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  1. I have one in an Airfix self disintegrating box. Its an earlier Commando with the front drum. The parts and instructions are still good, chrome is coming off but I think its a '70's kit Removing the chrome is first thing done anyway. The tires are still good as well, something to watch for in older m/c kits. I have the Italeri kit as well , it needs a lot of work to get done and could be described as a little 'clunky'. And with the materials available today , re-spoking the wheels is easier done . Some simple jigs and a spoking diagram makes it easy. I had a '72 C
  2. A few more tips; - sand the exterior of the tubing for a more realistic 'scale ' look. - use a rigid malleable piece of wire inside the tube to help form and keep the shape. - heat can be used to remove the inherent springiness , lol - Bare metal foil strips can be used to replicate the metal ends (ferrules) of the cables and the clamps on lines - - research the bike being modelled and focus on cable and line routing , as well as the fastening to th frame etc. - suppliers : RB Motion , HiroBoy , Accuston , Master Details and the most profitable will be the be
  3. That black vinyl tubing is the bane of m/c model builders. It is fulfilling the role of oil , gas , cables all of which are different textures , colors and diameters. I cant supply you with actual specifications , I can tell you to throw that stuff in the bin as its too big for most of the use's its supplied for. I can also tell you that the model builds up well , here it is in the Triumph Custom Show Bike format: The model is an amalgam of several Triumph types and is not representative of any single model of actual Triumph. I used clear for the gas line a
  4. Again I'll wait and see for myself. As no one else has the kit and its not available yet , rendering opinions is an exercise in futility. Just me thats all.
  5. LOL Wow so pre-order means pre-judging a kit not even out yet!? I'll wait until it comes out and see for myself before listening to any drivel of that sort.
  6. Thanks Ozzy. A little family history. Both my parents were from Burnley. Both lost their fathers in the '30's Both were teenagers at the start of WW 2. My Mum , the younger , remembered being evacuated and an over zealous Air Warden forcing a gas mask onto her and my Grandmother admonishing him. My Dad,keen to be in service but too young ,did whatever he could for the war effort . He ended up "installing the tailfeathers of the rockets on the Typhoons". They , like many , were starved out of England post - war . My Dad coming to Canada first , my Mum
  7. Andrea Miniatures splendid offering commemorating the pilots of The Battle. Perhaps a bit jovial in contrast to the grim reality of the close run thing. He will be mostly out of box , the exception will be a custom base that will interlock with the PCM Hurricane's base to arrive at a later date. I hope I'm not too soon...
  8. Looks like a Dr 1. Does NOT look like Mao. If hypocrisy was money , model forums would be banks.
  9. Incredible the amount of garbage I'm reading about the whole scenario. Yes . I know I dont hafta read it , but it is news and thats digestible , the other crap being laid down is indicative of the nature of the customer base targeted , by Meng and other model companies. And its not a flattering indicator. Kudos to Meng for stepping up , if thats what happened ! I hope they can release the rest of the catalogue or the molds they have , and whoever has the rest , does the same. As of this ponit I DONT BELIEVE ANYONE ON A MODEL FORUM regarding this news.
  10. I use this glue: Thin it down to perhaps 50/50 with water , and repeated applications to ensure capillary action pulls the glue into all the space's available.
  11. Still in. Would like to change my entry to this fig: I had a thread here regarding rag-wing BoB Hurricanes and it seems to have disappeared! In the end the fig and the Hurricane model will have interlocking basework anyway , they are intended to be the same display.
  12. Thanks HDawg. Ref pics show the bombs in no pristine order. Bombs would not be sanded and primed and 3 coated in my opinion. A coat of paint to prevent oxidation with no frills. Manhandled onto and off of carts , cables and mounts being attached , etc. 'Weathered' may not be the best description , as weathering suggests extended exposure to the elements... Thanks for commenting. The tidy little rack gets some p/e and eyelet detail :
  13. Thanks for looking in. Final prep on the fuel tanks was to drill for the fuel feed: Wanted that done as flipping the wing for rigging prep is long over due: The wing , although more stable and robust than you would imagine , is stabilized for the eyelet installation onslaught looming ahead. I'll do the rigging connections as well . Working info suggests that WW! German aircraft had turnbuckles on the lower connections for the most part. Ref pics also confirm that info.
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