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  1. Good morning everyone, Thanks for the tips (and encouragement). I bought some Deluxe glue buster and it worked better that I had hoped. Best wishes, Will.
  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the tips. I'll try the de-bonder first, then if that doesn't work chuck it in the freezer. I promise not to hold you responsible for any disaster that follows as I only have myself to blame for not making sure the turret hadn't moved. Will.
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone, Do any of you know how I can dissolve superglue? I've just about finished a restoration of an old Triang-Minic Vanguard, and I hadn't noticed one of the main turrets had slipped out of position before the glue set. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Will.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I'm refurbing a Triang Vanguard and want to strip off the original enamel. Can any of you suggest a good paint stripper that's strong enough to strip enamel off the model? Will.
  5. You could try Pro-Arte brushes, which you can buy on-line from Jacksons, or your local Hobbycraft (might have the name wrong) store. Best Wishes, Will.
  6. Good Morning Everyone, Been off the board for a while due to work. Things have eased a bit and I'm building a full-hull model for the first time in ages. What is the best metallic colour for ship's propellers. As you know I use Vallejo and Lifecolor, but I'll consider any make for paint for this. Best Wishes, Will.
  7. Hi All, Just visited their website and see the company is closed till further notice due to a fire. I hope they get and going soon, and best wishes to all at the company. Will.
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for the tips. I don't think my Stynylrez froze, but I hadn't realised it needed to be mixed so thoroughly. So time to break out the Badger stirrer as suggested. Thankfully, it was test piece and not a models I primed. For Valenstich, Vallejo polyurethane primers are good, but you've got to let them cure thoroughly as they will peel if you sand them before they are fully cured. In fact, it's probably better to treat them as non-sandable primers and use them as a finishing or final primer coat once you've filled all the gaps and holes in your models and sanded everything smooth. They self-level beautifully, and you can mix them any Modelcolor or ModelAir paint to provide the shade of primer you want. Best wishes, Will.
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, I finally got round to trying Stynylrez primers I bought a while ago. How do you find them? I found them hard to spray through a Badger 100 with a medium tip at 25 psi. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks, Will.
  10. cruiserguy

    HMS Manchester

    Good Evening Everyone, This is a wee bit off topic, but is an interesting story about one of HMS Manchester's crew. I won't name him but I met him over 15 years ago, and he was serving on her when she was sunk. He spent three days in the water, most of it encouraging his younger shipmates to hold on telling them "the ships will come" as they began to give up hope of rescue. He was posted missing at first, but was rescued, landed at Rosyth, and walked the 35 or so miles home to Airdrie. His mum got the shock of her life when he walked through the door - his whole family thought he was dead. One tough guy. Best Wishes, Will.
  11. Good Morning Gentlemen, Thanks for your replies, your suggestions are most welcome, and a special thanks to VMA for providing a link to the sadly and apparently no longer existent TRMA website. I spent ages looking for it. FWIW I dug John Bowen's book on 1200 scale merchant ships out of my library and it says the colour was buff with a pinkish tinge, and I found a couple of colourised images showing a buffish-pink colour. I had thought of the colour used by the British Army in the Gulf but thought it might be too "pink". Anyway, thanks for replying, I really appreciate it. Sincerely, Will.
  12. Good Afternoon Everyone, I've bought the Revell 1200 scale Titanic and need colour suggestions for a match to the White Star colour used on the funnels. I've read it is quite specific to that line. If possible cite Vallejo or Lifecolour matches, otherwise I'll try anything. Best Wishes, Will.
  13. Hi WelshZeCorgie What a great name! I'm a fan of Vallejo but found the washes just a bit too dense for my liking. I diluted them with Vallejo thinner at about 1:3 wash to thinner, and built up the weathering slowly on a gloss varnish base. If you do it on matt or satin it just doesn't work well for the reasons given above. Best wishes, Will.
  14. Hi Mike, It sounds daft, but I've already built the Combrig HMAS Australia. Its that I just want a 700 scale British County Class in plastic as the first model ship I ever made was Airfix's HMS Suffolk. I know, it doesn't make sense but it's how I feel. Sincerely, Will.
  15. Hi Mike, Thanks, I've waited so long for a 700 scale County I'd buy the Aoshima Dorsertshire just to have one, then buy the Flyhawk kit when it comes out (I know more money than sense!). I'm not that keen on HMS London, as I think the "Counties" look better with three funnels rather than two. Sincerely, Will.
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