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  1. krow113


    Genny position swapped: Front lower framework begins with a rod inserted into the rigging points of the uncut cowl: You can also see the cleanup needed in the uncut cowl as well. This gives me the position of the crossbar that holds the rigging points: WNW decals on HGW p/e for the engine placards:
  2. krow113


    Cowl work and air scoop clearing:
  3. krow113

    Rigging help (can moderator move this to ww2)

  4. krow113


    Thanks Mass & Michael. It is a good feeling to be back at it. I worry about losing momentum , parts and forgetting stuff I already figured out. Minimal this time , but I did lose a genny somewhere... that's why I determine stopping points that are easy to pick up from. This kit is best approached as a series of medium sized kits , as I have done ie:fuse , then the middle wing , etc and approaching by colors helped a lot. Smallish detail added in the form of a generator , taken from the WNW accy sprue , a bracket and a pulley made and hung in the pod off an engine bearer:
  5. krow113


    Thanks GrzeM. Here are some shots of the engine area to be exposed ; See any issues?
  6. krow113


    Thank you Michael. Oil tank repositioning based on the pic in Gotha! page 16 , # 36. The mount is of my own design and will have 2 inverted 'V' struts added: Final config:
  7. krow113


    Thanks Michael! Figuring out of the engine area detail has been intense the last few days. There are a lot of parts at play and all of them work together. This is the most difficult and detailed part of the kit. Today I figured it was time to cut the front and rear panels of the exposed engine. One easy: One not so easy: Cleaned up , holes cleared out and thinning out begins , starting to look a lot better:
  8. krow113

    The Big Red Lo

    A strip of chrome is cut and added to accent the floorboards: This and a lot of paint work going on. I'll conservatively add 4 hours on here.
  9. krow113


    Thanks AW. And everyone else looking in , I hope you guys are learning something! lol! Engine pod and area received some attention last night , just casual fitting and figuring and the rigging points applied: Yes I know the front struts need to be in place , no glue here , just lookin'!
  10. krow113


    Thank you ,John And here is Gaspatch's anemometer mounted: What the end of the tube looks like to receive the meters flange: Thanks for lookin'!
  11. krow113

    The Big Red Lo

    Thanks kpnuts Wheels got painted and although the pics look good there are some minor issues , some more polishing as I like the gloss finish and have no flat finish' on the model save the engine. This is one of the toughest operations on the model. I used 1/16" drafting tape (a mistake) in conjunction with 1/2" Tamiya tape. Use the plastic tape if possible , my drafting tape was like masking tape , so my edge is a little crappy in some areas. Tape off the edge of the rim first with 1/2" then do the demarcation line in the 1/16" I' ll fix them up: 2 hours
  12. krow113


    Thanks Silenoz While waiting for paint to dry I fabbed up and soldered an anemometer mount as per numerous reference pics:
  13. krow113

    The Big Red Lo

    While the clear sets I dimensioned the throttle lock screw. A missing semi-prominent detail on the right handlebar: I'll see if I cant get the laser to cut it out , 4mm in diameter to scale.
  14. krow113

    Laser cutting as a modelling technique

    Some signwork: The burl is nice material to burn. Layout is fun too , working around the textures and striations in the wood. Combining with stainless is nice too.
  15. krow113

    Laser cutting as a modelling technique

    Gonna try this next; The throttle lock screw from a big twin Harley. For my 1/6 Big Red Lo. Its 25 mm in dia , so just over 4mm when done :