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  1. krow113


    And one rocker arm dropped in to check spring spacing and visual cues. I 'm real happy with this , it all looks straight and even just like engine parts should look: Intake spring set done in 40 minutes:
  2. krow113


    Thanks Michael! Work progressing slowly and steadily: Engines obviously just plopped in for visualizing and detail additions etc.
  3. krow113


    And some heavy assy:
  4. krow113


    Thank you , Hakan. Todays work was concerned with engine detailing. The list of additions went through 30 + quickly , so some work was in order. Drilling to pin the additional lines for the hot water feed and return to the carb , as well as the HV wire tube ends was realized by a quick tiny pin point mark and drilling from .2 mm - . 5 mm , finishing with a quick twist of a .9 mm drill: And working steadily 5 holes in the top tube , 6 in the bottom and the ends drilled out , scraped and smoothed took just over an hour. Nice to use the kit parts:
  5. krow113


    Thanks Michael! I'm happy with it now. The strips of business card were the biz , the straight edge worked perfect: The work on alignment is crucial for the 'look' of the rocker gear. Part 3 The Rockers is next.
  6. krow113


    Thanks Hakan & Michael. Springs were matched for length , one lost means one to be made. Strips of business card were used to space and align the springs in a row: The glue was used full strength and allowed some teasing of the springs into alignment. I really don't know if I'm happy with this , here is the final shot today: POed at losing the spring I used a sheet of transfer tape to lift anything that would adhere , off the floor and found the spring. And re-visiting the alignment issue , 2 strips of business card were used to good effect , the outside strip 's front edge was used to line up on the template's 15 degree angle line: Way better , visiual alignment is now possible as well as the cards holding the springs in line while the glue sets.
  7. krow113


    Thanks SSAM Peeling off the camshaft assy proved to be uneventful , alla the 'T's stayed on and all in one piece ! I take that as as sign of the job turning around for the better. The heads were drilled accordingly to accept the longer alignment 'T's and the camshaft was offered up again , this time to much better effect. I used a folded strip of paper to check the centering of the rocker arm space to the ports: And with everything in much better alignment aa 50/50 mix of water/Weldbond PVA was wicked into the space at the bottom of the 'T's , you can see it here: This will capillary in as it drys and really secure the parts. So that takes care of part one - The Camshaft assy. Part two - The Springs is next. Thanks for looking , the view count is what inspires me to keep posting.
  8. krow113


    Hakan and Michael - Thank you! And carry on I did with the Taurus set. An attempt to introduce the valve springs and rocker arms revealed that your truly had placed the camshaft on backwards. This caused the mis-alignment of the rockers and the springs. I peeled off the camshaft , the glue holding alla the 'T's in place (some small joy) , of course the longer alignment 'T's were out of place , and not wanting to remove them , I drilled out the holes in the top of the cylinder heads to insert the longer posts into. This secured them and lined up things nicely. My posts here and on the WW1 forum will help others to get through the set , having alla the pitfalls , fallen into and pointed out helps! lol. This pic shows the misalignment if you place the camshaft backwards , note the two springs and the T post behind them:
  9. krow113


    Still working on getting the Taurus engine set sorted. Having probs keeping the parts stuck together. The repeated applications of cyano got me po'ed so I took the assy apart and re-did it with the glue shown. Hopefully I can get it on straight and level now. The glue seems to be working better , and I can thin it down and wick it into the parts for strength: I'm starting to question the worth of the set as it is fraught with pitfalls. Today the attrition rate of rocker arm removal had me almost stuff the wjhole set. Some broke at the introduction of the razor saw blade, breaking as soon as they were touched! I'll persevere until I run out of parts ,AGAIN , before throwing in the towel. Who said that! I waited and installed the camshaft assy , much better this time : The pva glue sucking into the parts rather than crusting up like some crusty bit of toast or something: Ill be wicking in thinned pva for the next little while. The parts are spaced evenly , and mounted correctly , we'll see if it stays that way.
  10. krow113


    Chris , Francis , Richard - Thank you. Some accy 's get attention. I drybrushed the guns and a few other details: Waiting for oil wash' to dry. A few more paint and weathering treatments and then the fun of the final positioning and embedding in the base.
  11. krow113


    Very well then , thank you... The lower wing gets some oil wash' of black and Paynes grey:
  12. krow113


    Thanks Hakan and Michael. Fuel tank procedures as follows: Paint brass x three colors. Tape off moulded in straps. Coat with chipping medium. Paint green -gray x 2 colors . Apply water to activate medium and chip,scrape etc until satisfied. Remove debris created by chipping. Use fuel , oil , and grime fluids. Heat gun after each application to speed the work up. Sealed numerous times with 50/50 IPA / Future . Drybrush with chrome silver. Drybrush with brass and feather in brass areas on the tanks. Final seal with flat clear. Tanks to be 'embedded' when installed on the model. Pretty much gonna be the same type of procedures for EVERY PART on this model , that's the way to build a unique and colorful model. Final iteration: Best advice is to use up the modelling products you buy and pay so much for ,gladly , put them to use! And have fun with it , I usually don't know how things will end up looking , I just go about it in a controlled random application of products and paint based on a familiarity with mechanical workings. Make sense!?
  13. krow113


    Thanks CFF. Gonna be a lot of sub assy's painted before the BIG SHOW . Speakin' of , here are the gas (petrol) tanks ran through a few procedures and into about 75% finished:
  14. krow113


    Hakan , Silenoz , and of course , Michael Thanks muchly , the view count and comments are inspirational. Continuation of the lower mid wing work continues with the application of the mask previously made for the ongoing mask set development: A quick white and then a splash of stainless: Low tack application tape for vinyl signwork is used on the decal portions , and with no issues the work is complete within 1/2 an hour: This lower mid wing part has been stalling the work as I tried to figure out the procedure for alla these paint and decal applications. The big test here was whether the application tape would pull up the decal , no worries there everything worked out positively , of course masking was removed expeditiously as it always should be. There are a number of treatments to go here and this is just the top surface!
  15. krow113


    Getting the work done on the lower wing center section. Gloss black application , distressed , Smoke application , distressed , and sealed with 50/50 IPA/Future :