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  1. Absolutely beautiful Tony, lovely detail touches all round. Eng
  2. That's a beautiful bit of conversion work, very nice indeed. Eng
  3. Any idea on schemes, Russian going by box art obviously. Polish or German by any chance? Looking forward to this one. Like the Sepecat Jaguar this jet has a brutish and purposeful look about it. Only three kits on my 2017 list, this is one of them. Eng
  4. Military aeroplane that is, please don't leave that over-sized bucket of junk, the A380 out of a statement like this! The world needs a return to real jets! Bring us back the Tomcats, Phantoms, Bucc's Eng
  5. Can't beat the gorgeous lines of the Tristar. This looks lovely, a real classic scheme too. BCal's Tristars were the first live aircraft I was ever let loose on during my apprenticeship, great to work on. Eng
  6. Glad you never binned it, that's turned out rather peachy! Very nicely weathered paint finish. Eng
  7. Beautiful work, Rgds, Eng
  8. A Sword 1/72 Harrier T10/12 (self bought and confiscated pre-Christmas!), bottle of Macallan Gold, big tub of Jelly Babies, new Bourne film on DVD, Danny MacAskill's book and a new jumper all from the family. And I have a Scott's Models voucher to spend from my good friend Stephen, what to choose will be my biggest dilemma! Spent a fab Christmas down in Norfolk this year with my wife's family, best bit is getting to have another Christmas/Birthday celebration on the 3rd of Jan with my family. Eng
  9. Ongoing.... Still absolutely incredible work! Loving this thread. Eng
  10. Bit of a long story sir! Just dropped you a PM, Eng
  11. This is awesome so far, love the idea of the support rod (no such thing as over-engineering!) Will be be keeping an eye on your progress, Eng
  12. Lived in Aberdeen between ages of 7-14 (1982-1989) as my father worked for British Airways Highlands Division back then and I too have far too many memories of the devastation and profound sense of loss within communities everything there was an accident offshore. I have many, many happy memories from my time up there though especially the amount of fast jets and military activity in this corner of Scotland back then - Bucc's, Shackleton's, Jag's, Phantoms, Nimrods etc, the list seems endless. Like yourself I could also tell you the difference between many of the helo types just by the engine sound Did your father know a chap by the name of Dick McClintock by any chance? I'll be keeping a wee eye on your progress with this build as its one I've contemplated myself. I'd really love to do a Bristows Puma in the original livery from back in the 80's as my best pal from school went on to be a pilot with them. Looking forward to to your next instalment, Eng
  13. Love checking out your progress pic's, your work is nothing short of incredibly mind blowing. Stunning work on those deck hatches. Eng
  14. Very nice indeed. Eng