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  1. Very well done. Invasion stripes are always interesting, as well as the "tree" launchers for the rockets.
  2. Very nice model. I like the old Airfix Phantom, it has the former nose cannon fairing (more rounded), correct for the first F-4Es.
  3. Very good! A scenery with plenty of life, I liked it a lot!
  4. Very cool model. I have the Heller F-86 with the same decals. Congrats!
  5. Amazing. I agree, the wavy-edged black paint is cool. I liked also the fuselage windows. All in all, a spectacular assembly and painting job.
  6. It would just need a new fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and props, tail surfaces, etc … Is the main cockpit greenhouse the same? Might be able to reuse that … Exactly. I, who am not even a kit manufacturer, did it. Imagine what a professional, established manufacturer like Revell or Airfix could do.
  7. A very good group of (10) astronauts. Only the goalkeeper was missing in this space soccer team I particularly liked the SR.71 Blackbird pilots.
  8. It doesn't seem very difficult to modify existing Lancaster tooling to make an Avro 694. Airfix or Revell could do it. Even a klunkz like me managed to adapt Revell's old Lancaster (1963 tooling) to become a Lincoln (without any aftermarket parts, just pieces of plastic).
  9. What an amazing model, congratulations. Thanks for using a mirror to show the underside of the kit. It's what I like to see!
  10. Great model, congratulations! It is much more beautiful than mine...
  11. Very nice camouflage. I really liked the model.
  12. IMHO, white or yellow. The color of the outline of the letters "damn yankee" & bombs can be compared to the color of the spinners ("domes").
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