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  1. Indeed! This will be highly interesting. I didn't know Ze-ro decals, it's a new Croatian brand? I'll try to find more about it.
  2. Mirage IV... In French, sorry. I find it highly interesting however, as it show the aircraft from close-up, in and outside.
  3. Nice! Huge it is, indeed! Came across some in Bosnia a while ago, and was really impressed by their size. To the point I did wonder about how they performed in their mission, recce, being so big, so heavy, so visible, with such a small gun. I remember they couldn't drive some small hillside tracks we took with our VBLs then.
  4. Well, it's obvious you know your subject. I had plans (not for this GB) to build one side by side with the AMK, seems a good idea to stick to it. Now, I'll see, Mirage III/5 from Heller or PJ, or maybe an Hasegawa F1.
  5. Hi Graeme, I've just three of them Italeri kits... Won't bin them, maybe you can tell where the problem is?
  6. Hi Lloyd, I'm not a great fan of AM track sets for post-WW2 tanks, as for most of them, including the Chieftain, sagging is reduced and anyway only a few lengh of the track is visible with the skirts. Add to this a muddy diorama, and nobody will ever notice that the tracks are the old vynil ones. That's also 30€ to be spent on something else. as for my own build, well... I'm still waiting for a workbench!
  7. Any thread for the Chieftain? Got one myself, but with a different setup: I'd just wanted to build a "Berliner" Chieftain, as I'd the chance to drove one in the very early nineties during an exchange. But still, I might also get a Takom, for an exotic machine, Iranian maybe.
  8. I've heard somewhere that your research are more wine-oriented than anything else...
  9. And halfway through the first week, the co-host is still wandering somewhere in France...
  10. Thanks a lot! Je me coucherais moins con ce soir.
  11. Egg on your face? I know I shoudn't have dodged english lessons...
  12. Hi Loyd, Thanks about the JaTi, but the pics are about ten years old. I just remember that I've enjoyed very much the build (I was then just coming back to modelling), but yet I kept it very simple.
  13. Hi Lloyd, Don't know if you're used to paint armour, but there are different solution to this. I may choose a different one from a tank to another. Here's an option. - paint the low part of the hull, then the tracks and roadwheels, and fit them permanently to the hull. - Put the sideskirts on, and mask everything. - Then paint the camo, and off the mask. You're then ready for an overall weathering.
  14. Will you have time for a quick comparison of both kit, just to see if the retool was absolutely necessary?
  15. Thanks Dennis, I'm a newcomer to LSP, and doesn't think about it instantly when needed. I should have posted there