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  1. krow113


    Very well then , thank you... The lower wing gets some oil wash' of black and Paynes grey:
  2. krow113


    Thanks Hakan and Michael. Fuel tank procedures as follows: Paint brass x three colors. Tape off moulded in straps. Coat with chipping medium. Paint green -gray x 2 colors . Apply water to activate medium and chip,scrape etc until satisfied. Remove debris created by chipping. Use fuel , oil , and grime fluids. Heat gun after each application to speed the work up. Sealed numerous times with 50/50 IPA / Future . Drybrush with chrome silver. Drybrush with brass and feather in brass areas on the tanks. Final seal with flat clear. Tanks to be 'embedded' when installed on the model. Pretty much gonna be the same type of procedures for EVERY PART on this model , that's the way to build a unique and colorful model. Final iteration: Best advice is to use up the modelling products you buy and pay so much for ,gladly , put them to use! And have fun with it , I usually don't know how things will end up looking , I just go about it in a controlled random application of products and paint based on a familiarity with mechanical workings. Make sense!?
  3. krow113


    Thanks CFF. Gonna be a lot of sub assy's painted before the BIG SHOW . Speakin' of , here are the gas (petrol) tanks ran through a few procedures and into about 75% finished:
  4. krow113


    Hakan , Silenoz , and of course , Michael Thanks muchly , the view count and comments are inspirational. Continuation of the lower mid wing work continues with the application of the mask previously made for the ongoing mask set development: A quick white and then a splash of stainless: Low tack application tape for vinyl signwork is used on the decal portions , and with no issues the work is complete within 1/2 an hour: This lower mid wing part has been stalling the work as I tried to figure out the procedure for alla these paint and decal applications. The big test here was whether the application tape would pull up the decal , no worries there everything worked out positively , of course masking was removed expeditiously as it always should be. There are a number of treatments to go here and this is just the top surface!
  5. krow113


    Getting the work done on the lower wing center section. Gloss black application , distressed , Smoke application , distressed , and sealed with 50/50 IPA/Future :
  6. krow113


    Thanks Michael. If you check page 3 of the WW 1 forum thread - The Gotha , I am working my way through the set. Today was a good day . To paint. Or in the case of The Gotha , some long waited primer on the wing and engine sections: White undersides and flat black tops and metal areas. Some sorely needed exterior colors, the plywood undercolor begins: Metal applications: ...and red and clear to seal: Plywood decals applied , ya gotta love these , they look good and add depth. It will be a pity to paint over most of it and simulate traffic in the area: Still a number of treatments to go.
  7. krow113


    And some black sand work on the main body:
  8. krow113


    And with some momentum the tracks get a first wash of oil and pigments mixed together:
  9. krow113


    Thanks Ripa! Here the figs get a flat clear coat followed by an burnt sienna oil wash on the strapping , then a green mix oil wash on the uniforms: Almost there , some skin tones and grey drybrushing still to go.
  10. krow113


    Also working on the loadout. This set contains a handy resin piece for the gunner to stand on , pretty thoughtful of the manufacturer: Painted , washed , drybrushed & flat cleared:
  11. krow113


    Thanks Francis. Weathering will be simple. This was one of the first engagements of this type, they would be faded a little and not so dirty I would think. Having said that I dove into the weathering , applying the first greenish wash , pushing it into the corners etc. BUT WAIT! Prolly should have some markings prior to the weathering. So the easiest of the decal options was selected and the decals put on while the wash was still setting. I may have some silvering to deal with but I did slice off the excesss decal material and used the full array of decal products. They look ok and I'll deal with any residual issues: Thanks for looking.
  12. krow113


    Thanks D.A. And moving through paint , I first blacked in some of the inner areas and an allover mottle: Then lightening: And finally some blues: I modulated a little , just mixing down the XF 18 with light blue , spraying a final all over mist. Forgot a dozen grab handles, not an armour guy after all...:
  13. krow113


    Taurus customer service is excellent. I ordered more detail sets and asked for some replacement parts for the camshaft set. No problem for Taurus , recommended. ...so into cutting the tiny parts:
  14. krow113


    Thanks Ripaman. I finally managed to clean up the sparay area blowing out the winters wood stove generated dust. Black primer begins , the track holders worked perfect , the only thing I would do different is paint the inside of the track first:
  15. krow113


    I thinks so... lots of positive reactions , a lot of it due to the colorful schemes available . Skulls , flames , mottling , etc , etc ,...