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  1. Thunderbirds characters

    Certainly not fictional - I've watched the documentary series on TV about their day to day lives
  2. Pet hates.

    It's so you aren't going too fast when you drive through the pot hole!
  3. Trouble viewing images. Looking for a tech guru.

    Try: http://www.lunascape.tv/products/win/ You've got an old PC and Firefox is not really designed for Vista anymore and will no longer support it either soon.
  4. Email provider

    They replaced Windows Live Mail with the mail client built into Windows 10 and Windows Live Mail does still work.
  5. Email provider

    Don't believe everything the IT man says.
  6. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    Does make shopping very difficult though...or are you ignoring Supermarket advertising?
  7. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    Adverts are about getting the brand/company/product into your brain and when you go to a shop you are more likely to think about that brand/company/product. You may not think adverts have an effect on you but they will do - everyone is affected by what they see and hear.
  8. Manchester Arena Attack

    MBE's/CBE's etc are given to ordinary members of the public though - you just don't read about it in the media.
  9. Shows you don't need all the fancy tools and equipment to make a nice model
  10. Poor Airfix Customer Service

    How much would have made it more reasonable for you?
  11. Top Gear 24

    How do you know if you've not watched it?
  12. Kong: Skull Island

    They are Airfix kits and make them up as they send them off the ship!
  13. Phone Scam

    It is - and the fact many people believe it's real show's how easily people can get caught out by a real scam.
  14. Remembering Schumi.

    Senna? He was a bit like that too...
  15. Remembering Schumi.

    I often find it strange how this era of F1 is seen in such a good light...yet back then everyone was saying how boring it was and how it's not how it was in my day...I expect 20 years in the future there will be someone saying do you remember Hamilton/Rosberg/Vettel/Alonso era...it was so much better back then than now!