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  1. fingers

    1/48 Seafire FR.47

    Is that allowed, I mean seriously. Nice work by the way.
  2. Excellent, the finger mower just tops it off.
  3. fingers

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    That's what I concluded, I just need to find a source of one any ideas? Dave
  4. fingers

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    According to my googling the French tank is different from the RAF ones (chunkier, blunt nose as well as the wings) although I could easily be totally wrong and would be glad to be as it would save some aggro.
  5. fingers

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    Cracking pic Jari. In the kit is a British style fuel tank I wonder where I can get a French type as shown above (Rp36 I think)? Dave
  6. fingers

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    Thanks boys I'll blank the holes and leave them off.
  7. I'm doing the Kitty Hawk Jaguar and wish to know whether to fit the chaff/flare dispensers underneath towards the rear. The instructions do not show them being fitted as a stage but later show them on so are not really useful, box art shows none painting guide has them fitted and googling is frustratingly inconclusive. Can anyone tell me the answer?
  8. That is big and bl##dy beautiful I absolutely love it. F.M. Halifax Bolton Paul rear turret transparency with scratchbuilt internal gubbins for the Quickboost B.P. Defiant .303 machine guns. Any details on this part of the build? Dave
  9. I'm someone who likes mp3s and cds. I think the resurgence of vinyl is just a selling scam (almost) to get us to part with our dosh again. My daughter is into vinyl and pays much to much to possess them, when asked about she claims they are collectible, by whom I retort?
  10. I use the this aswell and agree with everything in this statement except cleaning, for me if it has gone off in the slightest then cellulose thinners is necessary to shift it. I also find it brushes well both wetter or as a semi dry brush technique. Best primer I've use. Dave
  11. fingers

    1/48 Yakovlev Yak-28P

    Truly a beautiful and striking model. It's looks are very Captain Scarlet to my eye, Harmony Angel would kick bottom in that baby.
  12. fingers

    Chinook rotor dimensions

    Everythings a help Wafu, if I can conclude that 'no one knows better' then I can move on with my build. I personally think length would only marginally be altered, if at all, and any mod, excepting the root taper, would be subtle to make the most of, probably, computer aided aerodynamic improvements.
  13. fingers

    Chinook rotor dimensions

    The only place I've found anything approaching a diagram is on a picture of some resin blades made by Heritage Aviation Models, roughly scaling off that seem to suggest a chord to length ratio of 1 to 10 this is the same as the kits mouldings and accepting correctness in their work (debatable allways) would suggest introduction of a root taper would suffice. What do you gents think? Dave
  14. fingers

    Chinook rotor dimensions

    Thanks for those Scimitar, unfortunately they don't have the info I'm after. What I'm after is either a diagram or set of measurements which would allow me to attempt a mod on the kits rotors, everywhere says the rotors were changed but I can see nothing with dimension changes. Dave
  15. fingers

    Chinook rotor dimensions

    Hi, I'm building the Italeri 1/48 Chinook at the moment and was wondering if anyone has the dimensions for the later type rotor blades so i can have a go at modifying the kit ones, a drawing would be nice as well. All the best Dave.