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  1. Very nice Pfalz! Well done!
  2. Thank you, kind gentlemen!
  3. Lovely clean build! Well done! What was it like using the turnbuckles?
  4. The WnW method can be found here:
  5. Thank you so much! I did use the turnbuckles and eyelets supplied by the kit. I used twisted wire to attach turnbuckles to the plane as it allows them to move more freely, meaning they will nearly always be aligned with the rigging thread. I found this technique on another forum, though I forgot which one. It's definitely much, MUCH easier to rig this way rather than simply glueing thread to the plane without turnbuckles as you can use knots and loops along with super glue. As for the lozenge, I've heard that Eduard's decals are somewhat inaccurate, so that may explain the faded look. Plus, I'm still learning how to get decals down without trapping air bubbles. It'll be the last time I apply lozenge as one massive decal; I'll be using the WNW method next time.
  6. AMMO

    I've used the black and the grey, thinned with a bit of Mr Levelling Thinner, sprayed through my H&S Ultra with the 0.4mm needle and nozzle then cleaned out with Mig Cleaner and clean spirit. I can safely say that they are the finest primers I've ever used. Great product. The only issue is the cap: it tends to shoot out paint when you close it, then the paint runs all over your fingers.
  7. Good afternoon, My rendition of Bandai's First Order TIE Fighter in 1/72. On of the easiest kits I've ever built and painted. Weathering is almost non-existent as I assume that the First Order keep their TIEs in near pristine condition.
  8. Good afternoon, After a year of stops and starts (mainly due to the lozenge), I have finally finished my SSW D.III from Eduard with a Brassin engine. The only alteration made was the sanding away of the moulded on rib stitching and the large black area on the top wing where the lozenge decal come away on blue tac - making the markings a tad 'what-if'.
  9. A cowling with parts of entirely PE, interesting. I wonder if they will an early version at some point.
  10. For those who still want a WnW kit, Model Hobbies are now stocking them.
  11. One of the finest guides I've ever read! Thank you so much! I'll start looking for the paints.
  12. Good evening, I'll soon be starting my Airacobra in Soviet markings and I want to use Mig AMMO paints. Trouble is that I'm finding it hard finding the right colours from Mig. The paints I need are for the camouflage (olive drab and some form of grey), the cockpit, undercarriage and the flap interior. Can anyone come up with any close matches? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Yay!! Another chibi tank! The Sherman is perfect this sought of thing, being rather round! Good work!
  14. Hee hee hee! Chibi tank! Very cute! Good work!
  15. Very nice! Great little tank!