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  1. I have built one of these and they look great when finished. I left the grills alone as when you put the etch and a wash on them they look really good
  2. I was on Telic 1 as well, we got our desert DPM for the Regimental photo we had taken in Saddams palace in Basra about a week before we came home. Mind you my CS 95 was so bleached and full of sand they were pretty much desertised by the end
  3. Some were done in Germany before Saif Sahriah and the rest of the vehicles were painted locally just before crossing the border. Both were pretty quick jobs, and I think it was an acrylic paint that was designed to come off once the vehicles left the gulf. i had heard the story about the cold hangers in Germany stopping the paint from curing. We had to stop decontamination exercises before we crossed the border as the karchers were blasting the paint off. Early Telics were desert or normal DPM as MTP was only issued much later in about 2010 or so hope this helps.
  4. if you are doing an Op Telic Challenger 2 then you should chip with green as the desert yellow was pretty fragile and weathered quite rapidly
  5. Hi Das Abtielung Just finished one of the CSM Lanchesters, really enjoyable kit to build and gives a great result. I was thinking of the same pairing, but like you couldn't find any evidence. The IWM has some good images from the caucuses including some of trucks that look a lot like model T's to my untrained eye. The kit came together very quickly, so should fit well into your limited time All the best Yeoman
  6. Top job Bish. Many hours in the wash down to get that one sorted
  7. Thanks Teddy, keep us posted on here as I am sure there will be plenty of takers
  8. Done both, Tin City pre NI and Hythe Pre Telic. Tin City at 20 was much more intense, but I guess 11 years ant two tours of NI may have taken the edge off.
  9. Glad to meet another one of the old Battalion , 20 some odd years later.
  10. Bish which company were you in the Pompadour's? I was in B with Major Wilmot Apologies for the thread crash Rogue
  11. looks awesome. I have just ordered the CS version off eBay today, and hope mine turns out 1/2 as well as yours
  12. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/52-work-in-progress-aircraft/ Link to my WIP if it is any help
  13. I built the two seater version a while ago, and it builds up into a nice model. There are a few "features" to watch out for due to the modular nature of the kit, but nothing too dramatic to sort. You look like you have made a great start
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