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  1. How much would have made it more reasonable for you?
  2. How do you know if you've not watched it?
  3. They are Airfix kits and make them up as they send them off the ship!
  4. It is - and the fact many people believe it's real show's how easily people can get caught out by a real scam.
  5. Senna? He was a bit like that too...
  6. I often find it strange how this era of F1 is seen in such a good light...yet back then everyone was saying how boring it was and how it's not how it was in my day...I expect 20 years in the future there will be someone saying do you remember Hamilton/Rosberg/Vettel/Alonso was so much better back then than now!
  7. Sounds very good to me. not F1 related but sounds like a great event
  8. Looks like the old Spyker F1 cars...hope it's a bit faster!
  9. No, the F1
  10. You'll be watching it.
  11. They don't anymore though.
  12. They've been doing that for quite a while now even before the takeover. I think the £1 limit on most things limits what they can sell so are wanting to push more into the same things as B&M and Home Baragins
  13. Didn't know he had died! LOL
  14. At least you are happy!
  15. Trouble is they come up with silly stuff like this all the time and just dent their credibility all of the time...anytime I see anything from PETA I ignore it.