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  1. interwar kits

    Plastic kits are formed by injecting molten plastic into moulds and can be glued with regular model glue, whereas resin kits tend to be much more expensive, probably because of their production method: having polyurethane resin being poured into moulds. They also need to glue resin parts together with either super glue or two-part epoxy. Cleaning the parts with soapy water is also very important to remove any releasing agent. Resin model kits tend to be more detailed than plastic kits. Hope this helps.
  2. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Superb pair of A-wings, Andy! I agree with you about a B-Wing from Bandai; we kinda need one.
  3. interwar kits

    I've found some Vickers Light tanks here. They're resin and bit pricey, but a thought if you feel like tackling resin.
  4. interwar kits

    Hobby Boss do the Vickers Medium tanks, Bronco do several A10 and A13 cruiser tanks, and Accurate Armour do a very expensive A1E1 heavy tank and the Matilda I that Bullbasket mentioned. Hope this helps.
  5. Bf110C - Italy 1942 1/72

    Great build! Well done!
  6. 1/72 FW-190 A3

    Great 190! Well done!
  7. Problems with Citadel Imperial Primer

    There are several reviews on Imperial Primer that have found this problem: thin consistency, poor coverage and bubbles. I believe the primer itself is the issue. For an undercoat, I suggest Halfords Grey primer spray. Hope this helps.
  8. F4U-1D Corsair ; 1/72 Tamiya

    Great finish! Well done!
  9. Strach building novice

    Have you tried Oyumaru? Put the Oyumaru block in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then press it over the part, wait for it to cool and harden, then press some milliput inside the impression. Once the milliput has completely cured, tidy up the new part and glue it to the model. Hope this helps.
  10. Eduard Albatros DIII

    Very cute! Great build!
  11. Roland D.VIb Wingnut Wings 1/32

    Such elegance and beauty! A truly great model!
  12. how to Cast fuel barrels (easy)

    I second Oyumaru. The best thing about it is that it is totally reusable. I used it to make new undercarriage doors for a Canadair Sabre using Magic Sculpt as the medium, and they looked fine for 1/72, so barrels should work out great being more solid.
  13. Acrylic metallic paints by brush?

    Citadel have a wide range of metallics under their new formulated range. They are a tad grainier than the Vallejo Metal Colour range, but are useful for small areas. Hope this helps.