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  1. Thanks for the comments. @Billy54 yes the canopy fit was probably the most challenging area of the model to finish.
  2. E-2C from Fujimi 1/72 kit OOB, with the exception of homemade VAW-120 Decals. Sweaty
  3. Des I used the kit decals, apart from the fin decals which I made using white Crafty computer paper (https://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/inkjet-water-slide-decal-paper/).. They were all applied with Micro Set onto the model which was sprayed with a layer of Clear. When dried applied a further layer of clear. Regards Sweaty
  4. Thanks. They were hand painted on this occasion sweaty
  5. Ben underwing markings gone already. Don’t think I’ll change the cockpit. Seem to remember it being pretty dark in the 800 or so hours I flew in the boot
  6. Lord Riot checked my source images and you are correct. I’ll remove them in due course thanks Sweaty
  7. First attempt at 1/72 in 20 years. All comments welcome As ever all comments welcome Sweaty
  8. I think the Airfix kit comes with 63 and 74 Sqn markings. I used Model Alliance decal for the 100 Sqn details. Sweaty
  9. Thanks. Mr Color gloss black. Two coats.
  10. Airfix Hawk T1a (1/48) built for a friend. Thanks for looking. All comments welcome as ever. Before she was closed up. Thanks for looking Sweaty
  11. Ben Yes had to rescribe the front fuselage and intake tops following filling and sanding of mismatched parts.
  12. Just finished Airfix Tornado F3. Challenging fit to some components. Eduard cockpit detailing helps. I thought the 67 wing was most appropriate on this 'flying' model. And one under construction Thanks for looking. Sweaty
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