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  1. You've made a beautiful job of that, and in my opinion one of the nicest F.3 schemes there was. An F.3 with black fin/spine just seems to work. The Hobby Boss kit had a lot going for it and I reckon if they had just gotten the intake shape right and slightly flattened the canopy, any of the other niggles would have been passable under a good build and paint job like yours. I've received my Revell F.3 and it does look good, a lot of parts carry over from the GR/IDS but the necessary changes seem to have been made. Resisting the temptation to start it until I clear some in-work projects off the bench. Excellent work on your F.3, looking forward to seeing you produce a Revell one 👍 Eng
  2. Gorgeous model and beautifully displayed, very nice indeed. Eng
  3. Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    Your decals are fantastic compared to mine Shaun! I'll get a pic of mine up tomorrow 😖
  4. What are you reading?

    America's First Clash with Iran: The Tanker War 1987-1988 An excellent read so far, I recall a lot of the news coverage at the time around gunboat attacks and the mining of the Gulf waters, but bizarrely I had no knowledge of the tragic attack on the USS Stark. Also got "Tornado Boys" on the go as well, I've really enjoyed most of the books in this series. Eng
  5. Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    Anyone got one of these with a dodgy set of decals? The red on my set is very poor, almost like the printer was running out of ink - roundels not filled right up to the blue, the red in the 23 Sqn flashes again not fully complete, and the red stencilling and fuel tank markings incomplete. For me it's nothing I don't have additional decals I can use as replacements, but just wondered if this is just a one off, or is there a bad batch of decals. Eng
  6. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    I can 100% confirm that the Tornado F.3 can and was parked up with the wings fully swept provided the Hindenburg tanks weren't fitted. I believe due to the additional length of the fwd fuselage the CoG wasn't an issue with this variant. Eng
  7. This thread just keeps giving, epic workmanship, still loving this. Mod's can we please have this thread pinned? It deserves to be a 'go to' guide for Tomcat modellers, weathering, casting, scratch-building... it's all in here. Rgds, Eng
  8. Revell 1/48 Tornado ADV

    Had an email from Hannants today to say this was on my watch list and was now in stock! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3925 Eng
  9. Brilliant pic's, really miss Leuchars Please keep posting pics if you have more. I remember the Etendards being there. We were on holiday on the Isle of Skye staying in a cottage close to the Skye bridge when 3 of them passed rather low down the Kyle of Lochalsh, first and most memorable sighting of an Etendard! Eng
  10. That is absolutely gorgeous, I grew up around these as my father was cabin crew on them with BA from '82 until the long after the 748's disappeared, I've flown in MJ more than once, she used to rattle a bit more than the others! Splendid work, you've captured it beautifully. Eng
  11. Lakenheath F-15C's - Decals in 1/72

    Hey folks, I certainly wasn't having a dig at Caracal, your decals are outstanding. I think my email was quite reasoned and in fact I was willing to pay the cost of a one-off print if necessary. I really appreciate that you are going to release these in 1/72 and despite currently having sourced decals elsewhere I will still purchase the Caracal sheet as well I really think there will be an uptake for these in the "smaller scale", particularly with UK (and hopefully US) modellers of the mighty Eagle. Thank you for putting a plan out there for these, looking forward to November Eng
  12. Lakenheath F-15C's - Decals in 1/72

    Thanks folks, Wolfpak sheet ordered! Eng
  13. Good Evening, I've one of the newer Academy 1/72 F-15C kits in the stash and have taken a notion to build this as a Lakenheath aircraft however I'm really struggling to find decals in 1/72 for these aircraft. F-15E is fine in 1/72 and 1/48, I have some in the decal stash. In 1/48 there is either the new Caracal sheet or the decals out the box with the Academy MSIP II kit for the F-15C but there appears to be nothing in 1/72 other than an old DACO Astra decals sheet that appears to be as rare as hens teeth. Am I missing something here or is there just no demand for these? As far as I can see no current kit of the C includes LN aircraft decals. I did email Caracal to see if they could or intended to produce the 48th scale sheet in 1/72 but I've had no response to my query. Any thoughts or suggestions? Eng
  14. Once this thread was underway I grabbed a HB 'Cat and guess what scheme took my fancy......Yeah, that VF-33 scheme on the old Microscale decal sheet! Unfortunately my progress is disgustingly slow in comparison to yours so there's a fair chance you may still complete that before I do. Top notch work Sir, we're loving it, dig deep and keep these beauties coming. Eng
  15. Loving this! That paint job is outstanding. Eng