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  1. Yeoman1942


    thats a big lump of resin, no chance of the hull flexing
  2. Yeoman1942


    I'm in, my all time favourite UFO air/marine craft.
  3. Final update on another surprisingly quick 3 week build. I managed to do the decalling in stages over the week, and most of them performed as expected. The only trouble I had was the yellow for the rudder. First off I thought it was one decal which would have helped with alignment. Unfortunately for me each yellow section was a separated decal and I really struggled to get them to settle down, even using Micro set and sol. Individual decals Going on to the rudder one at a time It looks ok at this stage, but the decals didn't really stick and started to move around. I used microsol to breakup the excess yellow and in the end the final result look ok at best. I may revisit it again, but it will be paint next time I have to do something like this.I trust my masking ability more than my ability to get decals to settle down and stay in place. After this point things moved on a pace and I forgot to take photos as I went. It was a real bonus having the various elements like the under carriage, the tanks and the bomb racks pre painted and assembled. It was just a case of adding each element in turn and then moving on to the next. Pretty soon Every thing was on and the build was complete. Bang seat in and HUD built up from photo etch. A gloss coat to seal everything in and it was on to the wash.I mixed up some medium grey Oil Brusher with a spot of starship filth and diluted it all to form a wash. I like the effect this gives to the gull grey as its not too harsh but still picks out the panel lines and adds some depth. Was going for a light weathering as I wanted a relatively newly upgraded aircraft. On roughly to start Most of it gets taken off with odourless turps once its dried, which leaves a nice subtle effect. I did the same on the underside, but used a mix with more medium grey in it so the white remained white. Its a bit difficult see in the photos, but I am happy with the result. I popped the canopy on and called it done. Here are a few shots of the finished build Bombs More bombs I really enjoyed this build. I learnt a lot, mainly to give things ago, like modifying the wings to allow the slats to come forward and getting to grips with underwing stores, all on a plane I have loved for years. Thats it for Part 2. Now have to decide if I plow straight in to the Black Knights Phantom, or go for something a different colour scheme. Thanks for the support during the build All the best Yeoman
  4. Great looking work Rich. I never knew Vigilante existed until I saw your build, its a corking build of a cracking looking plane
  5. Yeoman1942

    Kinetic EA-6B Prowler 1/48

    very cool. I just notice I share a surname with one of the crew, that's a modelling first for me
  6. Small update for Saturday. It been a series of ups and downs today. The ups were getting the red detail painted and putting gloss coat down to start decalling. The downs will become apparent as we go along. I started by touching up a few issues on the tail planes, they were too monotonous and flat, so I preshaded again and put the gull grey top coat on. I was much happier with the variation. Next up was the red around the undercarriage doors. Out with the small brush and a steadyish hand to give us this. Needs a few touch ups, but it will look ok under a wash. The gloss went on and I got started with the AOA decals. Printed by Cartograph they go down very well and look like they will be silver free. I started with the black words on the tail. The AOA decals are set out with all the specific decals for each scheme grouped together in rows, so you aren't playing hunt the decal or risk putting the wrong one on. First 4 Tail in close up plus a small 16 The more observant will notice that the red decal on the rudder has broken up a bit at the bottom. Try as I could I couldn't get it to conform. In the end I decided to rip it off and paint it. This kit has really got me over my red spraying phobia. I also managed to wrinkle the 1 at the end of the serial number. Fortunately there are loads of suitable replacements so its not too difficult to repair. This is entirely down to me trying to go too quickly and not giving the decals enough time to settle. Moving forward I used a combination of AOA and the kit decals to do the nose. Overall I am pretty happy, and once matt coated it will look good. I touched in the rest of the area forward of the screen in Nato black to blend it all in. I had put the VMA 311 too close to the speed brake and the adhesive qualities of the decal worked against me. Things went from bad to worse, and I ended up with this. After a few choice words I managed to airbrush the damage out of existence and managed not to overspray any of the decals , phew. I popped the air brake in and put the stars and bars down over the whole lot. The microsol settled the decal down and made it easy to get a good clean cut out between the fuselage and the brake. I masked the tail ready fro the red. Hopefully it will protect the paint work, avoid ripping the decals up and give a clean line between the red and the white. We will see. Mask Paint Reveal A bit of bleed this side Better this side. I touched the other side in by hand, and am much happier than I was with the decal. The yellow decal should work well over this, but it is so much crisper that its worth the risk. I carried on with the intake danger marks and the squadron markings on the side, plus the insignia on the wing. Everything went down well, including conforming to the vortex generators on the wing I decided to call it a day and let everything settle down before I do any more. Now I am at the decal stage I can fit doing a few decals at a time around other things without the noise and disruption of spraying. I should get most things done over the next week or so. I'll post another update once there are a few more decals done. Thanks for looking Yeoman
  7. Amazing kit, and amazing skill
  8. A Bandai B Wing is worth dropping down to 1/72nd for. Its definitely on the build list as soon as I can get hold of one
  9. Cheers Rich it really is big
  10. Thanks for the tip Rich. I’ll look out for the Kitty Hawk version
  11. Great work Rich, out of interest how big is that ruler? Like you say its a big bird.
  12. Nice looking Gripen. I would never have looked at an Italeri kit, but having seen your build I am tempted.
  13. Sunday update Things went pretty much to plan today. I got the coffin plates masked, thinned and repainted. I think they look more in scale and are a better profile now, but we will see. Masked Painted I also touched up the white on the undersides and the rudder that I had previously missed. I switch back to Vallejo thinners for the white, and it seemed to behave much better than the previous Ultimate Thinners. Next I wanted to take on the slats. I decided to make some form of mechanical attachment to the slats, so I added 3 lengths of 1mm x 1mm bar to the under side of the slats. I wasn't too sure on the angle, so decided to go for strength and functionality over any sort of accuracy. Once set I broke out the red again and painted the underside of the slat to match the other face. It seams an odd choice , but thats what the references say and it does make for a nice colourful kit. I then drilled 1mm holes into the inner wing to allow the rods to slide in. The two largest worked well, but the outer one was casing the slat to twist up at the end, so it got trimmed so the slat was straight. A slide, a wiggle and a glue later we have this I have realigned the slats so they are more equal, but I figured that as they come down under gravity they could be at different angles. A quick mask and blast of red to put the warning stripes round the intakes. I was caught out by the warning stripes on the Cougar, expecting it to be a decal, so checked and sure enough It was a paint job. We close the weekend like this I have done a bit of the etch work on the insides of the landing gear so next week I'll be able to gloss, decal and weather things. Thanks for looking in. Yeoman
  14. Looks like a nice Skyhawk to me. Neat Preshading on the Grippen to. Yeoman
  15. Saturday update I got a bit of time today, and made quite a bit of progress. Firstly the canopy got masked. After my cracking of the screen on the Cougar I have left the screen and canopy off until I finish things. I'll see how this works out when the I come to fitting and making the seams disappear. I'm too tight to by a masking set, so its Tamiya tape, burnish with a tooth pick and cut with a new blade. Nice and sharp, hopefully the end result is as good. I decided that the detail on the side of the intakes had got a bit soft, so I sanded the whole lot off and made up some replacement plates from plasticard. I softened them with extra thin, hopefully they will look ok when painted. If they are too thick, I will sand them back a bit, but definitely like the way the sides look post sanding. Plate on Plate construction Primed Preshaded with Extra dark sea gray Vallejo Insignia white on the underside and ailerons Masked up again ready for the light gull grey on the upper surfaces Bit of a deep breath as I am using Lifecolour Gull Grey and I had heard some mixed reports of how it performs. I shouldn't have worried. It went down smooth, dried quickly and dead matt straight from the pot. It looks like nice paint so far. Looking at the photos I think I need to thin the coffin shaped plates a bit as they are about two inches thick to scale. I'll tape around them to protect the paint an sand them back so they are more in scale. Bits and bobs are now the right colour Tomorrow will be touch ups and gloss coats, then it will be onto the lovely AOA decals. I can't believe I only started this kit last week end, Even allowing for the extra day this build is moving on at pace. Another update should be along tomorrow. Thanks for looking Yeoman