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  1. Pilot replicas Saab j-29 tunnan

    I'm still hoping for Pilot Replicas (or, frankly, anyone other than AZ Model!) to release a Congo version in 1/48. Just putting that out there in case anyone's listening. Anyone? Please???
  2. 'Fraid I disagree. I think they're different aircraft. In the monochrome image, the gaps between the F, the dash and the 3 are much smaller than is the case on the colour (colourized?) image. That said, it's entirely possible that the person who colourized the second image also did some digital imagery jiggery-pokery (and, yes, that's a technical term!) to mess with the numbers so that it looks like a different airframe. Why would they do that? Who knows...but I'm rather psychopathically opposed to trusting colourized imagery or, indeed, any image for which an accurate provenance cannot be identified.
  3. New A-10 wings

    Well, that's the conflict which spawned the A-10 requirements so, yes, it probably would be good providing the ground-based air defences (GBAD) are no more capable than were deployed during Vietnam. The challenge is that modern nation-state adversaries' GBAD are so good that an A-10 is a sitting duck unless something goes in first to neutralize the GBAD threat.
  4. New A-10 wings

    Then you clearly don't understand modern CAS which is performed by a range of different aircraft types, including pointy-nosed things. In recent conflicts, fast jets have flown far more CAS missions than A-10s...so, yes, aircraft like the F-35 can and will be "risked" in a CAS role.
  5. 263 Sqn gladiator and Typhoon dacals

    The markings for most 263 Sqn Gladiators are pretty generic and can be created by mixing and matching standard serial and code letter decal sheets. There's a rather good softcover booklet about 263 Sqn's Gladiators in Norway if you can find it...has the best list of serial/code letter tie-ups that I've seen.
  6. 263 Sqn gladiator and Typhoon dacals

    I concur with Nils. The Printscale scheme is based on misinterpretation of a single over-exposed image. The correct scheme is TLS with the 4-pattern shadow compensation scheme (the high fuselage demarcation on the Printscale sheet is indicative of the divide between the Dark Earth/Dark Green uppers and Light Earth/Light Green fuselage sides and upper surfaces of lower wings.
  7. I really wish I knew where the current trend originated for representing Chinese roundels using mid-blue tones. There are a few contemporaneous images of Chinese aircraft which show a much darker, Royal Blue, shade. For example: I really, REALLY hope the manufacturer specifies a darker blue shade for the Chinese roundels than is apparent in the decal mock-ups.
  8. IIRC they were flown by RAF crews for fear that the capturing of US personnel on "spying" missions would result in a major crisis during the Cold War. The aircraft themselves were never officially taken onto the RAF inventory (ie they never wore RAF serials).
  9. Also looks like they've moulded the window for the recce camera as a clear component. AFAIK, that's the first time this has been included in any kit of the Blenheim.
  10. Hey...would you look at that? They've added the blast plate in front of the guns which was missing from the earlier CAD shots. Maybe my email to Airfix last October had some positive contribution to this kit? If so, thanks for listening, Airfix. This is right at the top of my "must buy" list!
  11. Hurricane MkIIC, HV299, 73 Squadron, Libya, October 1942

    A stencil would make sense. The OP pic of the Hurricane could be interpreted as the underlying camouflage showing up in the gap between the stripes of the flash.
  12. Hurricane MkIIC, HV299, 73 Squadron, Libya, October 1942

    Ok...dumb question time. If the narrow lines separating the colours of the flash are yellow (as depicted in the colour profile), why are they showing up so bright on orthochromatic film?
  13. Me want the 1/48 kit....PLEEEEEAASE!!!!! I'd drop everything to start that if it was released!
  14. Handley Page O/400 in South Africa 1920?

    I think you're right. Re-reading the handwriting, it most likely is Handley Page South African Transports Ltd. Thanks for the steer which certainly gets me looking in the right area. Cheers, Mark
  15. Hi Folks, I recently discovered a relative spent some time flying HP O/400s in South Africa in the period 24 March to 5 June 1920. His logbook was signed by the Manager, Handley Page Test? Anyone know anything about this activity and what Handley Page was seeking to accomplish? Many thanks, Mark