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  1. And I am back... I did some painting (first of planned two) layer on lower wings and most of fuselage And to end day with some major step - I glued top wing on position Check of aligment: Please note that Breguet 19.8 had additional small struts around central pylons. Since I've got 0.3 mm drill (and I use it here) I have to pre-position some riging cables in upper wing. Side view with glued upper wing And front I'll be back again but not today I think... Cheers J-W
  2. Following Rob's info on col. A. Popov's escape on Breguet 19 I googled a bit and found in available in net part of book "Croatian Aces" issued by Osprey http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag163/jwmszczot/croat acesDSC05988_zpsdkapus1o.jpg such info of his tragic and very complex fate: So we have here a British connection - to 352 Squadron RAF and that maybe for short time ex-RYAF aand then ex-Croatian Breguet 19.8 was impossed to RAF! In net there are available photos of col. Popov and profile of his Spit mk VC Going back to my Breg 19.8 I was working a bit on exhaust pipes and inlets: I started also to check the position of upper wing I made main wing struts To be corrected still a bit... I'll be back J-W
  3. Rob, thank you for this text and profile. It gives much more details than what I knew about Yugoslav and later Croatian Bregs 19 before. I have progress so I am going to post some new photos today... Cheers J-W
  4. Nice - I wish to do it once in 1/72.... J-W
  5. Many thanks, Gents. Tony, thank you for your P.S. - of course but do not worry about u/c legs. I was aware just in time to cut it before glueing the axis . But the legs were already glued and I was working on the scratch copy of axis. But in fact the most proper way is to drill it out and to put axe inside, what effectively shortering it also. I still do hope that some modern mould of it will appear. The spare engines from Hit-kit would be useful then to make conversions for some variants not covered by producer, i hope. If it would appear I think I will do next one with Hispano-Suiza engine (either Spanish Republikan or Greek) and Bristol Jupiter (this is not among spare by Hit kit but anyway - I have even decals by Lift Here for that one in colours of Yugoslav partisan - which were by side of partisan Fi-167... ) . Some options still left! The photo is BW - the bronze hue is from scan which was not set to BW, so some false colours appeared. The colour profiles for this machine shows cowling in bare metal (aluminum, i guess). Cheers J-W
  6. Rob, many thanks - RYAF is Royal Yugoslavian Air Forces. This version (19.8) was produced in series of 48 machines in Yugoslavia exclusively for RYAF, leter, after April War in 1941 and collaps of Kingdom of Yugoslavia some (many?) of those machines were impossed to army of Independent State of Croatia (nice name of this state in Serbo-Croatian : Zrakoplovstvo Nezavisne Države Hrvatske, ZNDH ) and some perhaps survived war and were then in use by Republic of Yugoslavia after WWII. I was temptated by this Croatian markings but finally decided to do her in RYAF colours from April War (defend against invasion of Germans) , 1941. Cheers J-W
  7. Colin, many thanks. I wish a modern injection kit of machines like Breguet XIX or Potez 25 - but I think we are in a minority... I think so, because apparently if it would be opposite the modelling companies will issued them already. No bizz on this I think. Regarding Potez XXV - it is somehow always like this - you say Breguet and already think about Potez. They are like twins. I just started two of them also by Hit-Kit. I was awared by Tony Tiger that the frame (tubing) of inside is too big. So you have to make it much smaller at once. The fuselage of Skoda-Jupiter driven Potez has serious mistake in fairing behind engine. I found it by chance looking at photos. This is just to aware readers of this thread. However I am not going to build Polish one, rather Spanish with Jupiter (Rep. - or Croatian - not decided yet) and French Vichy with V engine (from Indochina...). We will see. Meanwhile I am constructing second Breguet 19 - the RYAF 19.8 with Cyclone engine. This is a scractch conversion. That will be first! Regards J-W
  8. Gerard and Ian - many thanks. I appreciate your comments J-W
  9. That is a masterpiece indeed! Congrats. J-W
  10. Rob, Steeve and Mitch - many thanks I am continouing work on RYAF Breguet 19.8. Some posts above there is a photo of right side before cockpit containing gunsight, Venturi nozzle and MG. I did this: It required some pre-paintings - then it will be unavailable to access. Analysing photos it appered that there are differecies in exjaust pipes between proptotype and serial machines. I started to change it: The inlet above cowling has to be "sculptured" I started it: to be cont. Cheers J-W
  11. It happend to me also at the very bigining on BM. Then it was unblocked within a month (limits are for 30 days periods). Since the limit is for number of megabites I am reducing size of each picture before posting just to 1000 pixels at width. I advice the same. The blocking never happend to me again (so far ). So I hope it is just 30 days pause in your, Tony, case. Regards J-W
  12. Tony, thanks! It looks very good indeed. I did not know it before. Regards J-W
  13. John and Tony - many thanks John - perhaps I will be able to do all or almost all my SCW subjects from stash within incoming months. There are still some about 10 but not more. Tony, indeed, i would not expect that in '36 they have airbrushies at the field, where machines were more or less hastitly painted. But who knows it for sure? Certainly this is not shake and bake model but it did not have flaws like left side not maching right or things like that. I am even a bit surprised that quality of kit is far better then what you expect after first look into box.... Cheers J-W
  14. Hi I have just finished it. This is CASA-Breguet 19 A2 with W-type Elizalde engine. I had a single kit of an elusive Polish company producing some years ago very interesting short-run kits. It was hard to me do a choice of version, so I decided to breed it a bit. I did the CASA-Breguet 19 A2 (presentsd now) and I am still constructing version 19.8 of Royal Yugoslavian Airforces. I have feeling that HIt Kit made very short series of this 19.8 as well, but there are no traces of this in net. the WIP thread is here: Shortly - the model is made of some plastic original parts but whole fuselage and tail are my resin copies of orginals. The CASA licenced build Breguet had more fabric covered fuselage, so this convesion was done out of scratch . Here is result: I hope to present Breguet 19.8 in not far future... The painting scheme is for fall of 1936 or early 1937. Comments welcome Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  15. The CASA Breguet A2 is ready. I am posting her today on RFI forum The work on 19.8 goes on... The RFI is here To be continued Cheers J-W