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  1. Nicely done in a very timely fashion. Rigged with?
  2. I agree both threads and builds are going well for those of us watching too. Looks like the 2 builders will have a good chance at the solving of this kits problems. Kudos.
  3. Tailfeathers connected and the slight gap filled with hsp: Figuring out the paint sequence is coming clearer. These parts need to be connected and their seams addressed. Looking at the top wing with an eye for assy and getting the joint seam dealt with. I think I'll make a cradle. And so I did a plate out of 12mm composite material: Sizing: Test clamping: Final clamping and a lovely ooze from the joint: Larger components gathered: This plate takes the plexi model jig parts and has been setup to take A Gotha.
  4. Final work on the simulated plywood underside. First some clear orange , then clear red: Then the red/black/brown mix: And smoke to tie it all together: Finished with the clear mix. Most of this will be covered by the light blue overall underside color , some areas will have wear with the plywood showing through. This part is now ready for the wing painting session ahead.
  5. Thanks Claudius. Shovelheads , Evolutions , to the Revolution VRSCR I ride currently. Work continues on the parts stream , ever-present green/grey applied and chipped , looking for the base finish of the parts : Sealed up with the 50/50 clear: Some of the larger detail pieces of the kit , and focal points as well.
  6. Lower wing center underside gets started: Mask , ivory primer , streaked with brown tones decals ready: Decals in place: Obviously some work needed still. A good set of parts this session: Much of it green/grey with chipping to come:
  7. Bob , Invidia ; Thank you. Wheels made it to tire treatments , some grey/white and then a violet drop added and a glaze made for base coloring: The violet is only on the inner edges of the tire , it will go through grey to almost white in the tire middle. I like to remove the masking as soon as possible: These are heat dried , sealed with gloss clear and will be left for a good while to cure. The lavender color is subtle and hardly shows here , but I'm happy with it. They will be embedded/weathered with the rest of the underside when its done.
  8. Thanks s2000. I'm watching your G V - GIV conversion. I have that Hippo kit as well, not really attached to it... Herein work resumes with another sampler of parts into first color: And lets see what all the fusss is about: Quickly through chip fluid app , spray , demask , remask with liquid mask: OOoeer! And a DB color chart: The black sprayed nicely. The colors are finely ground and my feeling was that they are designed to be mixed into the colors one wants. Very nice. Don't like the bottles. Some were full to the top others lower. Most likely due to filling by weight (?) Try as I did , I still managed to spill some while opening the bottle. I'm looking forward to using them.
  9. Thanks kp. Wheel half-masks were produced and applied:
  10. Got bit by a Gotha... ...work continues with flap attachments: Thanks for lookin'!
  11. Quickly though primer with light coats , into first colors. Blacks and metallics for the landing gear and bombs: White then adding colors to the cup , light green , olive drab , and then brown gives an ivory look to the wheel covers: Bomb tips in brass , everything under a seal coat of 50/50 IPA/Future. This is a good start to the finish painting of these parts.
  12. Todays work is the layout of the stacking bumps on the wings. Laid out as per the RR build guidebook: HO railroad modelling supplies .040" rivets for this: As per a few reference pics as well. Switched to .050" at the last second...: Stacking bumps get primer to blend: The front edges of the wings will be a little beat up as that's how they look to me in pics. And I glued the rear stabilizers and the rudder, a little canted , not quite saucy but just a little: Done this way to facilitate the camo paint work. The control horns can be added later and wont be in the way of an already involved paint scheme. I have a good number of parts ready for primer so I'll do a session tonight.
  13. Some actual modelling... The bombs lose their tips: ...and the entire flying surface partset gets de-sprued and cleaned up: A suggestion fo the wing parts; cut the sprue well away from the parts: Then cut off the leftover gates with a razor saw. There are straight edges on all the gates to align the saw blade.. After getting some part material loss this solved the problem. I will hafta fill some of the edges. There is also a good number of details that can be added at this point. I did remove the moulded gas line from the top wing center section:
  14. Custom ALPS printed decals for loadout and Gothania logos for the tires. What is printed in black is actually done in white: Thanks to Joker with help there. ...and the 5 color hand painted polygonal night camouflage mask set gets re-visited: Thinking bout this for over a year , I have a procedure and mask sets , just reacquainting myself with the work.
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