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  1. Thank you, It still is one of my favorite builds to this day! Mike
  2. No m8, I order my stuff from The Scale Modeler From The Scalemodeling channel on Youtube. He orderd a few for me. And he still has 2 in stock right now https://www.thescalemodeler.com/search?keywords=570 Mike
  3. Got 2 of these, looks so good! Like all Plamoz stuff. Mike
  4. Looks great man! Don't think the weathering looks to much, those cars get really dirty after a race. Mike
  5. O yea this will be nice, gues I will pick up a few of those Mike
  6. Hmm, for me a Mclaren P1 , so we have the LaFerrari and 918 trio Mclaren 675 LT Any of the newer Ferrari's... Want new Ferrari kits I'm not really into building old cars...
  7. If you paint blue over the zero paint grey primer it will look a bit darker. So you can paint some silver first or a coat of white/pink primer. Depends on what colour you will use. Mike
  8. Yea I did that to once with some resin wheels, lucky I found all the tiny parts and was able to glue it back together. Mike
  9. The parts next to the engine that are still white still need to be painted, don't know if you glued them on? Mike
  10. You still need to put in some parts before glueing down the cover. Mike
  11. That's Revell... I also glued the engine cover down so it hides most of the gaps... Mike
  12. Didn't see this topic Great work again m8! All that carbon Mike
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