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  1. I do hope that Azur and MPM will not vanish from market. Or - rather - that models produced by them will no vanish... I do not care too much which brand they will use to sell them (sorry for being so frank) Cheers J-W
  2. Many thanks! The oldest here I did when I was some 12-13 years old - so 46-45 years ago...An I am doing them and doing... This is almost 400. They are almost all models I did during my live so far. "Almost" - because thanks god (or someone quite different) some early 80-90 models went into people in first half of 1980s, when models were not available in Poland (nothig was available in fact in these years...) and I had small kids to feed. I belive they were washed and re-build rather then kept as they were... Cheers J-W
  3. Could you make photo how large is failure? I am affraid that would not be easy to corect it in hot water. Perhaps better would be copy part of wing in resin using silicon form. The wings of Vildebeest are rectangular, with constant chord so if you use silicon to make copy of some lenght of ribs and then replace the shrank area by this resin element. I think it will give much better result. Cheers J-W
  4. Today no progress report - I returned to finish Potez 29, only small works done with engines of those two floatplanes sorry J-W
  5. Hi, After a break (some duty trips, finish of B 29 etc) I returned today to Potez 29. The day started from a disaster, When I was drilling holes for air intakes the drill blocked in a hole, driller start to rotate whole model and as result model felt down to floor and wing wos broken: I went to garden to do some work there... But then I returned and repaired it. I tried another way to do air ventilation pannels - from alu foil. It looks not bad, much better than my previoys attempt so I sanded down and tomorrow I will work on it, I hope. From decal I made doors - it should be visible when painted. I added air intake with tropical filter on right side of engine, ventilation devices on top of fuselage and skid. For the end of day it looks like that: Cheers J-W
  6. Spar is neccesary, I am affraid. Even in small fighter in 1/72. If not visible it can be done even from wastes (for example frames left after injected model build) Cheers J-W
  7. Really? - because it was only my speculation... Cheers J-W
  8. Indeed, but somhow it is not seen if you look first time. You see that borders are a bit stronger but colour change is not obvious. Perheps this is a question of light at the photos... I think that idea of this camo is rice fields, with water reflecting blue sky on the borders of field. I did my Ki-15 with this kind of camo and I've seen also Ki-21 with such blue demarcations. Cheers J-W
  9. Sanding paper grid "600" on flat surface and water. I am doing this in bathroom, lying a piece of paper sanding surface on top on the rand of sink and moving the part, not paper. it takes few minuts (up to 10) for a single part like wing. Very helpful is cutting out elements with electric mini-saw (this time certainly not in bathroom ) on some angle like 45 deg- to minimalize amount of material which you have to remove then. Mark edges with black marker around to know how deep you shoud go with sanding. An do not worry - just go ahead! Cheers J-W
  10. On current GB floatplanes/amphibias/flying boats there is five or six vac forms in build (including two by myself) . Good to look at... Cheers J-W
  11. Hi, Next evening (or rather midnight) report: I put seatbelts, control panel and sterring wheel inside Ripon and glued fuselage 2. Hover MF 11 I sanded floats and fuselage The fin broak apart from fuselage, so I glued it to second half And sanded wings That is all for today Regards jwm
  12. Do not worry - making vacu kit is a nice play. Perhaps 1/48 is Vildebeest is like a Vickers Valentia in 1/72 - so rather complex vacu, or even as complex as possible - but take the challange! I am still looking for Contrail Valentia, by the way... Cheers J-W
  13. Nice both! Is Lily an old Maniya kit? Cheers J-W
  14. Today I made basic set-up of Hover MF 11 wings: I made it also with spars inside, the same way liek in case of Ripon. I made some progress with Ripon: 1. Glued floats - I added some lead to nose of each for better sitting of model 2. I will rather do Bristol engined machine. I have Aeroclub Pegasus. I started to paint it: 3. And I did some more work on insides: To be cont. J-W
  15. Blackburn Ripon: inside colours?

    To whom in may concern I was googling and googling and finally found nice walk-around photos of a museum preserved Ripon: http://www.virtualpilots.fi/en/feature/photoreports/ripon/ So all seems to be clear now! Regards J-W