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  1. Hey robw_uk, you got it correct. I have a load of fun with spray glue going everywhere. Hey Steve!!
  2. Good Luck Manfred!!! This is going to be epic. I know it will turn out just great as always.
  3. Hey Badder and everybody!! I'll be back to work on this project shortly. I've had to much time off, so itchy to get to work on this. See you soon.
  4. Frog Romance is back! Will be starting up again in a couple of weeks. I'll do some work on this so I have fresh photos for everyone. Thanks All!!
  5. Merry Christmas Manfred, and Happy New Year to and your family! The project looks really great with the details. Keep up the good work, I'll check back sometime.
  6. Wonderfully researched again, as always! Good luck and have fun scratching these very small details!!
  7. It's been forever since I'v read about this wip, great job. I'm glad the move went well (I guess?) I'm in the middle of a move myself. I'll be back
  8. Ummm.......Steps and hand rails!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Have fun!
  9. Great report Manfred! I don't get to check your reports as often as before, but as always, great job on the research. I can tell you are going to have a good time scratching these small details. Have fun! I'll stay tuned.
  10. Do you have any hair left on your head?? I'd be pulling mine out by the hand fulls! Your "multi-function" dio base is still a great idea, and one that I will steel from you right now! I'm hangin' in there with you, what ever you decide to do.
  11. I think you have come across a great idea. Interchangeable subjects on 1 diorama base! COOL! I do like the idea of a winter scene, and the farmhouse is to well done to not to use somewhere. Of course you would have a totally different scene with out the farm house, but still a nice piece of modeling with or without. I feel for the decision making process, I'm in the same boat here. I look at my stash of kits and think about how much time is left to build all these kits. Better just get on with it, and keep building. Anything you do is going to look grea
  12. This a really cool experiment Manfred. I'm sure I can use this technique for something, really nice effect!
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