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  1. Thats really cool Amazing and convincing work.
  2. Beautiful and neat build.
  3. .... i did ! Lovely build
  4. Thats an incrdeible introduction. Great build and presentation of this rarely seen kit. Guess thats a big one !
  5. Thanks for the kind feedback, Michael. Its really fun to build these little kits.
  6. Thank you Greg, there is still a good bunch of work on my little Tomahawk, guess the 190 will be finished before this one. Thank you more soon.
  7. Beautiful build of the graceful aircraft.
  8. Good idea, the seat will be very visible after finish.
  9. Here is a quick preview. Decals are on but what looks like a relaxing tour to the finish is more difficult than thought. I have used Dark Earth and Mid Stone for the upperside and Model Master Azure Blue for the underside. The paint job was basicly done during the painting of my Spitfire Mk.VB with the same colors. The color suggestions Airfix made on this release are wrong, The spinner should be red instead of black but i guess they had to do this with the only four colors in this set. My spinner is red. My camo scheme needs also some corrections, especially the DE wrapped around the nose. Its too far to the front, the DE portion under the shark is beyond help. Interior color is also difficult, i have used a color similar to US Interior Green, Hu 117. The used shades in the Tomahawk are heavily discussed. Anyway here are the promised pics of my shark. I have slightly re sprayed the camo curvature, the aircraft was most probably repainted and i have tried to show this. Airfix and Barracuda as well are showing a Azure area around the letter F i have seen this too late ( looks better without ) To get the teeth around the nose wasn t easy. Some touch ups are needed here. Cheers Bernd
  10. Looks simply fantastic. The well applied staining and dirt effects are a really a nice touch to this neat build.
  11. Good progress, Steve. Its exciting to see how the details look und the first layer of paint. Are this molded on seatbelts for the pilot ?
  12. Thank you very much, it became really visible in the photos and the effort was worth to do it. The next addition will the Tomahawk Mk.I starter set which will be finished ( hopefully ) quite soon. Bernd
  13. Thanks for commenting, Stix. The Spitfire Mk.I is a great starter kit for beginners or more experienced modellers with a dire need to have something new in the display. The camo neutralise the effect of the deep panels and it looks like a Spitfire. Also i think its better to go with the Airfix Spitty than with the new tool Revell Mk.II which looks somewhat odd to me, but i am no expert. Guess i should have a deeper look in your gallery. Have a great week Bernd
  14. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Will. The zoom effect of a camera can cause a lot of trouble during a build, sometimes its an improvement to make better models sometimes not. A while ago i was very disappointed after looking at the pictures of the instrument panel of Eduards F6F-3 in 1:72. It looked fantastic as build but toally different in the macro modus of our digicam. It was installed and the fuselage was closed silently... For the windscreen i think it was woth to improve the look of it. Bernd
  15. Looks very nice, well build and a neat paint job. While not a real combat aircraft its a rare sight as modelling subject.