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  1. alan1302

    No wonder the planet’s sinking under rubbish

    The forests that they use for paper making are replanted after the cut down so paper is a reneable resource. Oil is not.
  2. alan1302

    4 years of pics down the pan

    They are still on Photobucket - you just can't link from a forum like this to the photo on Photobucket as they want to charge for it.
  3. alan1302

    It doesn't do what it says on the tin.

    No :-)
  4. alan1302

    Anti-Virus Software

    I've never known Windows Defender to be highly rated. It's just a basic program and never ready mush positive about it at all. Personally am using Avira at the moment which I find very good especially as it tends not to have any false positives. Have paid for BitDefender and Kaspersky in the past and found those very good as well.
  5. alan1302

    Converting .mdx video files

    MDX isn't a video format as far as I can tell. Can you play the videos? If so what do you use to play them?
  6. alan1302

    Kids these days

    Sledging and snowballs reported in Barnsley
  7. alan1302

    Where did www.scale-models.co.uk go ?

    Works all ok for me
  8. Thanks for showing that Skeptiod link. I've not seen that site before and now I'm hooked.

    1. alan1302


      Glad you like it - I found it a few years ago and always look out for my newsletter each Tuesday with a link to the weeks episode.

  9. alan1302

    Hunting Hitler

    Some actual research about this showing Hitler never escaped: Skeptoid
  10. alan1302

    Hunting Hitler

    You have some evidence of this I assume?
  11. alan1302


    If you both have iPhones then when SWMBO sends you a message it's normally sent through Messenger rather than as a text (SMS) which means when you are out you need to have your data switch on or it won't come through which is why it comes through on Wi-Fi and calls are all ok. I've used GiffGaff in the past and not had any problems with it. Tecnically it's not network as they use the o2 network and are owned by Telefonica the same as o2. I went from GiffGaff to EE - only changed as EE gives a better signal when we live.
  12. alan1302

    Pet hates.

    It's so you aren't going too fast when you drive through the pot hole!
  13. Shows you don't need all the fancy tools and equipment to make a nice model
  14. alan1302

    Top Gear 24

    How do you know if you've not watched it?
  15. alan1302

    Kong: Skull Island

    They are Airfix kits and make them up as they send them off the ship!