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  1. Gorgeous N3PB! Wish there was an affordable 1/48 kit of this beautiful floatplane.
  2. I'm glad this kit is coming for those who model in 1/32...but how about downsizing it to 1/48? Been waiting/hoping for a UN-marked J-29 for years now...had hoped Pilot Replicas would be on the case but, alas, that's apparently not going to happen. So you get a for all the lucky 1/32 scale modellers out there...but a for me personally (PLEASE will someone release this version of the Tunnan in 1/48 that doesn't require major nasal surgery to look like a J-29).
  3. Airfix 2018

    Me Satan. Me very happy!
  4. Oh my....this is definitely going to tempt me back into 1/72 territory. This and the Airfix Wellington. Just when I thought I'd escaped, I get dragged back in again <<sigh>>.
  5. Airfix 2018

    I think it comes with a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) unit and a "GPR Operator Crewman", the latter wearing wellies, shorts, a tweed jacket (leather elbow patches optional), Bombay bowler and carrying an umbrella (open and closed options included in the kit).
  6. From the Book of Armaments...my favourite verse of scripture.
  7. To paraphrase the immortal Monty Python..."It's not dead yet!" Delighted to hear that this project is still alive. Maybe some good news to come at Telford? Please?
  8. AEC Matador(Marshall?) 6x6 fuel bowser details

    The very chaps! And don't forget Sticky who was out for a duck, and Gubber who snitched a parcel sausage-end and went goose-over-stump frogside. Brave men, all! Delighted to hear it mon General! My doctor tells me that equilibrium will be restored if I just keep taking the little pink pills. Personally, I'm far from convinced...I actually suspect he's a spy!
  9. Rigging material

    Thanks for that recommendation Beardie. Do you think Prym would also work on 1/48 kits?
  10. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    Nice find Claudio.
  11. AEC Matador(Marshall?) 6x6 fuel bowser details

    Y'know this whole thread makes me uncomfortable. It's straying perilously close to pongo subjects that are "green and strangely brown". Steady there, General, before you lead us all into blasphemy and damnation!
  12. I did write to Airfix primarily to suggest they include the blast plate visible on several photos of MkIf airframes...but my email did include some hearty gratitude for embarking on this kit. Maybe I'm weird but I WANT Airfix to keep releasing kits like this Blenheim and the Walrus (and the Defiant). Yes, I know they need to keep churning out P-51s and Spitfires but I will do all in my power to encourage them to keep including more esoteric subjects in their range.
  13. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    Hi Claudio, I'm not doing it on purpose!!! You may be right. I haven't looked into the provenance of the picture in any great detail. I may dig around and see where it came from which may provide some additional detail. FYI, I've ordered a copy of the Air Britain K-File book which I plan to peruse for any additional info it may contain about Vildebeests ('cos I'm boring like that!). All the best, Mark
  14. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    Hi Occa, The black undersides with Type A underwing roundels were mentioned at Post #6 but I agree...it militates against this just being a quick overpaint of the silver dope with just Dark Green. Hi Claudio, The image came from Japanese sources but I have no more definitive information to help confirm the location. The scheme is certainly interesting because of the overall light tone and low contrast...perhaps DE/MS? We can't say it's the image just being washed out because the national markings appear so strongly, as does much of the background detail...so I suspect we're seeing another unusual scheme on a 'Beest. Sadly, the image isn't the greatest quality so it's hard to draw any further conclusions. Cheers, Mark
  15. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    Hi Claudio, We have to be careful not to use hindsight to evaluate decisions made without it. In 1939, the UK didn't know that war with Japan was 2 years away, indeed tensions continued to rise throughout the 2 year period. While Singapore was rather "out of the way" we must remember that the war was still global, even in 1939 (eg the Battle of the River Plate in 1939). Thus it would be in every commander's best interest to ensure his unit(s) were as fully prepared for operations as possible. The question of paint shortages at Singapore was purely speculation on my part. There is some slight evidence that Dark Earth might (stress MIGHT) have been in short supply east of Suez as witnessed by the pic in Graham Warner's tome on the Blenheim, as well as the LIFE images of 27 Sqn machines which appear to show some repainting on the fins of at least 2 aircraft in a lighter shade than the original Dark Earth. The "evidence", such as it is, is pretty thin. I believe the timing between application of the high contrast scheme and C.3A is rather longer than "a few months". If the supposition is correct that the Vildebeests were first camouflaged shortly after war was declared against Germany, then the high contrast scheme as seen on K4156 was carried through until after June 1940 and potentially into 1941. Sadly, we can't be certain because there are no dates associated with the photos, nor is there any documentary evidence for when the various schemes were applied (or, indeed, what schemes were applied). If the photos we're seeing depict your #3 step, then that quick expedient of applying just dark green over the base aluminium dope and grey paint of the pre-war markings must have been around for some considerable time...at least until June 1940 and probably beyond. The alternative would be that your "quick expedient" scheme is almost indistinguishable from Light Earth and Dark Green (assuming that's what we're seeing in these photos) which means 3 total repaints (initial Dark Green only, Light Earth/Dark Green and then TLS) rather than the 2 suggested by early adoption of Light Earth/Dark Green followed by TLS. Again, we can never know but I suspect the latter course of action is more likely. Kind regards, Mark