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  1. Cymbeline Mk2 on AA 432

    Lovely job and great to see more British cold war stuff on here, great work on the wiring on the back of the electronics / generator tray love it! From one Ex-Gunner to another, top job and Ubique!
  2. Hi and thanks, The FH-70 is a resin kit from Hobby Fan. I searched high and low for it and ended up stumbling across one on line in a model shop in South Africa of all places! worrth the hunt though as I served on them back in the eighties, a bloody horrible gun to work on by the way lol
  3. Gas Gas Gas! British NBC Fuchs

    Thanks, they only ever had 11 of them all in the NBC Recce role as a stop gap originally. They've seen service with the RAF and the Army http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/02/army-brings-back-sniffer-vehicles-for-chemical-weapons-threat/
  4. So here's another slightly out the box one from me. Underneath it's the Revell 1/35 German Luchs with a bit of scratch build added to make my rendition of a British NBC Recce vehicle. Originally gifted as a stop gap by Germany I had a look on line and these vehicles have gone through various reincarnations with storage bins plus bits and bobs added and removed since we had them around the start of our journey over to the big sand pit. I know the markings and exact configuration may not be 100% but it achieves the overall feel I was after. This one comes complete with half of Salisbury Plain under it and definitely needs a trip to the wash down! The additional storage boxes were a few I had left over from the Takom FV432 and anything in white was scratch built from plasticard. Hope it's ok and thanks for looking
  5. Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz

    great job, loving the ice scraped windows too
  6. Wow those figures are awesome, love the head set detail and excellent MTP too
  7. Wow that is a true work of art, outstanding
  8. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Truly exceptional, amazing detail really love the winch rollers at the back, great photo's too.
  9. Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    Absolutely loving all of that. Love the weathering especially the mud on and around the tracks, great battle damage too. A really nice job!!
  10. Landrover 109 on VCP in Ulster

    Another great wall Tobby lol. Still have a big love for all things Land Rover too! Many happy memories and a few sad ones but wouldn't have missed it for the world
  11. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Lovely job, great saladin but I also really like the wall especially the graffiti, brings back memories of West Belfast
  12. M3 Grant (Academy 1:35)

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is truly amazing, so many outstanding tiny details like the chains on the stowage bin pins and I love the bren. As has been said excellent weathering too a real masterpiece well done
  13. Takom FV432

    Hi Steve You're right about the stowage boxes and there's a long chieftain one included in the kit for mounting above the exhaust if you want. You'll absolutely love the kit. It's great doing a build that you have a personal connection to. Last year I managed to finally find a 1/35 scale FH-70 which was the first gun I worked on and it takes pride of place in my collection so good luck with yours. You're lucky being able to drive one regularly!!!!!!!!!! I never had the pleasure of the 432 but used to crew a Sultan for a short while and absolutely loved it Best wishes WT
  14. Takom FV432

    Wow, really appreciate your feedback thank you, really humbling cheers.
  15. Takom FV432

    For around £10k you can, cheaper than a new family hatchback but eye watering to run lol