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  1. That looks great! And the young lady in question is 7?!? A moment of silence please as I get my stuff and exit stage right!!!!!!!! That's real talent from one so young, looking forward to seeing her next effort
  2. Matchbox panzer 1/76

    Again, great memories. Uesd to enjoy the base more than the kit back in the day. Good skills
  3. Matchbox Jagdpanther 1/76

    This brings back so many great memories from when I was young, you know, last week ish! Looks rather better than my effort which, as I recall, met its end one Nov 5th. Thanks for posting
  4. Ju-52 Eduard 1/144

    Very nice indeed. I didn't realise just how small the finished article was until I saw the pic with the match! I take my hat off to anyone able to get such good results in such a small scale, my eyes are well past 1/144!?!
  5. Very nice indeed and a fitting tribute. Looks like a big beast! Does it take up much room?
  6. Moody AFB Open House - the locals

    Some great pics so thanks for sharing. I like the two A10's with the P51, makes you wonder which had to slow for the other to maintain formation!?!
  7. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Inspired! Such a clever idea well executed
  8. Very nice indeed. Considering it's overall grey the tonal difference breaks it up nicely. Have fond memories of theF111E out of Upper Heyford. Real rugged looking beast

    Now that's a collection that any modeller would be imensley proud to call their own
  10. Very nice and certainly rare in this scale. Thanks for sharing
  11. Very nice result of what is not the worlds best kit!! I'm enjoying the fight with a Monogram F18 at present
  12. 1/48 ZM F-4S

    Very nice indeed, who doesn't like a Phabulous Phantom?
  13. Very nice even if not terribly accurate. I also made this in my youth. Not sure if I even managed to finish it but I do have fond memories of it going to a better place on Nov 5th!?!
  14. Very nice indeed! Are these kits as good as they say they are?
  15. In answer to your question..........NO, I for one am far from bored seeing your Cats. They look amazing so keep them coming! At some stage will you be doing a group shot?