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  1. Hi Robert, I fully know about KG 40 role, I'm just wondering about this specific Condor, shot down on a shuttle flight to Germany.
  2. T-34 Family STGB Now we are 12 + 1!

    In China, 4 is just the opposite of a lucky number, so they just skip it. There's just no fourth floor on most buildings. You should do the same, I'm sure nobody will notice it.
  3. Hi, thanks a lot, I've also seen it on H website. Don't know if it means that F8+KR/GC+SL was in fact a transport machine. If this is true, then its not eligible for the GB...
  4. I'm also interested in a FW 200C-4 Condor, more precisely F8+KR from 7./KG 40, that crashed 20km from my home at Saint Nicolas des Biefs on 20 july 1944, during a shuttle flight from La Rochelle to Germany. Was also coded GC+SL before. It was possibly shot down by USAAF fighters. I've already done my own search, but does someone know where to source some decals? It seems that I'll need to mix some Printscale and Xtradecal sheets.
  5. I've been surprised by the number of eligible kits present in my stash. I've already "eliminated" single engine aircraft, as I want to try for something big. Pure CC, I've two different marks of Flying Fortresses, a Hudson, and I'll certainly get Eduard's Limited Edition Liberator GR. But I'm interested in Matchbox Stranraer, but wondering if there's anything available on the aftermarket, mainly in term of decals?
  6. Ki-61 and Ki-100 Aces

    Many thanks for sharing those, Ronnie.
  7. T-34 Family STGB Now we are 12 + 1!

    Please count me in, too. The usual look in the stash gives this. And I'll certainly go for the -85M
  8. Bell P-39 Airacobra / P-63 Kingcobra STGB

    Might be an option for me too, as I've the Red Roo book. But in 1/48, so I've to source some decals first.
  9. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Choice is down to those two.
  10. Bell P-39 Airacobra / P-63 Kingcobra STGB

    The Airacobra being part of my "P" trilogy (P-38/39/40), there's choice when I look in the stash. Can't take my eyes off one ot those combo. This one is 1/32 The others are 1/48
  11. Bell P-39 Airacobra / P-63 Kingcobra STGB

    I'd like to sign up, too, please.
  12. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Well, time to make a selection.
  13. 2018 Groupbuld calendar

    Well, most of those "GB" are too wide for my taste, but it's not the place to discuss about it. With those STGB, 2018 will be interesting. M3/M4 Medium Tank 30 Dec 2017 to 1 April 2018 Bell P-39/P-400 25 aug 2018 to 25 nov 2018 Pz IV STGB 15 Dec 2018 to 17 Mar 2019 It's about time to prepare the first one, M3/M4 STGB.
  14. What have you purchased 9

    Kit swap. Cost me an Hs 129B-3 & a Ju 87B-2 from Hasegawa, together with a book. The F-14 comes with a lot of goodies from Eduard.