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  1. Aw Unc, you've just made my day, that cracks me up every time I see it - comic awesomeness! Eng
  2. A great help in navigating one of those aeronautical minefields! Many thanks indeed Eng
  3. Ah, so it is! Ok back to plan A
  4. Have the slab of a book on the Su-17/22 by Yefim Gordon so not short of info on these, slowly getting to grips with all the variations and designations. The M4 looks slightly more business like with that spine intake at the front of the fin, but I like the idea of an M3 with Libyan markings. Eng
  5. Whenever I see someone comment on the posties dubious handling abilities, I always get a flashback to the opening sequence of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with Jim Carrey Eng
  6. Ahhh, sorry guys the old 1/1 scale airliner project has interfered with my intentions since I posted this pic (it's an A319 this week!) I have browsed through the box a good few times, fondled the plastic, formulated some ideas and the instruction booklet has become my bedtime reading! I'll try and get a few more pics up before the end of the week, I'm conscious that Mike has already put these up so will try and do something a little different. Production won't commence until I'm back from an upcoming break, but my resistance to starting this kit is low, very low. My biggest dilemma so far is do I go for an out the box build, or see what aftermarket decals start to appear. Quite like the idea of a grey camo Polish M4 or a Libyan jet. Load-out will be the next issue, so many weapons in the box to choose from. Right, off to read those instructions again..... Eng
  7. Exquisite, those engines look like a work of art on their own. Beautiful, it's only a matter of time before I fall foul of one of WnW kits! Eng
  8. Beautiful, you've totally nailed that Have Glass scheme. Love the SC markings too. G
  9. This beauty arrived yesterday and with the best of intentions I want to finish another swing-winger first (Revell's 1/48 Tornado), but I know what I'm like and there's every chance I'll cave and start this sooner. I've always wanted to build an Su-17/22 so when the KH CAD shot appeared last year it was merely a waiting game! Im surprised there hasn't already been one started here, and the kits come in for quite a bit of stick online (so did Revell's Tornado mind you and mines been a pleasure so far!) so I'm looking forward to seeing if this really is that bad. The he box and content is certainly impressive so far, will post a few more pics tomorrow. Eng
  10. Very nicely turned out Buccaneer......... now make it grubby! 😉 Eng
  11. Perfection! That's a bit tasty, liking your efforts a lot. Eng
  12. Stunning as always, can't wait to see the complete collection. Eng
  13. Wow, that's a really beautifully turned out Harrier, in my opinion you absolutely nailed the paint finish and weathering. Gorgeous piece of work. Eng
  14. That's gorgeous, someone commented earlier that all these kits are beautiful and I have to agree, this example being particularly so! I've been tempted to try a WnW kit but I've got cableaphobia (fear of rigging)! Stunning work, Eng
  15. Oh yes, that's absolutely awesome! How could you not love a low level Buccaneer. Fantastic diorama, incredibly original and beautifully executed. Love this, has made my day. Eng.