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  1. Hi Wagtail, I never got round to building this kit of the FH70 , was a bit busy taking pictures of you lot firing the thing , but I did catch the shell as it left the muzzle brake on Otterburn one firing camp . And I still have the picture along with a photo of the Abbots firing when we where back in BAOR in 1990 .
  2. Hi John, Where in Yorkshire was your 7th great grandfather born in ?
  3. Hi Johnv, I'm original from Kingston upon Hull many years ago , went your ancestors sailed from Hull the town was a very small place then and left from the River Hull via the River Humber as most shipping then used one of 3 socks within the the town walls . Reference the John of London try our National Maritime Museum in Greenwich they may have the plans for this vessel , you never know.. Niallmhor
  4. Hi , Many thanks for that , I'll give it a good look . many thanks once again gents . Niallmhor
  5. Hi, I've already done this thanks , after checking what the members had to say in the way of information , I contacted the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich and ordered a set of Rigging and Sail plans They came today . In fact I may even frame them later . thank you once again Gentlemen. Niallmhor
  6. Cabs where green, engine compartment was silver , Engine was a duck egg blue the rest of the components where silver . Don't forget the white lines on the hubs or the outer wheel nuts painted Red . Ex Stollie driver, Arty Limber FV623 HMLC. 90 ET 97 ex 40 Fld Regt in Gutersloh 77-80.
  7. Thanks for that but it's a bit on the small size for what I'm looking for , I think it would be lost on my shelf with my other model guns . But thanks all the same . Niallmhor
  8. Hello Dave, Many thanks for that , any information is better than nothing. The model is only 1/445 , but I want to get as much detail on it as possible. When this project is finished then I'll start on my 1/96 model of Cutty Sark , for this I've got pictures and a detail rigging and sail plans but, saying that I shall ask the forum if I run into any problems. Many thanks Niallmhor
  9. Good Evening Gents, Could anyone tell me where where I could get my hands on the Rigging plans for Cutty Sark both standing and running Rigging , any help will be grateful. Niallmhor
  10. Hi John , I've seen silver Regimental pieces in Woolwich of the FH70, M109A2, Abbot and believe it or not a silver model of the Rock of Gibraltar! This came from 21 Missile Battery RA after it disbanded in Germany , the detail work on all these pieces was superb it was like they took a real FH70 and rebuilt it in silver . Niallmhor
  11. I think it's all down to money and cost to produce a new moulds but , saying that they make new moulds for Tigers, Panthers, Panzer 3, Stug, early ,Mid and late . The market is swamped with models of German, Russian and Chinese military models in some shape and form. If I see another model of the above vehicles I will scream. The market is catered for the above and British Army vehicles must come a long way down the list .
  12. Hi Noelh, There is a book called " The Fireflies of Port Stanley " by Marc H Jones it's fiction but could you imagine what the Argies would have thought of they had met them when they invaded the Falkland islands !
  13. Royal Regiment of Artillery !
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