, very boring color scheme, small amount of decals......no external load...so ...very anemic As i wanted all three from this family, he was finalized also and took his place in cabinet. Only what was really interesting for me is comparison of sizes of those drones......showing how technology is changing thru the time. So pictures and at the end family pictures. I hope you like them. Best regards
  11. OK sorry i checked pictures of real thing, pito-tube is ok in this position. Sorry
  12. Ahhhhh....i just tough that i finished my list of drones with last of them in the stash - predator.... This is something i must have Avis is not in the range of shake and bake kits, but you managed to fix it beautiful. Very crazy looking bird. Question pitot tube should have this angle or you just band it with careful handling Best regards Djordje
  13. Hi all As a modeler who like airplanes, for me drones gets kinda ..... I do not know....., but I began with RQ4 Global Hawk, now finished MQ9 Reaper and very soon coming smallest of them MQ1 predator to wrap up the family. Nothing particularly exciting with this model, small number of parts, good fit, simply colors, very moderate weathering. As not very popular item, simply i want to show here, maybe someone will like it. Best regards to all
  14. Great model, weathering is very convincing. regards
  15. Very nice model, like it very much regards
  16. You got maximum from this old kit. Unusual decal option and beautiful presentation. Regards Djordje
  17. I like this plane,especially in this three tone camouflage. You made beautiful model. Really eye catcher. Regards Djordje
  18. Challenging model, challenging camouflage, beautiful weathering. Simply, looks perfect!
  19. Harvard in blue color.....this is different. Beautiful model Regards Djordje
  20. Clean and sharp build. I like this not standard Finish camouflage. Really great model regards Djordje
  21. Simply beautiful ugly looking plane. Great work. regards Djordje
  22. With all others.......simply ...you catch the moment in history. Beautiful Regards Djordje
  23. Thanks. I found this one on the net so...looks even darker, Best regards
  24. Very nice result. Weathering looks very realistic. Regards Djordje