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  1. Stunning, a really beautiful piece of work. Eng
  2. Beautiful Gnat and a fantastic set of photo's too. Eng
  3. Cheers Muzz, Hazy recollection that I may have heard/read about this way back around the kits release, but fortunately I haven't reached this point in my build yet. This will serve as a timely reminder not to overlook this, especially as I'll be posing the wings at minimum sweep! Thank you Eng
  4. Forward wing sweep issue? Must have slept through that debate! Can anyone enlighten me as I have one in work and a few more to follow. Regards, Eng
  5. Gorgeous! What a lovely finish you've achieved on this. Eng
  6. Beautiful, and totally agree about this scheme on the F-16, looks perfect. Eng
  7. Fantastic diorama, looks very accurate, even down to the positioning of the vehicles. Really like the raised block in the centre with the lamp on it, this breaks up the appearance of a normal "flat apron" area. The aircraft own there own are superb. Outstanding work. Eng
  8. No problem Sir, that's what BM's all about and why I love this site. Ciao, Eng
  9. Brilliant build indeed, have really enjoyed watching this develop and you've a mighty fine Harrier to be proud of there. Great work! Eng
  10. Really stunning finish, very tidy work indeed and love the attention to detail. Eng
  11. Intrigued by your home made vacuum chamber, a great piece of work and something I've toyed with trying myself. I reckon you could start a business just commission building Tomcat weapons too! Lovely work indeed Tony. Eng
  12. Wow! That's an absolutely outstanding build. Eng
  13. Thanks Jason, I can certainly recommend it as worth building, until Airfix produce their Phantom it's still the only game in town for a 1/72 RAF/RN Phantom. It was a balance between having that slightly weathered and worn look on what was, at that time, a relatively fresh airframe. Thanks Jay. Sod's Law Steve, back at work today and the weather improves! Thanks for the kind comments, really into the idea of a grey 43 Sqn jet now, and fully weathered! I'm pretty sure the jet was on loan to 64 Sqn, hence the additional markings on the fin. Was pretty gutted at my error initially as I had just wanted the 111 Sqn markings on it, but it's growing on me. I do love that nose flash! MB better get those seats back asap or the SEngO will be in a spot of bother from the Sqn CO for his serviceability record Thanks to everyone else for your kind comments, enjoyed this build immensely.... couldnt help feeling once the camo was on it that I shouldn't have folded the wings, slightly lost its Phantom magic a bit. Eng
  14. That is sublime! Stunning build and conversion work, the base sets the whole thing off a treat, beautiful. Eng