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  1. resin steel . resin copper , resin aluminum what is that and each kit from protar , italeri etc all have diff wheel sizes , so im not sure how useful these sets are adding it all up with shipping is close to 100 quid too , for rims and spokes , no hubs offered they look to be Norton style rims , but not any others i would pass on this stuff and use the money to get into metal casting supply which is what i did for my hillclimber wheels after trying kit hubs and resin casting , metal cast wheels sets are best and should be complete: hubs - rims- spokes - nipples , all model specific. inherent tension created during lacing brings up problems: I used kit hubs and rims for master as the kit tires fit then this along with kit specific chain and sprocket sets would benefit the builders of these kits prolly see a lot more of them built with these glaring problems sorted out
  2. I would like to see your hubs , rims and spokes for the kits mentioned.
  3. Theres a guy who recast Revells Shovel/Knuckle engine and sells them on ebay. Prolly has gravy on his chips once and awhile but other than that the M/C model market is slim pickings for any kind of business venture. ALL of the kits mentioned here could do with spoked wheel sets , as well as most of the early M/C kits. That would mean a sausage or two with the chips and gravy. lol
  4. All that sounds like a better use of your time.!
  5. That kit and engine are not the most accurate rendition of a Triumph . I mean like a full page of inaccuracy's , I'm not sure of all of them, you may want to look into that before doing all that work. Lots of those kits around , why the need for a re-casting ? When I built the 'Triumph Custom Show Bike' I decided there was too much to do to make it closer to the real thing and built it pretty much OOB:
  6. I've been thinking of this model. Also been busy finishing the chopper from an earlier post. Just finished pipe fabrication: Been long enough off the model , some real difficult issues to be resolved for work to recommence. I'm thinking on it...
  7. To be considered. These late war D 9's had manufacturers all over Germany , thats why you see the multicolor , un matched and spotty camo patterns. One manufacturer doing the wing assy's would have NO clue as to which fuse the wings were being attached to. Also paint supply was running low as well. lol Trumpy's 1/24 offering.
  8. I was sure it was a hard edge.
  9. Has to be for injection moulding purpose' they did it that way. And will be tough to fix. Count the fins above it - 3 on the model , 2 on the real thing. Its only me who sees it , most wont care. Now the rocker box upper profile looks a little off too...lol
  10. Good stuff. Are you gonna address the rear exhaust port? Very visual , very apparent , very wrong , lol.
  11. I have the kit and a dial indicator , the kit instructions state the wheels are 16" , may do some checking if I cant find anything I'd rather do...lol
  12. Other than the Tamiya sets shown above , the only other I can think of is the Airfix bag kits. I have an Ariel Arrow bag kit here but it has no scale on it.
  13. Polish the hell out of it . Clean it really well with evaporative cleaner. Keep your fingers and everything else away from it. Hit it real quick with a light coat of a lacquer clear. Lacquer so it dries immediately and wont collect dust as it does. The kit looks to be really nice and really nice when its done. There one done on the MFH FBook page. Good luck.
  14. Good stuff. You have the factory look of that year of Harley pretty much down. I cringe still when i see the kits rear exhaust mount at the head. Prolly the one issue that I just cant understand. lol
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