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  1. I am not the greatest fan of F-35 but in the name of being fair I have to say spending billions of bucks on the development of an aircraft unfortunately does not guarantee that it never crashes, regardless of some of the brilliant brains and engineering experience on the planet. Anything that flies may crash. Technology results in multiple points of failure and sometimes is not your best friend when systems become more and more complicated, or there would be no Space Shuttle accidents, right? Air forces would be willing to fly the F-35 considering the technology and operational advantages it offers, the accidents would be regarded as the "nature" of the project as long as they are about the average levels.
  2. I've always thought the same. And I also been wondering how fast this bird would be flying if it ever had the J-79 engines the F-104 enjoyed. Two of them, like the F-4, would probably "fly" this thing
  3. Absolutely beautiful!. I loved every touch. The weathering is phenomenal and the rivets well exposed, especially the ones on the wing roundels are gorgeous. My only comment, if I may, would be that a bit of dirt/weathering might be required on the spinner as well, which seems too clean. A slight touch of stains as those on the yellow of the leading edges might be added, but that's only me and this is a spectacular build already. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Always loved these oranges on Starfighter tanks. Very good model and sharp look indeed.
  5. Nice model of a rare subject. I wish larger scales were available.
  6. Fantastic build. Nice days those must have been for the crews painting the aircraft, before jets got 50 shades of grey...
  7. Isn't the tooling the most expensive and difficult part of model manufacturing? That already in hand, why the wait I wonder
  8. Great build and fully agree that it is one of the most beautiful jets
  9. Great looking model of an aircraft only its mother could love
  10. Looks great. Very good scheme of the Thunderflash and how on earth I ever missed the Norwegians flew them, I don't know.
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