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  1. Lol paying more attention than you it seems ! You got my quote wrong .
  2. You guys put too much thought into reading a magazine
  3. I use a nail polish shaker I got from Amazon or Ebay canny remember which one, but it is great for mixing model air and the thicker model colour
  4. Hi Finished this at the weekend kit went together without issue. Really enjoyed this one no weathering this time wanted the factory fresh look Thanks for looking Bik
  5. I use Windsor and Newton Galleria for matt and satin they both spray well thinned with water and brush well too For gloss I use alclad aqua gloss sprays beautifully and hard as nails when dry never tried brushing it tho B
  6. Hi Welcome back to the dark side For glue I would recommend Tamiya extra thin or Revell contacta For paint when I came back to modelling I switched from my old enamels to acrylic and my paint of choice is now Vallejo But I am sure you will get many opinions on paint as it seems some get on with one manufacturer but not another Hope that makes sense lol B
  7. Great looking Wellington makes me want to dig mine out the stash and start I would be delighted if it ended up as good as yours BK
  8. Sure you didn't cheat in those first two pictures it looks so real . Top work
  9. Wow that's a great job. Phantoms look great and any paint scheme but that is a cracker
  10. Be gentle now, first time post of a completed model on here. Took a while to get through this one as I lost interest a few times due to dodgy fit and instructions but persevered and got there in the end I know there are a few omissions and errors but I just wanted it to end lol
  11. Postman turned up with these this morning. They feel and look like top quality looking forward to trying them out later
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