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  1. An Oriental Fantasy

    Where on Earth do you start to compliment this build?!? The level of detail is breathtaking and the painting finish sublime. Stunning work
  2. Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane

    Excellent result. Never made anything from Trumpeter, what are they like?
  3. 1/48 SU-27

    Can't see them either
  4. Presedential MV-22 Osprey

    Great looking Osprey. I was lucky enough to see one in the flesh when the presedential flight flew over Duxford.They do look mighty impressive
  5. They are two very good looking models. 9 and 12 you say?? I'll get my coat and go choose another hobby!?!
  6. Great looking Cat despite the problems you listed. I'd be more than happy to have loads of problems and still end up with a result this good!!! If you ever want to actually enjoy a Tomcat build try the new one from Tamiya. I've never seen such a well engineered kit
  7. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Very nice indeed. Making mine as Mavericks jet and luving the build

    Very nice indeed with just the right amount of restrained weathering.
  9. Absolutely stunning! Nothing more to say
  10. What else is there to say but stunning!!! Brings back some great memories of a Sunday afternoon watching Space 1999 with my Father. Awesome

    Very nice indeed. Just a little jealous that you've managed more in a few weeks than I've managed all YEAR!!
  12. A pair of Lynx

    Very nice models of one of my favourite helicopters. 1/100?!? Even more impressive. May need to treat youself to some Optrex after your endeavours
  13. Sepecat Jaguar 1/144 Academy

    Very nice result. Not sure my eyes could cope with 1/144 these days though!?!
  14. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Great looking results thus far, keep it going as am following with interest.
  15. 1/48 MQ-1 Predator

    Very nice and a very smooth finish. Theses drones still look very sci fi to me though!