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  1. Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    Absolutely loving all of that. Love the weathering especially the mud on and around the tracks, great battle damage too. A really nice job!!
  2. Landrover 109 on VCP in Ulster

    Another great wall Tobby lol. Still have a big love for all things Land Rover too! Many happy memories and a few sad ones but wouldn't have missed it for the world
  3. Alvis Saladin DRAGON

    Lovely job, great saladin but I also really like the wall especially the graffiti, brings back memories of West Belfast
  4. M3 Grant (Academy 1:35)

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is truly amazing, so many outstanding tiny details like the chains on the stowage bin pins and I love the bren. As has been said excellent weathering too a real masterpiece well done
  5. Takom FV432

    Hi Steve You're right about the stowage boxes and there's a long chieftain one included in the kit for mounting above the exhaust if you want. You'll absolutely love the kit. It's great doing a build that you have a personal connection to. Last year I managed to finally find a 1/35 scale FH-70 which was the first gun I worked on and it takes pride of place in my collection so good luck with yours. You're lucky being able to drive one regularly!!!!!!!!!! I never had the pleasure of the 432 but used to crew a Sultan for a short while and absolutely loved it Best wishes WT
  6. Takom FV432

    Wow, really appreciate your feedback thank you, really humbling cheers.
  7. Takom FV432

    For around £10k you can, cheaper than a new family hatchback but eye watering to run lol
  8. Takom FV432

    Thanks Kris I used Hataka Modern British Army and RAF AFV colour set - by far the most convincing NATO green and black I've seen to date and they spray well too!
  9. Takom FV432

    Hi Gorby thanks for your comment. With regards to the big shopping basket, it's pretty much what you said a big shopping basket lol. It's a stowage basket for putting anything you can jam in to it, in!
  10. Takom FV432

    Just finished Takom's FV432. Great to finally see some British modern armour available other than tanks. It's a great kit which was a joy to build with an excellent instruction booklet with some good colour photos. The separate link tracks were a first for me but the jig supplied with the kit was brilliant and they are much easier to paint than the standard rubber types. This was a number of firsts for me. My first outing with Hataka paints using their Modern British Army & RAF AFV paint set. In the past I've used Tamiya, Vallejo and AK colours on modern British vehicles, but without doubt they have to be the most accurate NATO green and NATO black I have seen by far. Also the first time masking with White Tac ( a big thank you to The Salisbury Model centre for that tip). Also a first attempt at weathering with pigments and still some learning to do there but I tried to replicate a 432 on exercise somewhere in Salisbury plain, which for those who are familiar with being sent to play there will know, in summer everything gets a nice coat of dirty white chalk dust. The Gimpy is the kit one (which is actually pretty spot on) with a Accurate Armour ammo box and belt and the cam net is one I had in the spares box with the addition of some oregano and chopped chives (don't tell the wife) Still need to add ariels but I've got the time to post now so here it is, hope you like it? WT
  11. Krupp Raumer S

    Wow if that's one you're not entirely happy with then I can only begin to imagine what standard you work to. That is simply amazing the weathering and overall feel of the finished result is brilliant
  12. Universal Carrier 1/35th

    Top job, really like the extras especially the 6 coy markings on the box in the back. A lovely kit really well done
  13. Looks really nice very well done. Love the exhaust and weathering
  14. TAKOM FV432 Mk.2/1 B.A.O.R

    A great start to what I'm sure will be a long run of these and I can't wait for each and every one!. Mines literally on the way great to see some classic British armour available (at a reasonable price anyway).
  15. Warrior - Academy 1/35

    Excellent work, hats off to you for the photo-etch work too, love the fire extinguisher brackets and stowage straps on the front. Lovely job.