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  1. First obvious question...was the blue badge displayed?
  2. This. If you stick to doing it like this you never need to worry about what others are doing
  3. They are saving up money to make some of the best nature documentaries in the world
  4. Did they sell though? I'm assuming not as if they did they would be making them.
  5. They can't keep the same idents forever - the ones they were using have been in use for quite a few years.
  6. You have someone knighted cut your children's hair?
  7. Someone with way too much time on their hands.
  8. Would you have been happier is the indents just featured middle aged white middle class men?
  9. They did...but that was in 2006
  10. If the CH is working but not the HW it will likely be a stuck diverter valve.
  11. It was
  12. I am an omnivore not a carnivore!
  13. In a display cabinet in the living room
  14. So what is the flaw?
  15. This is the reason Microsoft tries to fore everyone to get the updates...if you only update when something you want doesn't work it opens up more possibility for security vulnerabilities so they just get everyone to update at the same time.