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  1. Luckily we won't be building the box art, nice review of what is bound to be a very popular kit
  2. Thanks Dazz, However things took a turn for the worse when, spraying the tips of the wing white, i didn't mask properly (trying to be too quick and a little tired) and had overspray on the wing...... Got some tamiya thinner and thought i'd give it one quick swipe to clean, and it smudged all the paint on the camo pattern, really lost my mojo on this one after that..... Disappointing really as I put a lot of time into it, but it did had a lot of errors and was trying to get it done in the day.... i have however enjoyed my days modelling, been a good learning experience, and it won't stop me trying again!!!! Thanks for all your kind words and likes Merry Christmas everybody!! Tuco
  3. Not over yet Lancaster, on with the final push.................
  4. Disaster strikes!!!! have to pop out....... Not enough hours in the day...... I'll be back...... tuco
  5. Well the final camo coat has been applied - looks a bit messy - But can't wait to get that masking tape off, and here's what we're left with - Not too bad, some bleed through that needs sorting, but going to get it done quick and see if i can get a clear coat down on it.... Feels like we're getting there.... Tuco
  6. Ok, its all masked up ready for the next colour - Bit of a cowboy job on those seams, lets see how the next colour goes over.... Time for a mince pie i think Tuco
  7. Ok, Underside painted rlm65 - Made a booboo on top though, as im using vallejo model air, i decided to give the rlm65 a once all over, so it would give the vallejo air something to grip to when im masking, sort of like a primer, but noticed some horrendous seams up top - sanded and filled again - cant spend too much time on these seams as i wont get this finished otherwise - going to give that half an hour, knock it back and start masking - hope the paint stays down!!!!!! Tuco
  8. Ok, finally feels like I'm making progress, All control surfaces on, but in a rescribing rush snapped one of the rear stabilizers, so have had a job re gluing that.... Canopy on just wait for the crystal clear to go off and this is getting some paint - Time to get on with the prop and gear, was hoping to have this well into painting now but will keep plugging away..... Tuco
  9. Ok guys.... Canopy masked - that was an hour and a half down the pan - should of gone the express mask route - would of saved an hour!!!! Ah well live and learn As a side note the framing on the mold has lost its definition a bit, made masking a pain - and the back portion of the canopy is warped - how it affects the final finish will will see..... The fuselage is together now and wings connected - Time to clean up those seams and rescribe a little, next time you see me this baby should be ready for a lick of paint Thanks all for following Tuco
  10. The more the merrier Stew..... Ok, Everything off the sprues taking a coat of rlm02 and painted - I'm not sure about some of those call outs (wheels esp) but this is getting built out straight as the instructions say..... Decals for the instrument panel have been applied and a dry brush and wash applied to the cockpit - Everything seemed to be going great until I tried trimming the gunsight..... And yes you guessed it - the carpet monster ate it - been on my hands and knees for 20 minutes looking for it - can't find it So this is getting built without a gunsight - disappointing but this will not deter me (maybe it's in for repairs lol) How much we see inside at this scale though I'm not sure.... Nearly ready for closing up the fuselage halves - then on to masking the canopy - oh joy!!!!!!! Until later... Tuco
  11. Well here we go........... Here is a picture of the kit - In my eagerness to start i forgot to take sprue shots, but here they are, minus a bit of the cockpit glued together and wheels removed - Time to crack on and get this built!!!! Tuco
  12. Hi all, Well it's Christmas Eve tomorrow, no work and all the shopping done...... Time to relive a bit of youth and try to build a 1/72 airfix model in a day From what I seem to remember it usually only took a few hours to fully build and paint a model, (where did it all get so complicated?) albeit with dodgy seams, even dodgier painting and it was usually on it's first mission before the decals got a look in..... So let's see if I can get one done in a day (hopefully to a better standard than I did 30 years ago) (30 YEARS!!!! WOW).... My choice of model will be Airfix's excellent 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109e-4 The build will hopefully be straightforward, I think my biggest challenge will be painting, masking and decalling (hoping i get that far!!!!!)..... But let's see if I can get it done!! I will be posting updates and photos throughout the day, starting in the morning - so fingers crossed and feel free to join me Merry Christmas everybody Tuco
  13. Ok please delete problem resolved
  14. Please ignore, Mike approved this for test reasons......
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