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  1. TVs best characters

    I found Scrubs veered close to reality, but it was in America so I didn't mind. Green Wing, on the other hand... You just wouldn't believe what went on in hospitals!
  2. Sir Lancelot is identified as from overseas. If you discount the Hollywood-favoured theory about the Round Table being former Roman troops (most of us do) that leaves the Celtic natives. Normans and Angevins were still French speaking for a couple of generations, at least, but we don't model accents... Purrheps in a manneur of speaking, after a snifteur of the good French Cognac, ne c'est pas monsieur? I forgot the Doctor! Pertwee, during the UNIT period. But that was a UN organisation, so I wouldn't be too sure...
  3. West Jet B.737-800

    Nothing in this universe is ever lost; we just sometimes lose access to it. This time you didn't; delightful indeed!
  4. Categories: I found some more. Myth and Legend: Lancelot from the Arthurian Cycle Straight forward fiction: Simon Templar's Volvo, from 'The Saint' Fantasy: Stuck, I'm afraid. Edit: No I'm not! There was a cheesy TV series in the same mould as 'Xena' (may have been part of the same storytelling universe) about Celts. I saw little of it - excessive cringe factor - but among the villains was a Roman ex-Centurion. And a kosher SF build: a Dalek, from the Dr Who story set during WWII, in which Churchill has some Dalek allies. I also recall a BBC Radio play in which a saucer is recovered from Nazi Germany at the war's end and taken for flight testing. (Was it 'Slipstream' by Simon Bovey?)
  5. TVs best characters

    Loved that, also Scrubs. I might start a thread on TV comedy; there's something I'd like to put to you all. Back to the subject in hand: Best TV Police officer - Hamish MacBeth.
  6. From Failure to Failure

    Is 5' significant, I wonder? Mine is also of that approximate height, and I really have trouble remembering any time when I've been happy with her.
  7. But not Angles/Saxons/Jutes? Apart from the Romans, those other groups form a significant part of the English identity. Strictly speaking, in a historical context, British means Welsh and Cornish. Ethnically, Bretons also count.
  8. Off the top of my head: USA 'Tanks' - 0-6-0 dock locomotives Swiss Gas Turbine, 1960s (one off) Class 50, 66, 67 None of these are available as kits, as far as I know, in 1/76. Various Fireless Steam Locomotives - kits were available in 1/76, some might be suitable. Michelin Road-railer; LMS trials, very rare kit. Rolling stock: various modern stuff; I don't know what might be available, not my period I think there were numbers of WWI surplus American narrow gauge wagons in use somewhere. Stretching things a bit for SF: Angel Interceptor (Pilots with plummy English accents)...
  9. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Two alien scouts meet. Says one: "Your designation is what" He/she/it/schlur replies: "Nine six delta three circle two five Pi." "Ah?" - says the surprised colleague - "You don't look Jewish..."
  10. British Army 1969; Uniform colours: What are people using?

    If I might be so bold as to give myself a little bump, and report that the hull interiors (such as they are, not that anyone will see past the crew) of the Ferrets have been primed.
  11. Most memorable film scenes..

    Fight scene towards the end of Yojimbo: do bring a sword to a gunfight, especially if you're a well trained Ronin and he's a Yakuza lowlife...
  12. Finally settled on my next build, having obtained some replacement wheels for my JB Saladins; a brace of these, plus two Ferret Mk. 2 to form an armoured car troop, in peacetime perhaps about to embark on a training run, but not in full Combat Order. It seems I can get away with crews wearing: Pixie Suits AFV Crew Overalls Shirts and Trousers and will likely go for the latter two. Does anyone have a particular colour/brand preference for painting these uniforms in 1:76? I can easily find Humbrol (no surprises there) and Revell Enamels, Acrylics by GW, Vallejo, Revell and Tamiya, so any of these would be first choice. I don't mind using a selection of different manufacturers' products. Anyone have an opinion on who does the best Flesh colour? My thanks, esteemed comrades, as always.
  13. Wessex HU.5 with aftermarket decals and spares box upgrades

    Well indeed. I had already seen this set; I must say you really have made them look good! What material are they made in? I was after some to reposture to hang around a Saracen.
  14. Harrier GR.1 Load

    Thank you all, gentle comrades. So, a much more sensible load for me, then. If I can find the bits of my second Harrier, I think: Fuselage: Vinten pod Inner wing: Tanks or Lepus flares Outer wing: Matra pods or Lepus flares Fuselage: 1000lb Bomb or not Inner wing: Matra pod or 1000lb Bomb Outer wing Matra pod. How does this seem?
  15. Wessex HU.5 with aftermarket decals and spares box upgrades

    Very nice. From where do the Special Guest Stars come?