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  1. I’ve been reading this with interest as I’m currently building a 1/72 Airfix Red Arrows Hawk. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve been using the Revell 1/32 kit instructions (via Scalemates) for colour references, and they also say gray for the wheelwells, but white for the inside of the nose gear doors. I must say the Airfix instructions aren’t great when it comes to colours, and the Revell ones need quite a bit of de-coding too. One would have thought such well photographed and viewed aircraft would have been simple to get right, or did they vary over time? Edit: I’m going to stop using the Rev
  2. This is a magnificent looking model...I love the worn weathered look you have achieved. I’m no expert on the F14, but one thing that stands out is the exhaust nozzles...they seem too shiny to me, especially when compared to the rest of the airframe. Might just be my eye. I’d certainly be proud to be able to produce something half as nice. Cheers Tania
  3. I read somewhere how these were sent out around the Baltic just before the SR71 went out on it’s regular Baltic jaunt....knowing that the Soviets would try and light up the Blackbird with every Radar they had, and the RC would gather all the frequencies so they could be jammed on the next trip. It must have been an interesting time for all involved. Lovely looking model of a rather un-lovely looking aircraft!
  4. Had to laugh when I saw the codes on this aircraft....RFQ, first introduced to me on my commercial pilot’s course (many years ago). Stood for Read the F...ing Question!, something a lot of us were guilty of on several occasions....but we all passed in the end Cheers Tania
  5. Found this with a Google search, but it may be “Beaufighter generic” as opposed to Israel specific, but says rockets too. “IAF Aircraft Inventory:IAF Aircraft Inventory: Table of Contents Known as the "Whispering Death" by the Japanese in the far east during WWII, the Bristol Beaufighter was instrumental in driving the Japanese from South East Asia and in the defeat of the Luftwaffe's night bombing offensive against Britain. 4 Beaufighters were purchased for the IAF in Britain on the pretext of being used for a film. In front of the director, the cameras and the whole filming
  6. It was Angels In The Sky, by Robert Gandt. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Tells of why the Israelis ended up with Me109s (S199s) fighting the Egyptians in Spitfires, where they got their pilots (including Malta hero Screwball Buzz Beurling) and other fascinating stuff. It actually reads like a spy thriller...it’s great.
  7. I read a great book about the early days of the Israeli Air Force. It included the story of how they came by the Beaufighters. Briefly (and summarising) in 1948 Israel faced an embargo on importing any military equipment, even though there were a lot of war-surplus aircraft available. The Beaus were available for a song in the UK, but not to Israel. As a result, the Israelis set up a movie production company, to make a film about the Kiwi Beaufighter pilots based out of Scotland during the war. The “film company” bought the aircraft, and spent time flying them around “for the movie” (pilo
  8. Lovely work....and for 1/32, extremely prolific! Your output gives me hope that I may actually be able to get through more of my stash than I thought...especially as my scales are 1/72 for aircraft, and 1/43 for cars
  9. Wow! That sure gives new meaning to the term "kit bashing"!! It's a bit like looking at the Millennium Falcon or a Gerry Anderson model, trying to pick out which different kit pieces are used. Great job producing something VERY different...and authentic to the original picture too. Love it!! Cheers Tania
  10. I wasn’t aware of that Steve....and now I need one and it’s been superceded you don’t have a spare do you? Tania
  11. What a great model of a truly bizarre aircraft. I can’t imagine how the pilot managed to taxi it without running off the taxiway/runway, let alone land the thing!
  12. I really like this....looks fantastic. Nice work
  13. That is so cool! And an Alvis Stalwart...I had a BP Exploration Matchbox toy of that too. Wasn’t aware of the connection. Great information. Thanks! Tania
  14. Steve I was about to say the same thing! I had one as well....an “Alvis Foamite Crash Tender” apparently produced by Matchbox between 1964 and 1968. There is a real one on display at the RAF Museum at Hendon.
  15. That is beautiful. I had to re-check the scale, and if you’d said it was 1/48, I’d have been impressed....but 1/72? Wow, that is really something. Very cool build. Congratulations Cheers Tania
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