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  1. He 60 by MPM (Azur) is completly different than Flugzeuge IMHO Cheers J-W
  2. Vet impressive! The part II is somhow hidded behind comments to part I but there are some diamonds also. Congrats! J-W
  3. Old Man and Tonyot - many thank Gents. I admire your works here on RFI, so I appreciete your comments very much :). Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  4. Looks really great! Cheers J-W
  5. Nice! Fox Moth is one the most beautiful small biplanes. I needed it so desperatly that once I made my DH 83 of of scratch using some modified DH 82 (AZ) parts...(it was on BM in 2015). Cheers J-W
  6. Here is something Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  7. I did not expected that a nice model can be done from this old and rather poor kit by Airfix. Congrats! Besides Mach 2 J 352 you may consider also W 33/34 family by Special Hobby, F13 by Revell and G22/G24 by Plasticart/Revell :). BTW - the 6W+KK is from the Italeri set? Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  8. Bernd, many thanks And have nice modelling time also! J-W
  9. Interesting model, very nice build. I am not very familiar with WWI machines but the I knew that particulary German ones have colourful camo schemes. This is one it really surprising with David stars along with black cross - I think that it must be difficult to publish photo of such machine after 1933 in Germany... Cheers J-W
  10. My advise is buy another one, make a resin copies of tailplanes (what is not very difficult indeed) and sell this another one back on e-bay (or do a second one Focke-Wulf in future). Copying parts in resin is really very usefull and easy - only what you need is silica and epoxy resin (slowly fixing). I am using epoxy glue which have polimerization time 24 hours. Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  11. Excellent finish! J-W
  12. Junchan, many thanks for those links! Today I explored all 60 articles on this web page! I saved more than 20 for future reading of the Google translation....There are very interesting photos, for example in article on Boeing 247 - very unique photos of both machines which served in China. The text on Morane 225 looks also promising. A technical remarque - interesting, that from home with Google Chrome I was not able to open it, but with Mozzila and from another place I manege it. Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek
  13. Many thank Gentelmen for comments! Since mid-2014 I posted already all my Chineese and almost all my Spanish birds as separate threads in BM/RFI. It is not very difficult to find them, if someone would like to have a closer look at them . What is seen here from Spanish Civil War is a piece of a single shelf - the French airplanes, and for example Bloch 210 is out of photo. Above it there are two other shelvs of Republicans and two other of Nacionalists...Both not very crowded but I do hope to add some stuff there this year. Thank you for noticing riging. It is rather dense indeed. However, it was not that much difficult due to use of EZ wire as it might be with other technique. Anyway it took me whole day to make it. I am doing now another Ardpol biplane....It is just right now time for rigging again! Cheers Jerzy-Wojtek