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  1. There was at about the same time two other Super Etendard releases, from KH and Kinetic...
  2. How can you seriously expect a Mirage III or 2000 from a company that already dropped a Super Etendard for fallacious reasons?
  3. I was aware of this book, but I didn't really know what to expect. Anyone already read it?
  4. Highly interesting, Jaime, thanks. I've plans to do this myself with the same kit one of these days. Maybe a double/comparison build, together with a Trumpeter -29.
  5. Mirage IIIO 3 Sqn RAAF

    I assume that the "revised new tooling" has replaced all the others by now.
  6. Mitsubish F.2

    This is actually an F-2A. T-2 is a twin seater from the previous generation, looking like a Jaguar E/T.2.
  7. The top 3?

    That's true, but a few crosschecks are still possible through a few very good books. I will, as soon as I get my bookshelves back.
  8. The top 3?

    Indeed! During the first part of the war, their name weren't even communicated to the press for the daily report. It was exactly the reverse in France. Things changed in september 1916 with Albert Ball and an article published by the Daily Mail, even taken over by the French press. He's sent back to the UK as an instructor a month latter, welcomed as a hero, and receiving a bar to his DSO at Buckingham. From then on, the RFC changed his mind about the way to deal with "aces". This is not my point, as I've asked if there was confirmation from the other side. As after all, claims are just that: Claims.
  9. Flying boats and float planes GB

    Not at all, Johnny, not at all. First, there's nothing against both of us doing a PBY (As anyway you would build a Black Cat, and me something completely different). And last, I'm not yet sure to be able to participate, but when I'll be sure, I've plenty of options in my stash to choose from, and try to build, again, something no one else is already building.
  10. Flying boats and float planes GB

    The PBY would have suited me, too. But in other colours. It's only that I wasn't sure of being able to tackle it in four months. You know, with other GB waiting in embuscade...
  11. The top 3?

    The constructive purpose is just to write History, and not fairy tales. I don't see this as a matter of determination to belittle the dids of anybody. No, I'm not sure, Jure. Beside, it's from memory, as I don't have my books handy. I stand to be corrected.
  12. The top 3?

    Well, the RFC was in fact the only air force to award credit for a claim WITHOUT any verification from the ground. And "out of control", "driven down", "forced to land", all just count as the same: A kill or victory. It was only late in 1918 that RFC (RAF?) ceased to count "out of control" as victories. This is acknowledged by most British historians working on the subject.
  13. Flanker GB

    Dave, I'd like to know what you think about it. First look makes you sure its over 50% done, but if you know this kit, there's about ten parts, no more. And I might change the K-36 for a resin one.
  14. The top 3?

    Considering the RFC's way to confirm claims, those "kills" may well have been just an aircraft diving out of view... But maybe they've been confirmed since by checking the other side's records?
  15. Flying boats and float planes GB

    Don't know yet if I'll be able to participate, but if I do, I might well choose this one.