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  1. Aeroclub 1/144th Mosquito B35

    Stunning! Hard to believe this is in 1/144th
  2. Most memorable film scenes..

    What can I say, I don't get out much! lol
  3. Most memorable film scenes..

    Ahhhhhhhhh, SPOILER ALERT!?!??!?!
  4. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    About 20 mins ago enjoying a lay in, heard a noise so just had to look outside. 4 Apache in formation right over my home, now that's the way to start your day!
  5. Most memorable film scenes..

    Another for the list.......The last scene in the Usual Suspects, still makes me gasp! Shindlers List, many moments but where Eamon Goeth shoots prisoners from his balcony is truly horrifying Hamburger Hill (hugely underrated in my humble opinion) where the GI's are oh so close to the top when US gunships arrive and start shooting their own troops
  6. Fujimi 1/72 Mig 21 quick build

    Fantastic finish! 8 days?? Would take me 8 months the rate I finish kits
  7. Most memorable film scenes..

    The shootout from Heat. It justs starts, no build up, no sound track, simply breathtaking! Oh, on a lighter note, the start of Shaun of the Dead where no one notices the difference from a typical Monday morning to the start of a zombie apocalypse! We've all been there!!!!!!!
  8. A great looking 262 and I learned a bit of history on the way, thankyou
  9. Italeri F4-S Phantom

    Very nice as who doesn't like a Phantom!?! You're right about the lack of decals though, a Phantom that doesn't months to apply the decals is not right lol
  10. Revell 1/48th Tornado ADV RSAF

    Very nice, how was the build?
  11. That's an awesome group shot! Thanks for sharing
  12. Tiger Tornado

    Great looking Tonka! Is it really 1/144th?? I'd be proud of this at 1/48th!?!
  13. Yet aother great looking Cat!!!! How many more do you have on the go? Do you have a group shot of all thus far? If you're not a little jaded after so many awesome cats try the Tamiya effort in 1/48, it's an amazing kit
  14. Very cool, wish they did this in 1/48
  15. Old dog, new Airfix

    Very nice, welcome back to a great hobby