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  1. It seems made of aluminum. Impressive model!
  2. Yes, now that you mentioned it, it looks like the BV 142 from Mach 2. The only other manufacturer of 1/72 BV 142 is Airmodel, but it is a vaccum-forming kit.
  3. A beauty. Very good.
  4. I like movable parts. All my models have spinning propellers and movable gun turrets (obviously, those which are not jets ). When possible, I install rotating wheels and movable rudders. I do not mind retractable undercarriages and folding wings, (also) because I have no skills to assemble them so they work "forever", without breaking. So I glue them "hard" without movement. Old kits (and some new ones) have movable control surfaces, but the gap between the wing and said surfaces is too big and unrealistic, so I do not care about them either. Nowadays I glue them in place, without the gap.
  5. A great model, very inspirational. I have an old Heller T.4 that I would like to finish (some day... ).
  6. Convair

    Kawasaki pair

    Very good quintet. Now it's just missing a Ki-100-II model ...
  7. Very nice model. Now I want one too, with this same painting scheme.
  8. Convair

    C2A Greyhound 1/48 Kinetic

    An aircraft that is rarely modeled. In fact I had never seen a model of the Greyhound. Congratulations!
  9. Very cool pair of "Forgers". I liked the "79" (blue) more, but the "25" (grey and green) is spectacular too. The Kamov is also very nice.
  10. Convair

    Bf 109 K-4 Hasegawa 1/32

    Very nice!
  11. Ah, the QP-D with the red contoured nose, but the FT-L with that cool eagle... I can't decide (again) which model I like best. Very good!
  12. Convair

    Hornets Sting

    Very cool model!
  13. Interesting colours on the helo. Nice truck too. Good models for a nice sinister (just kidding) diorama.