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  1. Fw 190 d-13 jg26

    Very complicated paint scheme........perfectly executed. One of most attractive FW190 from my point of view. Great model Best regards
  2. Apollo 11 recovery

    GREAT! Best regards
  3. Me 262

    Great model......weathering is very realistic Best regards
  4. H.P. 115

    Crazy looking plane, like it very much. As i never built any vacuformed model i admire to your skill a lot. Great model. Best regards Djordje
  5. Very nice model. Do not worry, your finish is good, mostly all Yugoslav Sabres were not highly polished, so it looks realistic. And of course thumbs up for chosen version i was born in Yugoslavia and i liked those markings very much. Best regards
  6. Regards to all Slowly begun to finalize already started projects ... and another one is over A well-known model of the Mig-15 bis hobby boss-easy kit, in the colors and marks of the aircraft with 5 victories, flown by Major Nikolay Ivanovich Shkodin (147th GIAP, 1953) Lot work on hiding line between fuselage halves (not perfect fit, and filler and sanding are required), same lot of work on intake, some details added to cockpit...and in general everything else OOB. Colors Humbrol, Tamiya wash (very moderate) and Gunze satin varnish. I hope you will like it, and of course pictures .... Best regards to all
  7. Hi there, thank you all for nice words. @Steve Sorry for late response, yes decals are Hi Decals 1/72 MIKOYAN Mig-15 bis Soviet Jet Fighter Best regards
  8. BEAUTIFUL Sabre. You simply made miracle form this old model. NMF is stunning. BRAVO!!! Best regards Djordje
  9. Hi all Second one finished in last month (started long time ago.....), cheap, easy but at the end good representation of MIG 15 UTI, well known model from Hobby Boss easy range. There are few points which really need to be reworked, air intake must be cleared form pins connecting two halves very visible from outside, After trimming that, looks much better. Also added details in cockpit which is totally empty....and that is all. Good model for work, Humbrol collors, Gunze varnish, very moderate weathering with Tamiya panel line colors. And that is all, i hope you like it Best regards to all
  10. Very, very.....very nice Unusual decal version, and great tone variations of olive drab color. I like what you achieved with this good Hasegawa kit, very much Best regards Djordje
  11. Small masterpiece Weathering is so realistic......and stunning details on this relatively small plane. GREAT! Best regards
  12. Fantastic build, great and unusual subject, perfectly executed. Bravo!
  13. Matchbox Hurricane MKii

    Blast from the past....simply beautiful Best regards
  14. Hi to all After some time i finally find some time to finish few started models. First is well known Jaguar GR-1 fro Italeri. Quite old model, with lot of pro and cons......mistakes, wrong details....but at the end it looks like Jaguar and i am happy with it. For a long time i wanted to finish this plane in temporary winter camouflage used in Norway 1984. There are lot of space for different approach making those planes in "used look", quite weathered.....how much i managed to get it right, not sure but ... Colors used - Gunze, wash Tamiya pannel colors, replaced seat with resin copy, and HUD made from clear plastic with colored foil. That is all i hope you like it, best regards to all.....and pictures at the end
  15. This is simply outstanding, one on my MUST TO DO list, and i will be happy if i manage to get near look to your model. I like the colors and weathering very much. And to add, always liked planes with the story behind, and this one have it for sure. Thank you for that Best regards Djordje
  16. Looks mighty. Very sharp and clean build. I like moderate weathering, just how it need to be on this plane. Best regards
  17. BAE Lightning

    Very nice model, i like that toned down look and light weathering. Funny that with this jaws, lightning always look like smiling ... Best regards
  18. F-16E Strike Falcon

    Great imagination, and beautiful execution. Bravo! Best regards
  19. SU-27UB 1/72

    Great Frankenstein Joking, you manage to merge 2 good models in one GREAT. Especially like details, the colors and moderate weathering. Best regards Djordje
  20. SOMETHING DIFFERENT .....fro sure. Very interesting version, and very well executed, Great build Best regards
  21. Not seeing everyday models built like this one........and color scheme is unusual and very interesting. Exceptional build, very very nice! Best regards Djordje
  22. Italeri Hawk is even long time on market still very nice model, and when finished like yours, and in this interesting decal option, something every modeler whish in his collection. Very nice work. Best regards
  23. Tamiya A-10 1/48

    Very nice and colorful beast. Regards
  24. 1/144th Harrier T10

    Great harrier for 1/48 scale! i was not able to imagine how it will look in 1/144. Now i can! Great build, with so much details on so small model, and nothing is overdone.......simply stunning model. Best regards Djordje
  25. As Spitfire is my favorite plane....can not be objective fully You done a great job on this small jewel, and give to us many good points to take care during future builds, thanks for that. Only what i will do different is ....not use dark wash for lower panel lines, as they are already very deep, i will use little darker basic color. Everything else...i will try to copy Again, great build Best regards Djordje