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  1. My word. That is nothing less than epic. I salute you!
  2. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Yes indeed. Like when I waltzed into a restaurant and ordered my meal entirely in Urdu... The looks of surprise were wonderful to behold; it was a French restaurant.
  3. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    For Dr. Who fans: The Cult of Skaro* meet for their annual dinner, at a London restaurant specialising in chicken. Having made their order, an embarrassed looking waiter approaches. "I do apologise, erm... Gentlemen." - he says - "we've mixed up the order slips. Were you the Korma, Marengo, Chasseur, Southern Fried..." The foursome begin waving their eyestalks and limbs wildly, shrieking: "Daleks are Supreme! Daleks are Supreme!" *Dalek secret society of 4 members engineered somewhat differently for a wider emotional range.
  4. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    You know you're in trouble when a friend rings you up promising to treat you, then arrives with a bucket of creosote...
  5. Churchill Bridgelayer

    A few clarifying views there... Thank you.
  6. I usually start with Hannants (usually state whether something will be reordered), then manufacturer, then kingkit, then Ebay.
  7. Churchill Bridgelayer

    Thank you Seahawk; I already have that. Centaur has sent me a selection of very good plans of the actual vehicle, for which I offer thanks. Cheers, esteemed comrades all.
  8. Hats & Caps

    Military hats are meant to make one look taller. Chefs' hats are said to have been worn in crowded dark kitchens to enable staff to pick out the actual chef when in difficulty... As with officers' headgear. Nowadays, of course, no frontline officer wants to invite attention (or, as Rostand put it in 'Cyrano de Bergerac') "the honour of being a target", and kitchens are safer and well lit. Besides, the chef is easily found; he's the one screaming "it's [frobishing] raw!" I did my RGN training just before nurses' hats disappeared; for us they were discretionary, though also dependant on the ward sister's preference. My group opted for hats unanimously and complained that male staff were not expected to wear them. So I asked for a yellow top hat, with a white band (student colour) in year one, adding another until I had three in Year three. Dark blue thereafter. What a sight! We'll never know - the hospital declined my request. Incidentally, capes had gone by then from discretionary wear to supplied on request only; I tried to order a male version, a la Count Vlad. Again, no. Gender discrimination, I say!
  9. Pet hates.

    Profound stupidity - consider these two examples: Care Assistant (Cwmbran) "You know [name] is allergic to poultry..?" Me "Yes, she is." CA "Do that mean she can't have tomatoes?" Neighbour (newly moved in, following gale) "Your bean sticks have knocked down my fence." Me (on seeing a larch lap panel indeed blown over, with yes, three loose bamboo sticks blown from leaning on my shed onto the panel) "What? nothing to do with the wind, then? Pretty rubbish fence in that case..." A few years on, daughter a toddler: Neighbour (same one) "The bearings on your tumble drier are going. I can hear it clear when I put my ear to the wall.." Me "I know... So why are you putting your ear to the wall?"
  10. Hats & Caps

    I've worn cricket hats, an Australian bush hat, and a Polish fur hat - all of which, when worn in my former place of work (Cwmbran) led the natives to continually try to pick fights with me. When in Cardiff, my Kefiyeh (also gone for reasons of socio-political expediency) sometimes kept the weather at bay. When riding my tricycle (kinaesthesia compromised, can't ride two wheels) on seeing my perfectly normal cycling helmet, I had comments about "that's where my NHS money went"; I thought the little wew meant my salary - I work in health care, but private sector (more work less pay and no respect from management, the press or public) and said so before I realised the implication. My Panama was removed from the office at the current place of work and placed on the head of a client. So I've given up. Oddly enough, I have vague memories of wearing a Trilby and (faux) fur collared coat as a 5 year old; my mother used to reminisce about how my appearance was so much better then, but looking back I reckon I looked like a second hand car salesman... ('Onest, now; old lady only used it to attend her home chapel at Easter and Epiphany... Well aye, she was a Lebanese Maronite, I admit...) Hat? Never again. No indeed.
  11. Airfix LCVP Landing Craft

    I hear you. I have the same problem. Fussy daughter (worth it), Vegan wife, Diabetic me. If I prepare Tabouleh, I have to do a batch for wifey* Arab style - lots of parsley - while mine is Israeli style (tons of mint. I'm Welsh, so it's mint with everything). No meat in the cawl either... *From Cheltenham.
  12. Airfix LCVP Landing Craft

    Mmmm... Samose... Patra... A repast fit for a sage. Was there naan? I'm peckish now; I'd like an Aztec bar, but they're no longer available. Still, we must make sacrifices... Looking forward to the boat. I as going to build mine in post war civilian guise as a dive platform, as used by some American science wallah. Can't remember who.
  13. Airfix LCVP Landing Craft

    Love the chocolate bar (snickers quietly to self...) Build seems a bit of a sprint; mine tend to be more of a marathon... I'll go now.
  14. spheres, weights in paint to keep it smooth

    I've been using a batch of appallingly bad (ballistics wise) .22" airgun pellets. These were an option for me since I use a lot of Phoenix Precision enamels, which are still lead based. They're heavy and non- spherical, so do a good job. But I will be replacing them with stainless steel balls. So yes, indeed: agitators are a good idea.
  15. Churchill Bridgelayer

    Thank you very much indeed. PM follows...