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  1. If you can get the Ford paint code some car parts stores can colour match an aerosol for you
  2. Most memorable film scenes..

    ooooft loads of great movie scenes spring to mind. Tom Cruise questioning Jack Nicholson in A few Good Men the whole "you cant handle the truth" scene is a particular favourite tho
  3. Hi I am no expert but I bought the Revell boxed Viper and the main halves of the fuselage had Mobius stamped inside so it seems it is just reboxed by Revell Regards Bik
  4. Wifi

    Our Internet stopped working this morning so I decided to chat to my wife for a change I was surprised to find out she doesn't work in Woolworths anymore
  5. You need to have a good idea of how you use your car if you do lots of short trips or low miles stay away from a diesel you will get diesel pariculate filter issues. I would personally avoid hybrids especially if you intend to do any maintenance your self or use a local mechanic as the the voltage in the hybrid system is deadly and should only be worked on by specially qualified techs ie main dealers . Buy your car near to the end of the month as most salesman are targeted so keener to do discounts at the end of the month to meet their targets. You MUST try and haggle never pay the window price there is always wiggle room for the seller Good luck
  6. Scale Scotland 2017 (Edinburgh)

    Great day out at Scale Scotland today pockets empty again but shopping bags full of goodies 😁
  7. Hallo fae Scotland

    Welcome you have picked the right place for tips and help very knowledgeable bunch on here . P.s I don't include myself in the above statement lol
  8. SR-71 Blackbird, Blue ?

    Hi Next up for me is a 1/72 SR-71A Blackbird my problem (among many ) is finding a colour to finish it in I have read it was painted a very dark blue but when I search for pictures depending on light and angles etc it can look anything from Matt black to almost silver I was thinking of using Tamiya rubber black XF-85 but might be to dark ? Any thoughts or (polite) suggestions welcome
  9. Hi from Southern Scotland

    Hello and welcome aboard from a fellow scot
  10. Hello All

    Sorry my friend you are asking the wrong person i havent dared post any pics of my builds lol I am sure there will be others who can advise Bikkit
  11. Hello All

    Hi Nick Still managing more builds than me I am more like 4 a year lol
  12. Spray booth

    Hi I use the same one as Brianl has linked to. It works fine and a bonus for me is it fairly easily folds down to a smaller size for storage I just sprayed a 1/72 Lanc in mine it was a bit tight mind but still worked ok
  13. Hello from Lanarkshire

    Welcome Joe I think most people returning to the hobby find it has moved on a lot since they were youngsters ,I know I did and still do, stick with it its a great hobby and others on here are a wealth of knowledge and freely share it to regards
  14. Cracking Build well done Regards Bikkit
  15. Looking forward to seeing this one. From what little I know I am fairly sure the Airfix kit is a series 3 and so is the Telecom one in your pic the SWB was 88 inches back then and the LWB was 109 inches regards Bikkit