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  1. That looks lovely....and thanks for the tip on paper clip-wire. I don't know why I never thought of that myself!
  2. F1xena

    A-7E Corsair

    How can you not like Tigermeet? (kidding, each to their own) I have this kit in my stash, and I think you've done a great job. Here's a wee snap of my Tiger effort. Like yours, decals were "fun".....and I know I have the nav light colours the wrong way round http://photos.kiwimodeller.com/image/xMOC
  3. Very nice indeed. I’d give the pilot a break and say top marks for the textbook crosswind touchdown!
  4. F1xena

    Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 Zero

    Hi Jim. I reckon you undersell your skills. Your Zero looks great. I, for one, actually like the look of a nice clean aircraft....they had to be brand new once! You’ve done a great job with the canopy framing....it looks really sharp. Natural light makes it look good too....bring on the sunshine! cheers Tania
  5. Looks great...actually had to double check that it was actually 1/72. Nice work, and the photography isn't too shabby either!
  6. F1xena

    Spitfires over Israel

    Cool...I have some decals to do something similar, as well as a kit of a S-199 (Czech built 109). I've just started reading this: https://www.amazon.com/Angels-Sky-Volunteer-Airmen-Israel/dp/0393254771 Angels In The Sky....cool story about the pilots of the 1948 fledgling Israeli Air Force. Its a fascinating read so far, and I haven't even got to the fighter aircraft bit yet! Cheers Tania
  7. That is lovely. Top job!
  8. Love the Hunter. I see the Revell 1/72 kit is slated for a re-release this year. Seeing as I’ve been trying to find one for ages, this might be proof that “good things come to those who wait!”
  9. Marvellous! I've got that kit and the markings for Gloria Lyons. If mine (when done eventually) comes out half as nice as yours, I'll be a very happy girl. Thanks also for the background on the origin of the name. There are some very interesting stories out there..... Great to see some more Kiwi birds appearing here. It's nice to remember we had a strike force once....our airforce now is pretty much restricted to transport and maritime surveillance. Cheers Tania
  10. That looks absolutely brilliant. Was interested to see the “plan view” shots from above....it sure has some serious wingspan, something I had never really picked up from pictures I had seen in the past.
  11. F1xena

    Ta152C 'What If'

    Thanks Ian, been hanging here a while, just looking mostly!
  12. F1xena

    Ta152C 'What If'

    That’s a lovely looking thing Ian. Mottling skills look pretty good too! Nice work. T
  13. F1xena

    Airfix 1/24 Bf 109E 50/50

    Good idea...shades of the BAR 555/Lucky Strike Formula One car of 1999. Not for the traditionalists, but I like it!
  14. F1xena

    Academy A-37B Dragonfly 1/72

    I always thought they must have incredibly strong wings to carry all that ordnance, especially when subjected to the loading imposed by the low level attack role. Also, they sit so close to the ground it must be an acquired skill to land. Don’t flare until you feel your bum scraping the tarmac! Nice build of an interesting subject. Academy kits vary a lot, from very good, to the other extreme, but the nice ones are invariably great value for money.
  15. Looks pretty jolly good to me, regardless of any inaccuracies or problems. Matchbox was my “go-to” brand back in my early days.....mainly 1/72, but I did stretch to the 1/32 Bf109. From memory I had to cut off the front top corner of the engine to get the cowl to fit. Great memories!