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  1. I have checked - you are right: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuerza_AĆ©rea_Guatemalteca J-W
  2. Very nice result! - FAG is "Fuerza Aerial Guatemala"? . Luis Alfonso knows it and will correct... Cheers J-W
  3. Apparently somone was trying to do Master II Ed, that must be kind of heroic work on Frog (not complete) Blenheim Mk I . Nice to see it, thanks for sharing. Any chance of proper gunpack view? Regards J-W
  4. PBM-3 Mariner

    But Minicraft model is then PBM-5A, the amphibia I think... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/199639-minicraft-model-kits-11669-pbm-5a-mariner They are going to release PBM-5, accordingly to Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/310202-minicraft-model-kits-11684-martin-mariner-pbm-5 It is not available yet Regards J-W
  5. Hi, Already more than a week ago, when I put on my shelf both Kestrel driven Dutch Fokkers: LF models CV and AZ models CX immediately I notice something horrible - the props were of two different rotations! Which is correct? Fast look on other Kestrel driven machines onmy shelvs immediately shown that flaw is in CV by LF models. It took me some tim eto correct it, but I've done. Some year ago I did converion of A-model Hawker Fury to Persian Fury which was with Bristol engine (prop with another rotation) so a wooden prop for Kestrel was present in my stash. It was of the same diameter, but had conic prop. I cut out top of it, made a resin copy of prop hub from another LF Fokker (CVE) from LF, set it together with a special shaft bearing (a plastic tube from lolipop) And here is result: In my fingers is removed system - it is a bit closer, they are of the same diameter And the prop is agin able to rotate - this time in right direction!!! Now two Fokkers can stay one next to another on shelf. Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  6. Am I Screwed?

    I did I-16 type 5 last year and it does not fit very well, what I would name just to be gently. The wings -fuselage fit required serious sanding. With rest no problem. The Li-2 in box looks very good but I have not done it yet. The other I have not in stash so I do not know. Regards J-W
  7. PBM-3 Mariner

    The undercarridge is the difference, isn't ? Minicraft is is amphibia and PBM3 was flying boat I think. Here are some drawings which shows huge difference in engines: https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/modernplanes/martin/75891/view/martin_pbm-1_mariner/ or here: However - there is conversion set available! Regards J-W
  8. If I would like to do a military scheme - is this one below is the only one possibility? Or there is some evidence of Dark Earth/Dark Gree with yellow bottom? In Wiki I've read that in 1943 one Comet was impossed to RAF... Scheme could be also Portugese one (having both civil and military markings): I hope such schems will be included in AZ box Regards J-W
  9. Ki-102 question

    Hi, Frankly speaking I do not see any of that kine of light. I see only mechanism of elevator and trimer...The light is like on drawing- on the wing tip from front... Here is more photos http://www.airwar.ru/enc/fww2/ki102.html On the graphics always it is presented this way (even by Sword) Best regards J-W
  10. I would love if one of this company will switch from DH 88 to DH 86 . OK. I know - it is unlikely... J-W
  11. Ki-102 question

    Hi, Here are drawings: and another photo Nothing special on the tail Regards J-W
  12. Very nice build! The engine is scratch build or a aftermarket one? Regards J-W
  13. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    I have in my stash only one Hawker now - the Typhoon by Airfix which I would like to do with four blade prop etc. - the lat variant. But I am not decided yet for scheme. I was apparently too fast, since more than a year ago I was constructing a long series of Hawkers: Five members of Hart family: And two members of Fury family On shevs there are ore Hawkers. One more much older (40 years old) Fury Two early Hurricanes One Sea Hurricane And also very old Tempest and Typhoon (Frog, shapes a bit corrected) So I am not in. Sorry. Nothing interesting now to construct... Regards and have a nice GB Gallery! Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. Could be, as I said I am not 100% sure. However, regarding yellow as a colour for bombs this was main colour of British bombs during WWII. Thank you very much for links - this is an incredible work with restoration of CX. I've always doing a dearch in Net and in other sources prior to build a model, however this particular wan page was not found be me before, so thanks again. Woody37, I appreciete very much your comment. There is something in this that a Kestrel engine gave nice, elegant and slime lines to any machine driven with it (perhaps apart of Heyeford ) Many thanks Knight_Flyer. I 've chosen this 707 due to this not completly overpainted roundels... Regards J-W