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  1. Yeoman1942

    Starbuck... what do you hear?

    love the lit cockpit, really realistic
  2. Great art work Teddy, and apologies for adding a few years to your age. I think there is a really rich vein of modelling subjects in the 2300 and 2320 universe. A range of ships with spin habitats would be a hit. Ships of the French arm made real Off to to check out 2320 rule book. I lost al my 2300 books I a house move and have been keen to find a replacement. All the best Yeoman
  3. Hi Rob I just found that it had disappeared from Netflix as well. It must be the licensing deal with Amazon. You have to buyout to watch on Amazon as its not part of the Prime Package. Just started the books, great hard science fiction, another top BritModeller tip
  4. Teddy great looking model. Did you do the original drawings in the 2300 books? If so I have been a fan of your style of drawing for years. There is definitely a market for kits based on the drawings. I would love to have a few of the hover tanks/ Apc's and the walkers , in particular the British Bowman, if you were of a mind to produce them
  5. Not watched it yet, but the first 2 series are free on Netflix. I didn't know they were books, so thanks for the tip Mike
  6. Yeoman1942

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    liking this build a lot. has got a real MaK look to it already
  7. Yeoman1942

    Space Marines and Conquest magazine.

    I did the maths on the subscription offer as well and it does look great value for money. I worry that it gets expensive quickly and will be difficult to get out of. Part works always seem to keep you coming back for just one more issue to get that next bit and never quite deliver. It took all my will power to resist. I really couldn't see how I was going to find the time to put them together, paint them let alone do anything with them when they are done. I'll be watching with interest to see what I missed out on.
  8. Yeoman1942

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Looks the right skin tone for a gwar to me Great at looking build as always mate
  9. Yeoman1942

    B-Wing - Bandai 1/72

    There can be only one AndyRM101
  10. Yeoman1942

    B-Wing - Bandai 1/72

    B wing and AndyRM it doesn't get any better than this
  11. Thanks Hakan, One of the great things about this site is the way people are so willing to share knowledge and experience. I am sure there are many models that only get finished due to the Britmodeller community
  12. After2 weeks I have finally got some time at my bench. I first popped some nato black over the instrument coaming, so I could fix the wind shield and help with lining up the cam on the rest of the canopy. I used some grey primer to cover green so I could expand the Tan areas while still keeping the colour consistent. I left the rear canopy mechanism out as I thought I would be able to fit it later. This proved to be a good idea as it allowed me to fit the rear canopy with white tack. The expanded tan looked pretty even, so it was time to break out the white tack sausages and the masking tape. Ready to mask. Once masked up I put a general coat of the medium green.It was definitely easier to get the shapes using thinner bits of white tack and masking the entirety of the shape rather than trying create the shape as a negative. Probably easier to show rather than explain. I wanted to avoid the gaps I got last time, so laying down a complete coat of the medium green to provide a good base for the dark. More rolling and masking ensues to give the outline for the final colour, the dark green. On with the dark I am not sure how much difference there is between the two shades, but we will see once the masks come off. Once last shot before the big reveal, fingers crossed. Much better this time, few touch ups required, but overall I am happy with there result. It is a great looking scheme and the AK paint set does look right to my eyes. There is a bit of glossiness to the finish, but I am sure that once the clear coats (gloss and matt) bit of a wash and some fading with oils it should all even out. As you can see there is a good contrast between the two greens. All in all good practice for the Corsair that I won on Ebay. Amazingly the thin coats of colour have not totally obscured the preshade. I will enhance this with the oils, but I definitely have a much better idea what I need to do to make a good fist next time out. Further progress this week is weather dependent. If its good further progress will be limited due to Cricket commitments, but if the forecast rain happens then I should get the various bits of the under carriage and the wheel wells. All being well I can sort the bang seats as well. Many Thanks to Hakon for the tip on the masking, you really gave me the right advice at the right time. Thanks for looking Yeoman
  13. Hi Hakon Thanks for the tip. I think I am going to free hand some prime to enlarge the Tan areas and then follow your technique. That way I should able to cover the darker colours without getting a shadow. Regards Yeoman
  14. Time for the main weekend update. I finally beat the gaps into submission or as close to submission as I was going to be able to get them in the time I have available and my sanity will allow. So a final blast of primer and its time for a preshade with Extra dark Sea Grey. Hopefully some will survive the paint process, but it should add a bit of variation to the colour. Next up I started with the light grey from the AK set, which goes on well, if a little tin straight from the pot. a nice even coat covering a multitude of sins. I may give it another coat, but for now I am happy to mask it up and press on as I want to get on to the camouflage and Sunday is looking like a no Modelling day. I have used the white tack worm technique for 2 colour schemes, so i want to see how I get on with the three colour SEA. The idea of this build is a practice for the corsair I am hoping to win on Ebay tomorrow. I have had trouble in the past with gaps between the colours, which is not too hard to fix on a two colour scheme, but may be an issue with 3. If it doesn't work then plan B is to make the masks out of Tamiya tape and leave each of the colours covered until the end. Plan A worms in place for the tan areas ( I usually start with the lightest colours first) Tan in place with one area missed. I made a mistake trying to tell the difference between the 3 shades of grey on the instructions. Round 2 on with the Medium Green And finally the Dark The more observant amongst you will spot the slightly blotchy finish and the gaps in the colours. Looks like I am going for plan B. I'm off to order more tape and to have a go at blowing up the paint guide to make some more masks. At least the existing colours will make sure I put the colours in the right place. Thanks for looking Yeoman
  15. Ah ESCI kits.I " fondly" remember them from when I was a kid in the 80's. I only bought them when I couldn't afford Tamiya or Hasegawa. The quality was always a bit iffy and as a kid I didn't know about filler (other than miliput and I still can't use that) and sanders were confined to the contents of my dads tool box, and as a result they were on the course side.