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  1. Do you take those wheels apart to deal with the center seam ? There should be a rim lock opposite of the valve too I think. Keep up the momentum!
  2. How many pics of useless p/e rigging would you like to see? As a custom fabricator of 45 years experience I am able to understand and execute procedures to the best end possible. This is not possible; after 3 weeks of trying and ending up with the same result. 1/32 Biff. Rigged in 3 days after clearing off the mess left by the previous effort. Prym is available , cheap , gives the closest profile to RAF flying wires and can be successfully completed without wasting time.
  3. Cool. The only prob with the kit chain is it is impervious to pretty much anything but looking at it. Tough to form , wont hold shape , absolutely no glue on planet earth will bond it , I even tried melting it together! The best bond was with black tire cyano , I used that to glue a skirt on the seat and it held. Super chain-boy , think yer pretty good eh?! LOL Chain work is only half the work , sprockets must be engineered and made as well. I did make some for The Hillclimber : That pic shows a resin sprocket cast from a master made up of 7-8 cut vinyl
  4. Hey Natty. Yes I did use the RC 211 Top Studio chain for my '47 Bobber rendition of this kit. I'm not one to occlude others threads with my pics , not without asking first anyway. The kit has challenges even without the previous 'work' done on this one! I applaud the effort. I have moulds for casting hubs and rims for this model as well as number of other details relevant to a bobber model. I did pop for the MFH chain for another model , actually 2 of them as it was for a Hillclimber with an extended swingarm. You will notic
  5. Dimensions taken and another file for the Gotha accessorie series for the mirrors. Cut out of chrome/mirror sign material:
  6. S'more fuse detail work. On the IP doghouse adding the 2 mirrors and sorting the windshield. Mirrors are mounted ,the left by drilling out the marked hole inside the doghouse and guessing where the right one went , both mounted slightly angled up and to the outside , care given that the 2 faces are parallel when viewed from the side. You can see the windshield in the pic laying there. I suggest that the windshield be fitted when the doghouse work is started. It fits problematically and needs special care to get it sorted: P/E bezels were used to replicate
  7. Fuse details; Specifically the gunring , gunring door , and the debris guards: A pic to show the a/m guard screen (not used , as well as the other 80% of the useless a/m set): No ref pics for the a/m screen , lots for the kit parts. Set up for painting.
  8. Thank you. Detail work continues , big surprise , interior gun ring detail was made from flat black vinyl : Hardware was embossed and drybrushing done: In-stalled: Gun ring p/e plopped on for a look:
  9. Thanks Rod; Front fuse detailing continues with custom printed loadout and warning decals applied:
  10. Mind numbing busy work. Double glueing the 40 odd eyelets into the top wing , rib tape decal repair and paint touch ups , readying the top wing for its install. Also thinking about strut attachment to the bottom wing.
  11. Drybrush masks were used to do the steps and window frames: Dbrushed in four colors: A good time to point out the useful demarcation provided by the cockpit coaming. I have a mask for this as well.
  12. Final details on The Deathhead:
  13. The Deathhead final configuration; He looks a little stark hangin' out there , plenty of details to keep him company coming up!
  14. Thanks for looking in. I cant go any farther with the AB . Jaw shape looks a lot better and it looks more in line with the pic: It would be silly to try and make the dhead exactly like the pic, pretty much impossible anyway , so I'll get it as close as possible. My Sotar went down to 3.5 lbs pressure , clogging almost immediatley but soldiered through the minute color applications. The masks worked splendidly , easily modified , easily stretched into shape removed and replaced numerous times. Next will be the use of the brush with the single hair! No br
  15. Thanks BBogus. And everyone else looking in. The Struggle is real! A very complicated set of masks and an unclear procedure begets some hesitation and reworking: Worth it: You decide: Still needs work , only at about 50%. The lower jaw profiles need some work and then on to the final tiny details.
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