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  1. Great news! However, iit would be much nicer too see Warwick not in next Airfix magazine but in next Airfix catalogue... Cheers J-W
  2. Interesting to compare - both are good looking, not too big diference
  3. 1/72 ICM Tupolev Tu-2

    Great that you know it! Of course I am very familiar with this museum, for years my Brother (also active here on BM) was working there beeing an acting head of it for about a year in mid '80-ties. Cheers J-W
  4. Nice model of a bizzare machine. Looks almost as a kind of "Egg model" Cheers J-W
  5. That is a true jewel! Very brillant modelling. Congrats! J-W
  6. Double rocket on Oxford: conversion question with pic

    Very interesting photo! Please note that there are also two cannons or MGs in fairings beneeth center of wing. What country are markings? Iraq? If someone would like to work on this in 1/72 I have a feeling that such set of rockets is in Spitfire XIV by Academy. I do not have it in stash so difficult to check... Cheers J-W
  7. PZL P-11g Kobuz

    There was discussion on Polish historical aviation fora and journals what exactly is on this photo which I gave here as "second photo" from my post. This photo (and few more) was found few years ago in some private archive. The machine on it is different not only in cowling from what is known about shapes of first prototype of P 50. It has long fairing behind canopy. It is usually named (considered) a photo of second prototype - how I named it here. There is no eveidence for existing of P50 with GR engine - at least I do not remember such info. I am not sure if it can be GR engine (14 cyliders) - it does not look much longer than cowling of first prototype. However - a lack of gill is clear. Cheers J-W
  8. PZL P-11g Kobuz

    Regarding exhaust and cowling - here is photo pf PZL P 50 Jastrząb (first prototype). So it clear that at least from this side exhaust was at half of height of fuselage. The photo of second prototype showes other side The rest is based on info that engine of Kobuz came from Jastrzab Cheers J-W
  9. Interesting, that on this excellent web site on SCW: http://bioold.science.ku.dk/drnash/model/spain/did.html There is no info on Cierva codes... I have to dig out in my Spanish book ("Aviones Guerra Civil..."). Maybe it is there. Regards J-W
  10. PZL P-11g Kobuz

    Hi, On Polish IPMS web page one can observe result of conversion of Mirage 1/48 P 24 F/G into Kobuz http://ipms-warszawa.pl/pzl-p-11g-kobuz/ It is said that it containes all what is currently known about this variant including scheme and marking (white 1). Text is in Polish but with help of google translator you can get main ideas. Since she was as prototype still in factory the unarmed machine was evacualted in some steps to eastern part of country. Then four MG were installed and she went into fights late, on 14 September and saw action in two days when pilot Lt. Henryk Szczęsny got two victories over He 111> However the second battle made serious damage in P 11 G. It is not know if was repared and evacuated to Romania or left on airfield. @MitchK was constructing PZL P 11G - with WIP thread. There were some discussion or advices on details about conversion Regards J-W P.S.
  11. 1/72 ICM Tupolev Tu-2

    Looks more than OK! It is very nice. I have it in stash, one day hope to do Regards J-W
  12. Tony - many thanks. I noticed once one of your comment on build in similar style - that effect comes from detailing and colours. This think is very essentional for the definition of visual art in general . Thank you for this synthesis. Many thanks! Ripon (Buffin) and Shark are similar in many aspects...Rigning with EZ is effective. Cheers J-W
  13. Many thanks Russ. I like your builds and appreciete this comment Thanks AaCee as well! Regards J-W
  14. Not too much to add - just perfect! Congrats! Jerzy-Wojtek
  15. Beautiful work on weathering. Really nice! Regards Jerzy-Wojtek