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  1. This looks stunning, I was really tempted by one of these when it was released. How does it build up in terms of fit and quality of the detail? Very nice work, Eng
  2. Absolutely stunning work, the A-6 is tremendous but the figures, their positions, the painting, poses are what makes this extra special. Simply outstanding, Rgds, Eng
  3. Cracking build, what a real beaut! Eng
  4. Took a run down to Ayr for a walk along the beach as the forecast was better down the coast than at home. As we passed Prestwick my daughter asked what the big jet was by the old Polar Air hangar, a very quick glance and it appeared to be a DC-10 and I never thought anymore about it, being a Saturday the place was likely to be very quiet. Literally minutes after setting foot on the beach, Maddi again called over to me "Dad, what are those?". Two jets in a gentle left climbing turn...... Ohhh, yes!...... These 2 Super Hornets, one a VF-103 high vis bird, had passed through last week on their way to Paris I believe. I was gutted I'd heard nothing about it, so today I was over the moon to have a.) seen a Super Hornet, b.) seen fast jets on a Saturday and c.) seen a Jolly Rogers aircraft. They literally passed right over head in an orbit whilst said DC-10, the Omega tanker, also got airborne. The Hornets then headed out Northwest splitting up to formate on the DC-10 as they disappeared out of view. Fortunately my wife had her 150-600 lens on her camera and snapped the above pic's, so I can't take the credit for these. Also turned out to be an Armed Forces day event on at the Green so both the new Coastguard AW189 and the S-92 put in an appearance and performed nice low passes and orbits over the beach [URL=http://s128.photobucket.com/user/eng1170/media/825D6772-CB43-4987-B4CE-07D4DA879578_zps8dqlo0ma.jpg.html][/URL] All in all a great day out, apart from the sunburn I'm now sporting this evening! Eng
  5. Looks like you've got no issues there! What a stunning set of builds, beautifully painted and the photo's just finish off the whole thing quite nicely. Welcome back to the hobby. Eng
  6. Whoa, they're all appearing now, this is superb! Amazing that everyone's saying it's not actually that bad a build, just proves that reviews are only one individuals opinion. Lovely work and nice to see a different scheme too. Eng
  7. Thank you chaps, I meant to say I'd be airbrushing, and my chosen ammo is Tamiya, which I have to admit are lovely to spray. My initial instinct was to go white then yellow, but interesting to hear Jamie suggest black basing. Will have a play on my test jet tomorrow. Thanks for for your help guys 👍 Eng
  8. A quick question and probably been asked a hundred times before but here goes anyway. Got a small aircraft tug on the go and the overall finish is gloss yellow, what's the best way to get a nice vivid finish? I recall reading somewhere that undercoating in red is the best option. Can anyone confirm if I'm on the right track here or is there a better undercoat option. Rgds, Eng
  9. Nice work Muzz, that's a beautifully turned out jet. The tremendous paint job and very nicely weathered and detailed finish is incredibly eye-catching. I love the look of the F-111, and remember seeing loads of them round the Scottish highlands and Borders as a youngster back in the mid 80's. I've got one of these in the stash with aftermarket decals and some resin bits and this is just the kind of inspiration that could lead to me digging it out. Really, really beautiful bit of work. Rgds, Eng
  10. Lovely build and a great choice of markings too. Beautiful work. Rgds, Grae
  11. Boom! Straight off the back of a stunning Su-17 and now this, absolutely superb. Love the work so far, this kit seems to be getting some good feedback and seems to build well. I'll be watching this one too, very nice. Eng
  12. This is superb, I'm liking the step by step painting process, it's always good to see how everyone else goes through the process. Cant wait for the next instalment. Eng
  13. I was liking your aircraft and ground equipment which are superb, then I got to the billet! Exceptional, a lot of time and effort has gone into this, brilliant attention to detail. Eng
  14. Beautiful, looks great in the wraparound camo. Remember seeing these many times when I lived up in the NE as a youngster. Lovely build and and very nicely finished. Eng
  15. Wonderful build and finish on this SHar, incredible work. Eng