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  1. Fantastic tonal variation on the paint scheme! Great work!
  2. Another great strip down! Very good!
  3. Very impressive! I love the blue! Well done!
  4. Another stunning example Frank! I especially love the stagecoach!
  5. Similar to Pontos 1/350 version. That should make an already beautiful ship ever more so, especially on such a small scale.
  6. Incredible paintwork and weathering! Well done!
  7. Another brilliant WW1 built! Great work!
  8. Mine came a while ago. The resin engine and the metal exhaust pipes are gorgeous! Two photo-etch cowlings in case one of them gets badly bent. As for the plastic details, on par with WnW easily. A superb kit!
  9. I have heard AK Interactive's new acrylic-based filler is quite good; it comes in a tube, can be cleaned with water and is rock hard when dry. Hope this helps.
  10. MikroMir

    One of the cutest submarines ever built, especially with the smiling face! I have the U-boat Laboratorium 1/350 resin kit in my stash and that's tiny, so this kit should be the perfect scale for the UB-1 class.
  11. 0.3mm - 0.5mm thickness on the wing warping surfaces. Sounds delicate, though it shouldn't snap like resin. I'll have to get one of these simply because of the sheer beauty of the plane.
  12. Awesome Pfalz! Well done!
  13. I'll second the Mr Metal Dark Iron. Like the other Mr Metal Color range, it brushes nicely and can cleaned with white spirit. You can dry brush a steel acrylic colour on the edges to accentuate the detail. Humbrol's gunmetal Metalcote enamel is another option, it can also be buffed up with a soft cloth or brush.
  14. Very impressive details! Superb!
  15. Very cute! Great engine!