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  1. Collin, I would not thrust 100% on the profile. Even if it's from a very reliable source. Tending generally to simplify my life, if you have in your book a photo of a 119 Sqn in YKW with 2 x GBU on the inner pylons, a single centerline tank and a 3x MK-82 bombs on TER's in outboards, I'm fine this way. It will be my definitive configuration. Beautiful, unusual and lethal, a true Hammer. A snapshot would be great, should you be so kind and if you think is appropriate. Owing you a beer from The Netherlands!
  2. Yes Collin, helps a lot. Thanks. This is the confguration I was looking info for. My intention is to build this aircraft using an old Hasegawa F-4EJ (sorry for the shitty quality photo; was taken by a mobile phone in very bad light conditions, but just to give you the idea):
  3. Wow!!! What great info! Thanks, thank you a lot dudes. Very appreciated.
  4. Hi all. I’m planning the building of a Kurnass, an Israeli F-4E, during Yom Kippur War in 1973. And I'm wondering what the loadout with GBU-8’s could be, for bridges attack operations. One each on the inboard pylons, gas tanks on outboard ones. But what else on centerline/fuselage stations? ECM pods, Sparrows and/or Sidewinders? Did the GBU’s need some typical ordnance connected? Wondering if exist any photo in that configuration… Thanks for reading!
  5. Really nice work! (small consideration: the correct denomination for Italian Air Force is Aeronautica Militare Italiana, not Aviazione; and Militare is without the i)
  6. Hi Mark. It's Fightertown 48-014 "VF-1 Wolfpack". Released in 2012.
  7. That's my Tomcat. VF-1, their second cruise on USS Enterprise, on 1976. A real joy to build this kit. Quickboost seats and Fightertown decals. The most difficult part was to find out a bird with Tamiya block 85 configuration (standard beaver tail and two-grills gun vent), but still with the tan radome. Thanks to Forums and to a dedicated Facebook group I found two, choosing Wichita106. Now I Iook forward to see a new release from Tamiya, in A late version. Hope you like it! Paolo
  8. Several different reasons to follow your last work, my friend! It's interesting to watch you dealing with such a beautie.
  9. Ciao Matteo! Really happy to find you here. I'm following your work with interest. Sincere congrats! Paolo
  10. I will follow with deep interest Haneto, toward the decision to buy the kit. I would take photos from a little behind. Subjects a bit smaller, I mean. Visibility and readability of the thread would improve a lot.
  11. rotaliscia

    Tornado Gr1

    I could be interested to the pylons and wing seals, Shaun. How can I get them?
  12. rotaliscia

    Tornado Gr1

    Great! I was searching for the same info: what Revell 1/48 kit to use, in order to have an Operation Granby bird. Better a GR.4 than an IDS, then.
  13. Thank you so much for the gooooood photos and the interesting duscussion popped-up!
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