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  1. Nice indeed. But (if I may ask) - what happend to aerial mast? Zeke without it is a bit like samuraj without sword ;)... Cheers J-W
  2. Perfect indeed! And very realistic photos. Congrats J-W
  3. You looked me through - I am a nuclear physicis in my professional life... Cheers J-W
  4. Ammonia has very strong odour - to remove old paint I always use NaOH. instead pure this reagent (bought as reagent) one can just use the stuff for unblocking chocked draining system - it is NaOH in fact... Use glaves and googles, otherwise you may be in problems. Prepare solution of about at least 10% NaOH (or stronger) in a plastic box (covered) . I use one from IKEA. The dissolution reaction is exothermic, so the fresh solution will be warm or even hot. So wait with putting whole models (or broken into parts) until you can be sure that temperature will not deform it. Left model in the bath for about week. Then wash with tap water (wipe using teeth brush if needed) - beware all metal elements will be destroyed including lead bobs in three points u//c models. And take really care - protect the bath any by-users, especially children and pets. It is really harmful and can kill (if swalled) or can blind. Cheers J-W
  5. Next small correction - the bomb racks should be (if I see correctly from photos) a bit more wider in position on wing. So I added one on outer part and removed the most inner ones. Then I added some "bomb interface" : You may notice some progress in painting. I made three colours rudder. Analysing photos I decided to enlarge red on upper wings. The struts looks at photos mostly light, so I painted them light blue. I notice photo on which rear of prop is light, so I made it silver (before I guess only that it was in some dark colour due to Spanish "warranted" Sun... Bombs FAB 50 (Russian) I took from A-model Yermolayev Yer-2. I will do this plane with close bomb bay door... I made some work on MG. In kit there are very delicate PE gun sight elements. That I left for tomorrow... Time for decals. I never printed out yet home designed - so I am a bit nervous about it. I am thinking on hand painting - but the lettering for LN-045 (in black outlined white or alu ) I have not found anythink like that in my drawer, so perhaps I will not avoid to do it. Simply I will have to do this... But it will take some time. To be contiuned J-W
  6. I am interesting in PR-5 . Cheers J--W
  7. At bottom of this photo you have DH Comet 4 (c?) and the same stand behind CV 880 on previous. Another rarity.... I was trying to scan negative of my photo of 990 from LHR (I am surprise how fast I found it! -despite that it is from 1972) but my home scaner produces even worse quality... BTW - now it I change my mind - this "mine" looks rather like the Swiss one, with red top of fin and something white there...Don't you think so? J-W
  8. That is interesting! So next invention done by Richard Whitecomb, besides Area rule, Winglets and the supercritical airfoil. I am physicist, so I have to read more about it Let say, that one should name them then "tank" instead of tank... Cheers J-W
  9. Very nice model of almost forgotten subject. In August 1972, during my first visit to London (in age of 13, my Grandpa lived there) I noticed CV 990 in air few times over London. One day with Brother we spent some 6 hours at LHR and still I have some photos taken there with standard lenses camera (no tele unfortunately). On one I have CV 990, likely Mexican, but I am not sure. Below is photo a part of small (9x13 cm) print-out. The quality is poor but I have somwhere negative, so if I found it I can try to scan and I hope the quality can be much better. I think it shortly after take off rather than low fly-pass...You may see the reflection of light on tanks on wings (to prove that it is 990): Cheers J-W
  10. Nice one! It is first time, when I see this kit turned into model....I have the same AML decals in stash Cheers J-W
  11. The Wooksta, thanks for recalling me this company name. Now nice model of it is by RS, I think. If you would like to see my SAI 207 it was here: Thank you. I like scrtach work a lot.... J-W
  12. I had some break due to duty trip. I am back. I looked again at photos and decided to replace the box's struts between fin and horizontal tailplane by the EZ cable. On photos it not massive at all. The bigger wheels I took from old mould KP Letov 328 (right, on left single original wheel from SH R-Z) They are not so nice in relief, but I think they are of right size. I bought the new mould of Letov and the old one went for canibalization. The engine aready went to Persian Fury. I made shallow openings (drill 0.8 mm) on below wing and put some short rods which will be then trimmed. This is start of constructing of bomb racks I will cut them using a tool for nails cutting - it gives nice cut. To be continued Cheers J-W
  13. Looking at those photos above I have feeling that Breg XIX diriven by Cyclone must had some horizontal stability problems solved by enlargement of fin and rudder. For me they are a bit higher. Interesting are also additional veritcal surfaces shown on one of above photos of 19.8, however on later shot of Croatian one there are no such surfaces, but the fin looks still a bit higher. This is also in in figures from Air Enthusiast published on this web page Is it my illusion or it was like that indeed. Anybody know it for sur, maybe? Cheers J-W
  14. Nice one! BTW - besides Beaufrighter some other interesting products of High Planes i have found on their web page. Are they available somwhere in Europe? Cheers J-W