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  1. Hi Finished this at the weekend kit went together without issue. Really enjoyed this one no weathering this time wanted the factory fresh look Thanks for looking Bik
  2. BikKit

    Clear Coat - Recommendations

    I use Windsor and Newton Galleria for matt and satin they both spray well thinned with water and brush well too For gloss I use alclad aqua gloss sprays beautifully and hard as nails when dry never tried brushing it tho B
  3. BikKit

    Hello, a returnee modeller

    Hi Welcome back to the dark side For glue I would recommend Tamiya extra thin or Revell contacta For paint when I came back to modelling I switched from my old enamels to acrylic and my paint of choice is now Vallejo But I am sure you will get many opinions on paint as it seems some get on with one manufacturer but not another Hope that makes sense lol B
  4. BikKit

    Wellington, 1/72, Airfix

    Great looking Wellington makes me want to dig mine out the stash and start I would be delighted if it ended up as good as yours BK
  5. BikKit

    Another Tamiya Tomcat

    Cracking job
  6. Be gentle now, first time post of a completed model on here. Took a while to get through this one as I lost interest a few times due to dodgy fit and instructions but persevered and got there in the end I know there are a few omissions and errors but I just wanted it to end lol
  7. Sure you didn't cheat in those first two pictures it looks so real . Top work
  8. Love it thats a great finish
  9. Wow that's a great job. Phantoms look great and any paint scheme but that is a cracker
  10. Postman turned up with these this morning. They feel and look like top quality looking forward to trying them out later
  11. That looks fantastic
  12. BikKit

    The Bolton Show 2019

    Hoping to make it to the show this year was all set for the trip last year then my wife broke her leg the day before . So far so good this year
  13. Great to read this as I just ordered a pair on Monday
  14. If you can get the Ford paint code some car parts stores can colour match an aerosol for you
  15. BikKit


    Our Internet stopped working this morning so I decided to chat to my wife for a change I was surprised to find out she doesn't work in Woolworths anymore
  16. Hi I am no expert but I bought the Revell boxed Viper and the main halves of the fuselage had Mobius stamped inside so it seems it is just reboxed by Revell Regards Bik
  17. BikKit

    SR-71 Blackbird, Blue ?

    Hi Next up for me is a 1/72 SR-71A Blackbird my problem (among many ) is finding a colour to finish it in I have read it was painted a very dark blue but when I search for pictures depending on light and angles etc it can look anything from Matt black to almost silver I was thinking of using Tamiya rubber black XF-85 but might be to dark ? Any thoughts or (polite) suggestions welcome
  18. BikKit

    Spray booth

    Hi I use the same one as Brianl has linked to. It works fine and a bonus for me is it fairly easily folds down to a smaller size for storage I just sprayed a 1/72 Lanc in mine it was a bit tight mind but still worked ok
  19. Cracking Build well done Regards Bikkit
  20. Looking forward to seeing this one. From what little I know I am fairly sure the Airfix kit is a series 3 and so is the Telecom one in your pic the SWB was 88 inches back then and the LWB was 109 inches regards Bikkit
  21. Interested to see how this goes together I very nearly bought that kit at SMW yesterday you might be able to tell me if I was wrong or right to leave it lol . Lloks good the bench tho Hope it goes togther well for you Bikkit
  22. Hi Good luck with your build I have just bought the same kit so watching with interest B
  23. BikKit

    maths wizard

    Hi CedB Its not the Dambuster kit but it does look very similar I will send you a PM thanks very much Bikkit