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  1. Top job Bish. Many hours in the wash down to get that one sorted
  2. Thanks Teddy, keep us posted on here as I am sure there will be plenty of takers
  3. Done both, Tin City pre NI and Hythe Pre Telic. Tin City at 20 was much more intense, but I guess 11 years ant two tours of NI may have taken the edge off.
  4. Glad to meet another one of the old Battalion , 20 some odd years later.
  5. Bish which company were you in the Pompadour's? I was in B with Major Wilmot Apologies for the thread crash Rogue
  6. looks awesome. I have just ordered the CS version off eBay today, and hope mine turns out 1/2 as well as yours
  7. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/52-work-in-progress-aircraft/ Link to my WIP if it is any help
  8. I built the two seater version a while ago, and it builds up into a nice model. There are a few "features" to watch out for due to the modular nature of the kit, but nothing too dramatic to sort. You look like you have made a great start
  9. Hi Troy Thats the one. Sorry my google fu wasn't up to a link last night. It's great to see how much effort the museums are now putting into getting the colours right. It makes them a much more valuable resource, even if it mens we have been painting kits the wrong colours for years. Blue in a Caunter scheme anyone? . Being able to so modern spectrum analysis of paint samples is a great way to turn back time and get back to how colours were when produced and not 75+ years old. The whole series of tank chats is really interesting, and the "top 5 Tanks" are a good laugh. I could not agree more with your definition of what this site is.
  10. Thanks for all the tips, It's turned into a really interesting thread. There is a great Youtube "Tank Chat" about painting Tigers. They go over the changes in Panzer colours and how they search for samples of the various colours. I never knew the Tigers were originally painted in a two tone cam scheme. Das, your tracks look great and the metallurgy makes sense and the resulting oxidation colours look much more realistic than rusty rust.
  11. Top pics Troy. Really helpful Those tracks look to be breaking the "shine" rule of cam and concealment. It was much easier to cam up our Fuchs. A quick run through a puddle and you were done
  12. Thanks to both of you Troy and Das Abteilung. This community is really brilliant, I am always bowled over by how willing people are to share their knowledge. Nice looking Bedford I thought the colour guides in the Bronco instructions looked a bit off. They have a weird light green specified that looks more likely to draw your eye rather than camouflage a tank. Given how much effort they put into the kit I can't believe they could get it so wrong. The mixed for Khaki Green and Dark Green look like what I remember from the Vulcan kit and match the Tamiya I bought for that kit. I'll mix up a new batch and see what damage I can do once I get the tracks together, only 360 parts to go Thanks once again for the super speedy help Yeoman
  13. Hi All I am hopeful that the Britmodeller Armour community can help me out. I am getting to the end of building my Bronco A13 Cruiser, and have hit a bit of a colour problem. I am looking for the mix for British Olive Drab as both the clouds suggested Gunze H304 and XF 62 look wrong. I had a mix left over from the Vulcan Light Tank MKVIB that I have just finished that I liked, but like a numpty I threw out the instructions with the mix. Can anyone help with the correct colours for a BEF tank ? I'd also like the mixes from the Vulcan kit as the combination looks good and i would like to use it again. I have got a bit of a thing going on for early war British tanks and suspect I might be using quite a bit of this in the future Many thanks Yeoman
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