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  1. Airfix 2018

    Dogfight Double?!?? I'll still be laughing at that tomorrow. Brilliant. Made my night! Dapol thought that they had lost the old Airfix JCB and Lowmac EK moulds (issued separately by them; my originals are in one box) but they later turned up. All the Dapol kits I've built have been well moulded, and some of those moulds are old. I do regret not being in time to buy the Praying Mantis when I wanted one; my then local Oriental Arts shop had some beautiful bamboo cages (bird size, but I didn't fancy a caged bird) in which it would have looked a bit startling at first sight, being several times life size.
  2. Film help

    I tried to find it on YouTube; only the MST3K version was available, with a battery of deleted notices for the original. I tried to watch it - too many distractions. I must get it on DVD. BTW: any guesses on whose LEM kit the salvage shuttle is based?
  3. Film help

    I had no idea so many of my esteemed comrades remembered this film - and with affection, yet! Mystery Science Theater was all right when I was on my own - but now I have a daughter who, at 12, has a good measure of heavily ironic/sarcastic Welsh wit and the cynicism of a 30 year old. Listening to her critiques is funnier. I'd love to get her to watch my classics list - she's seen Cyrano de Bergerac, Chinese Ghost Story - but I couldn't get her to watch Soylent Green... All she would say on that was a (slightly remodelled) quote from somewhere "Soylent Green? Mmm... My kind of people". Model Railway Journal did an article on a superb build of Birmingham New Street Signal Box, in which the author/builder almost apologises for choosing a piece of 1960s architecture. But, dear comrades - at least those of us who were alive then - do you not remember the design ethos of the period, from architecture to aviation, even kitchenware and clothing; film and music; yes, and books! -So much hope, looking forward to a better future... Then, I loved my ropey, hopey SF and functional structures. Sometimes it is good to revisit times of innocence. That's why I model, and specialise in the late 1960s.
  4. 1/72nd Mirage iiiS plus iiiR

    I thought I should mention that, lacking facilities for indoor spraying, this build has been suspended until better weather permits 'blowing all hatches'.
  5. Film help

    I remember that. I was an Astronomy nerd of sorts then, and didn't appreciate it at all. My own nostalgia film is an amazingly dubious tale titled 'Moon Zero Two'. Ropy plot elements - a moon shuttle modified from a probably Airfix Luna Lander, artificial gravity (for a small plot element and to ease the budget - everyone on base therefore gets to walk normally, no SFX) but chemical rocketry - no reactionless drives or inertia dampers... Plenty of holes to pick in it, but I'd still reach for an ale and watch it gleefully.
  6. Airfix 2018

    Some more 1/76 armour would be good... Maybe a Ferret and retooled Saracen? Bedford RL? A rerelease of the Orion Shuttle would be welcome... I've got a set of El Al markings to use up. As for snoopy, surely he'd be best served by a Sopwith Tripe-hound-plane? I'm off now.
  7. My word. That is nothing less than epic. I salute you!
  8. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Yes indeed. Like when I waltzed into a restaurant and ordered my meal entirely in Urdu... The looks of surprise were wonderful to behold; it was a French restaurant.
  9. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    For Dr. Who fans: The Cult of Skaro* meet for their annual dinner, at a London restaurant specialising in chicken. Having made their order, an embarrassed looking waiter approaches. "I do apologise, erm... Gentlemen." - he says - "we've mixed up the order slips. Were you the Korma, Marengo, Chasseur, Southern Fried..." The foursome begin waving their eyestalks and limbs wildly, shrieking: "Daleks are Supreme! Daleks are Supreme!" *Dalek secret society of 4 members engineered somewhat differently for a wider emotional range.
  10. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    You know you're in trouble when a friend rings you up promising to treat you, then arrives with a bucket of creosote...
  11. Churchill Bridgelayer

    A few clarifying views there... Thank you.
  12. I usually start with Hannants (usually state whether something will be reordered), then manufacturer, then kingkit, then Ebay.
  13. Churchill Bridgelayer

    Thank you Seahawk; I already have that. Centaur has sent me a selection of very good plans of the actual vehicle, for which I offer thanks. Cheers, esteemed comrades all.
  14. Hats & Caps

    Military hats are meant to make one look taller. Chefs' hats are said to have been worn in crowded dark kitchens to enable staff to pick out the actual chef when in difficulty... As with officers' headgear. Nowadays, of course, no frontline officer wants to invite attention (or, as Rostand put it in 'Cyrano de Bergerac') "the honour of being a target", and kitchens are safer and well lit. Besides, the chef is easily found; he's the one screaming "it's [frobishing] raw!" I did my RGN training just before nurses' hats disappeared; for us they were discretionary, though also dependant on the ward sister's preference. My group opted for hats unanimously and complained that male staff were not expected to wear them. So I asked for a yellow top hat, with a white band (student colour) in year one, adding another until I had three in Year three. Dark blue thereafter. What a sight! We'll never know - the hospital declined my request. Incidentally, capes had gone by then from discretionary wear to supplied on request only; I tried to order a male version, a la Count Vlad. Again, no. Gender discrimination, I say!
  15. Pet hates.

    Profound stupidity - consider these two examples: Care Assistant (Cwmbran) "You know [name] is allergic to poultry..?" Me "Yes, she is." CA "Do that mean she can't have tomatoes?" Neighbour (newly moved in, following gale) "Your bean sticks have knocked down my fence." Me (on seeing a larch lap panel indeed blown over, with yes, three loose bamboo sticks blown from leaning on my shed onto the panel) "What? nothing to do with the wind, then? Pretty rubbish fence in that case..." A few years on, daughter a toddler: Neighbour (same one) "The bearings on your tumble drier are going. I can hear it clear when I put my ear to the wall.." Me "I know... So why are you putting your ear to the wall?"