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  1. Ahhh, I know. That is the F-4 virus, without any slightest chance of cure
  2. Looks splendid despite the shortcomimgs of the kit.
  3. Lovely ! The paint scheme is extraordinary and especially the cockpit looks great.
  4. What a fantastic model !! Absolute beauty !!
  5. Beautiful. Exactly! That is a very good model, all in terms of subject rarity, stellar paint job and attractive photography. Very good job, sir!
  6. I simply admire these 1/144 aircraft when they are so beautifully built, very nice model.
  7. Hats off to this great model and your modeling skills, especially masking so neatly.
  8. Looks very good. The 1/72 one from Kinetic was a model I had been waiting for, unfortunately they seem to have dropped the project.
  9. That'a great return to the hobby, with a very well built Hurricane.
  10. Different people, different experiences, different tastes, different finances... Not has to be the same anyway and not any particular one is totally superior to the other, just a matter of choice. To me, resin is quite a workable material. I had some experiences with poor applications and materials, but that is how you learn to choose the manufacturer, which also applies to plastic kits. A 1/32 Viggen in IM plastic would be great really, but considering this is the only option and one actually many modelers would not dream of until announced, I would say it is a bargain. I had purchased t
  11. Looks awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! Some more at https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/
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