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  1. Progress for today: The wings- the ribs added Some corrections needed, still. The vacu wings gleud also I am basicly made conopy for limousine To be shortered a bit. I strated to work on fuselage details on bomber Finally I made some diluted enamel paiting on re-shaped aread of Natasha, just to see what is needed here to work on more To be continued... J-W
  2. Very interesting "multimedia" painting technique! Result is very realistic. I like it very much. One suggestion if I may - in winter camos always the leading edge of all control surfaces is darker - the white paint goes out there easily... Surprising is that red stars are on top of wings, usually Soviet WWII planes did not have stars on top of wings. Cheers J-W
  3. Lovely work and what a bizzare original subject! Great J-W
  4. Here is very nice paintig scheme for Natasha. There are some differences between what is on photo and in profile (look for position of colours bands on rudder and number 18 ) . What to say? - I am temptated.... Cheers J-W
  5. Thanks Gents Really? the old Proctor has such value on the market? Unbelivable... Cheers J-W
  6. Many thanks Luis-Alfonso, Rich25 and Invidia for your comments Luis, I am very glad that you like the the trick with construction of cabin from single windows. It is very useful and I used several times (just to make a fast go through the memory - Ju86R, Ju G34 he, DH Dragonfly, Frog/Novo Beaufort - where I made own new windows in main canopy, Caproni 309, Caproni 310, Miles Falcon Six and many others scratch conversions or complete builds...) It was very risky when I used in past normal styrene cement, which is harmful to surface. Recently I am glueing with Clear Fix and no risk at all. Sometimes it is much faster than trying to press canopy, what required preparing special tools. Cheers J-W
  7. I started work on upper wings. The vacu one needs some enforcement do not worry about strange proportion - this photo is cut out from a wide angle photo. Wing is symmetric in reality Noses of both R5 still needs some shaping work, but they start to look similar A fin/rudder and rear of fuselage reshape works in Natasha are almost finished Next work is adding ribs intead of panels lines in Apex model. I started on tailplane This is techniqe which I used also for fin/rudder work of Natasha. But it takes a lot of time, The wing are much bigger so more demanding of labour and efforts. I invented a simple trick which shorted time very much and simplified work. I wraped aroud wing thin sprue positioning it on right place on top (and glueing with Tamiya low-viscosity cement) whereas on bottoms I made it shifted by a single rib (of course no glue!) when ribs on top surface were fixed by glue I cut with sharp knife each "rib" at tailing edge, change the angle and glue it the same way. The results before any sanding looks OK for me: To be continued J-W
  8. Of course in net there are some drawings available:!!!!!) and especially that small drawing on this page, which you can clik and enlarge and which looks like :from the epoque": Here I found how it was with Ju-31 in Australia Interesting story. Is there any idea how she looked in 1942 (colours, camo details)? Regards J-W
  9. Some progres for today evening. The noses of both R5 after first sanding They start looks similar one to another. OK - just a bit now... The bottom view of RZ with filler and from top The tailplane problem appeared Left is like M.Maslow's drawing suggest, the right on is out of box. Both reshaped The problem remains with number of ribs in tailplane,,, The fin&rudder I have to make some structure Started by this: And them cover it a bit with Tamiya putty To be continued J-W
  10. Hi Tony, I know of course this Omega kit, did not know that they have special reduction now. Thanks! However - I already started to build it a bit out of scratch . Together with Hit-Kit second one... This is a second running project, besided Polikarpovs R5 & RZ Cheers J-W
  11. Nice one! BTW - I am not sure but it is likely the first Italeri Invader on RFI since 2014, so from time when I am active here...Please correct me if I am wrong Cheers J-W
  12. Breguet 19.8, so the one with Wright Cyclone engine and 3-blades prop. They was used in Yugoslavia and later in Croatia. It could be a very interesting model.... What exactly propeller was it? Any photos? Any suggestions or tips? Cheers J-W