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  1. Indeed. But I'm no specialist. I'd just observed that if a given picture is present several times in one page, all the copies appears at the same time. So I suspect that there's no overload of the bandwidth. Do you confirm?
  2. If, by the way you've an SE.5a in your stash.
  3. Almost forgot the Blenheim, which is highly interesting.
  4. I would go for a Rhodesian Vampire first, but the whole sheet is cool. About the Lancs, I've also Argentine decals, and I'd like also an Aéronavale aircraft. Then there's the Glad'. I'd like to build them all.
  5. No such book exist at the moment, at least in english. And maybe even in Russian. Even your T-34 book doesn't cover the whole production, AFAIK. Post WW2 versions are forgotten...
  6. I don't think so about bandwidth, any picture can appear ten times on a given page, it'll be downloaded only once. Otherwise, I agree with everything else, the worse to me being that: ____________________________________________________________ Great!!!! Several dozen of heavy pics quote... and a one word comment!
  7. Special Hobby

    So you'll easily understand why from now on you'll be restricted to Misercraft kits reviews only. By the way, what about this Il-2???
  8. Special Hobby

    What's the reason for the double set of wheels? IIRC, there was an Austrian option in the original box.
  9. A few pictures would really help.
  10. I'm checking my stash, looking for ideas, and I'm surprised by the low number of British subjects, apart a few Spits and a dozen Hasegawa Hurries. I really thought I had more. Let's see. Lancaster?
  11. Paul, I was wondering.... Did you do something that bad in your previous lives to be in charge of Misercraft reviews???
  12. The first of them all Mirage pilots, Général Roland Glavany, took off today for his last flight, aged 94. He took the Mirage I on its first flight on june 25th, 1955, then the Mirage III 001 one year later. Next was the Mirage IIIA 01, and with it he became the first European pilot to Mach 2 in 1958. He also fought as a paratrooper in WW2 with 1er Bataillon Parachutiste de Choc (A commando unit), and took part in Corsica liberation and landing in Provence, and was wounded several times. Again during the Algerian conflict, he served as a Forward Air Controler with a para unit. ...
  13. Why doomed? It's not that difficult, you don't even need "art brushes" or else, just a good set of oil paints and a hard flat brush. And a little patience to let the oil dry. First a base coat of any sand/yellow/ight brown that suits you. Then, again up to you, you can put strip of masking tape at this stage to simulate the different wood, or wait to do this with instead different shades of oil paint. Anyway, prepare your mix of oil paint. Do this on a cardboard, it will "drink" the oil, and the paint will dry quickly. Then brush your mix with the hard flat brush. Don't forget to wipe the brush, you don't need that much paint, the less you have, the faster it will dry. You can already draw the wood knots at this point. Or when it's completely dry (I mean, a few days after), protect it with varnish, then work on another coat with a different mix, using stripes or not. Here the picture show the stripes in tamiya tape, under a coat of mixed oils. And the result. I have to say that I didn't spent too much time on this one, as it was build for a 24h GB (That is, 24h spread on 15 days). Also, this Hitachi 12 cylinder belong to an 1/72 E14Y from Fujimi.