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  1. Isralie Mirage 3c

    Another beautiful metal foil work.....FANTASTIC! Regards Djordje
  2. Mirage 3

    FANTASTIC work. This technic for me is science fiction and your execution.....is more than that. GREAT Mirage BRAVO! Best regards Djordje
  3. Hi to all Another easy kit from Hobby Boss, well-known Yak-3, can not compare to last model from Zvezda but still looks like Yak (for me big issue is thick wings, and maybe to square fuselage) . Nothing spectacular in this build so will not bother much. I add details to cockpit, rivet access panels below, add the metal barrel and pito-tube made from needle ... and that is it. Colors Hataka, decals Mistercraft. I must replace the stars and use the numbers and sword insignia. That's it, best regards, and pictures at the end
  4. Heller Mirage IV 1:72

    This was real project! Beautiful beast regards
  5. Not very often guest on the forum, very nice model Regards
  6. Masterpiece Regards Djordje
  7. I have this model in stash......so i know what you started from Amazing result. Like it very much Best regards
  8. Tamiya 1/48 Ki-61

    Great model NMF is perfect Regards Djordje
  9. I done one from KP and was proud. Looking at your model....now i am only satisfied. Joking, your one will be for sure inspiration for my next PO2 and i am sure that other guys will also have it in mind. Details, rigging, colors,,,,excellent model BRAVO! Best regards Djordje
  10. Mighty plane....and beautiful model with so many details.... Perfect! Djordje
  11. Beautiful bottle with some bug near it.....:) This is for sure not very often seen model, perfect execution of this small bird. Beautifull Regards

    Not my field of interest, but you got my fully attention. Sweet model, very nice NMF. Regards
  13. Beautiful paint job, beautiful weathering, beautiful presentation.... Simply beautiful model Regards Djordje
  14. From what you start as base, this is PERFECT. I like smooth finish, what is not easy task for KP plastic. Regards Djordje
  15. Hasegawa F-16A 1/72

    Perfect! This one is on my Must To Do list. One of most attractive schemes on F-16. Will be happy if i got the same result, Well done Best regards
  16. Hello everyone after a long pause I succeeded again to dedicate myself to this most beautiful hobby in the world Il would not bother you with details related to Hobby Boss model as this is well-known Sturmovik easy kit. This is not Tamiya quality kit, has a lot of small gaps (one of them is the panels on the fuselage part which I've filled up), I did not made a ejecting holes on guns gondolas ... that I will eventually simulate with color later ....all in one finished looks like Sturmovik to me. I still missing numbers on the tail as i do not have combination of 23 in Russian style, i will apply that when find some. The colors are Hataka. In general this was for me very important weathering training before i start work on Tamiya IL2. That's it .... and the picture at the end Best regards
  17. Beautiful model! Everything is already told, but must repeat, weathering is perfect, i think that can not be more realistic than this. Bravo Best regards Djordje
  18. Great collection! It is always pleasure to see something like this in one place. I like this FockeWulf variant (white model in the center...i do not know it, first time that i see that plane) Best regards Djordje
  19. Fw 190 d-13 jg26

    Very complicated paint scheme........perfectly executed. One of most attractive FW190 from my point of view. Great model Best regards
  20. Apollo 11 recovery

    GREAT! Best regards
  21. Me 262

    Great model......weathering is very realistic Best regards
  22. H.P. 115

    Crazy looking plane, like it very much. As i never built any vacuformed model i admire to your skill a lot. Great model. Best regards Djordje
  23. Very nice model. Do not worry, your finish is good, mostly all Yugoslav Sabres were not highly polished, so it looks realistic. And of course thumbs up for chosen version i was born in Yugoslavia and i liked those markings very much. Best regards