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  1. Even without the wing pylons, it is a very nice model. Interesting position of the ventral tank.
  2. Both models are very good, but I especially liked this nice painting. It's the kind of thing that makes you want to build a kit.
  3. Walthers Solvaset. I have a lot of really old decals (some are pretty thick, too). Let's see if this decal softener will work well. Also, I plan to try this simple little thing. I've never built a snap-fit-kit before. But I plan to use glue! (and add some improvements, like a decent cockpit, for example; the canopy will also need to be completely replaced with a better one). I love Phantoms, in all their incarnations (but only in 1/72 scale... )
  4. Caution!! They can shoot each other! Very nice models.
  5. Very good work Brigbeale, I will be watching! I also restored an Airfix B-25J a few years ago, it was like this: (the barrel in the nose was bent, the MG the previous builder had used was metal...)
  6. Nice aircraft. Nice vehicles. Nice scenario. Perfect!
  7. The large number of pieces requires laborious work, but that's it. These ("new") forts from Revell are great kits, the parts fit well and pose no problem. Easy.
  8. 1/72 only. For all that is mine [boats, submarines, tanks, trucks, vehicles, helicopters & aircraft]. OK, I have some ships in 1/600 (Airfix) and 1/5xx (Revell), and 1/76 tanks (Matchbox & Airfix). Sometimes some friends ask me to build something in other scales for them, on occasion a 1/35 tank, a 1/144 airliner, a 1/32 or 1/48 helicopter or aircraft. That's when I kill the will for these alien scales.
  9. Me too, sometimes. However, I realized that if the talc used does not have extremely fine particles ("coarse talc"), and/or if air is trapped in the mixture, after sanding, small micro-holes may appear on the sanded surface. But in general this is a good cyano-putty. I also use stretched sprue, especially when the seams to be filled are large (very wide and/or deep). I glue the piece of sprue in place (i.e., over the seam) using any glue (not too dense, not too liquid) suitable for polystyrene. After drying well, just sand until the surface is even. If neccessary (visual inspection, including gently running the fingernail over the seams to check for bumps or recesses) I use cyanoacrylate (medium density) for a final finish. Most of the time I use only pure cyano to cover the seams (laziness ).
  10. Oh no, phantoms in the bathroom! Nice collection, the F-4 is my favourite jet. Congratulations!
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