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  1. Sounds like a plan coming together. Only 3hrs to plug, strip and paint just gotta get rid of that last blemish.
  2. Blow me I've just stripped the paint (just the required panels) and plugged the holes, doomed if you do doomed if you don;t.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Would it be fair to say that the 1960 aircraft would be around in the mid sixties by the time that Mod. 1257 would/could have been installed and Hunters were being phased into a more all round role? If so that would allow me to carry out the initial intention i.e. inner small fuel tanks outer matra. I could also just have fuel tanks and no outer ordnance by blanking the holes (don't really want to as paint is on and went ok) or having empty pylon. What other load outs would be correct for the outer pylon? Also was there ever a twelve barreled Matra pod? Dave
  4. I'm building the Academy f6 Hunter and am doing the 56 Squadron 1960 option. I was going to have a small fuel tank on the inner pylon and what I thought were Matra type 155 rocket launcher pods on the outers, are these pods accurate? Would this load out be correct? I can find little reference to a twelve barrel pod at all. Thanks in advance. Dave
  5. Unless they've done a bit of reboxing but even then they often improve/add to things,odds on to our benefit.
  6. Is that allowed, I mean seriously. Nice work by the way.
  7. That's what I concluded, I just need to find a source of one any ideas? Dave
  8. According to my googling the French tank is different from the RAF ones (chunkier, blunt nose as well as the wings) although I could easily be totally wrong and would be glad to be as it would save some aggro.
  9. Cracking pic Jari. In the kit is a British style fuel tank I wonder where I can get a French type as shown above (Rp36 I think)? Dave
  10. Thanks boys I'll blank the holes and leave them off.
  11. I'm doing the Kitty Hawk Jaguar and wish to know whether to fit the chaff/flare dispensers underneath towards the rear. The instructions do not show them being fitted as a stage but later show them on so are not really useful, box art shows none painting guide has them fitted and googling is frustratingly inconclusive. Can anyone tell me the answer?
  12. That is big and bl##dy beautiful I absolutely love it. F.M. Halifax Bolton Paul rear turret transparency with scratchbuilt internal gubbins for the Quickboost B.P. Defiant .303 machine guns. Any details on this part of the build? Dave
  13. I use the this aswell and agree with everything in this statement except cleaning, for me if it has gone off in the slightest then cellulose thinners is necessary to shift it. I also find it brushes well both wetter or as a semi dry brush technique. Best primer I've use. Dave
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