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  1. I think I'll get one, too.
  2. An M1, a Leo or a Leclerc are just fine with vinyl tracks
  3. Eduard, without hesitation. They're in a league of their own, as there's no other company dealing at the same time with PE, resin, plastic kits and decals. No other company proposing so much different packages of a given kit. Weekend, Profipack, Limited Edition, Royal class, one or more will fit your budget. No other company innovate as much, with new marketing ideas, like the EduArt range. On the opposite side, I wouldn't care about WNW downfall. And it would be no surprise.
  4. I do not agree, there's a number of MBT where you can easily avoid a 20/25£ expense because the tracks usually shows no sagging, or just because the sagging is hidden behind the side squirts.
  5. Magnifique! Very nice, really. The kit is on my buying list, but I'll go for a lesser known aircraft, kind of tribute, with ZA 192. Any other option than this Pavla seat? But maybe the kit's ok?
  6. By the way, if you want a tank in an exercise situation, do not forget to open the protective plates for the gunner's sight and the TC's telemeter/sight.
  7. All of those and keeping the price at 40£???
  8. About BAZ AR, from French reports, yes. For the AIM-9, if it's said to be an L/M, the double delta is very badly done, and the nose is too long with a wrong shapee.
  9. I'll always go for Iwata, over H&S or any other brand. My Evolution let me down after only a few airbrush sessions. My Iwata took over, to the point where I forgot the Evolution. I didn't even try to repair it...
  10. You're not wrong there, kind of a late upgrade. The missile is about the same externaly, but very different inside, mostly for the seeker. Iraq was interested in the Mirage F1 on condition, it has to be sold with the Martel. UK permission was needed, but not given. Matra then took another route, and produced the ARMAT. About the Pak Mirage, agree about the, eeerrrh, AIM-9 what? Neither -9P or -9L, better get some from Eduard.
  11. That's an underestimation. I do not expect anything from them, anyway.
  12. Beautiful Mirages! Just one precision, the AR missile is a Martel. ARMAT, while based on the Martel, was not in service with Armée de l'Air, but reserved for export, used for exemple by IrAF during the Gulf War, under the name Baz AR.
  13. Indeed! But Eduard have some SPAD, Nieuport and Hanriot among their WW1 releases. At least they do not forgot that WW1 happened mostly in France, and make us Frenchman feel like our aircraft did count for something.
  14. Azur FFROM

    Republican Spanish for me!