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  1. A nice looking book about an aviation legend.
  2. Wasn't there a Cavalier Mustang turbine-engined on the market? I mean, different from the Dart one? From Heritage, IIRC?
  3. Any T-54/55 build suits me well. A Finnish machine even more.
  4. Hi Kent, By the way, did you find some useful links?
  5. Some more light reading.
  6. ..............
  7. Fariborz (Fred) Shamas passed away a few years ago. I remember that some of his F-14 pictures were once found on the news section of Air Forces Monthly...
  8. Splendid! When you think about it, flying combat missions at low level, with a camera as a weapon.... I've the nearly the same project, with DZ383 in 1/48.
  9. And... Where's this page? Looks like I'll have to find two airfix B-57 to team them up with my two Italeri's. Whatever, keep up the good work.
  10. If those are the only reasons, well.... It's up to the staff anyway, and I'll accept that there's no willingness to reflect about this proposal. Not my own, but I thought it was an interesting one.
  11. Moderate???? What are you talking about???
  12. Hi, Not my plans, but Sarge's.
  13. I know. With the result to have member's reviews diluted everywhere in the forum, while the officials BM reviews are all in the same place.