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  1. Hey All, Spring has sprung and modeling has slowed somewhat. I've been busy working with my Dio and doing yard work. I have managed to skin the top and back of the cab. I started with an easy piece to get into shape. Once I had this portion bent into place it was off to the paint shop. A little more sanding ...... Nice clean paint..... This lives here.... The color's coming around... I'll be back with more skin n
  2. Thanks for the commiserations guys, it was nice to know I had some company. Hey Altogether, So after the latest misfire and subsequent launch pad destruction, everything has been cleaned up and ready for rebuilding. The first thing I wanted to do was to repair the launch pad rails and stairs. To my good fortune, the rails and stairs all broke off the pad as whole parts. All I had to do was to re-glue these into place. now that the launch pad has been repaired and placed back in the Dio, all th
  3. Hey Altogether, I spent most of this week cutting out the craziest shapes, and getting stressed about fitting these into place. I bounced around a bit with the skin. I also worked on the doors. The crazy shapes to work with........ The doors are doors and not so hard to build. I made the leather stow bags from brown paper grocery bag soaked in water and PVA glue. I used the rod to hold the shape... Then I would go back to work on the cab skin and get thing bent into shape
  4. Hey All, So the goal here recently is to post at least once a month, or more as needed. Even if the build agrees or not. The last posting was dealing with the "cat-astrophe" and the mess they left with the build. After an analysis of the disaster, most of the damage was just visual. The Launch Tower is an other story tho. The tractor and crane were separated at the swivel point. This was just a matter of setting upright and re-securing the crane to the tractor. The top rigging is a mess and will have to be re-strung......
  5. You guys are just great with the comments. I'm glad everyone is following along. Hey Guys, This week was installing the cab into the cab frame. The actual install was just slipping this into place, but getting everything to squeeze into the cab when putting the roof on was quite a tight fit. The build for the roof was very simple, and only the interior lamp and the sun visors needed to be built. All I did for the sun visors was a bit of card, wrapped with .05mm styrene rod. This is turned over and secured into place
  6. Hey All, This has been a fun and creative week of just making stuff up as I worked. I had references for most of the cabin control boxes but I sort of just made what looked good, but still resemble the real deal. I started the cabin build with the floor. I use the standard Evergreen Siding sheet to form the floor mats. Once I had these shaped, I started with the control boxes. I had to build so many, that I just set each apart like little individual mini kits... The control boxes are just that, boxes. lots of sma
  7. Hey Steve, The Slot and Tab fitting is designed into the original vector line patterns that I am using by whomever rendered the original drawings. I don't need to use these, they just make a much stronger joint.
  8. You guys are great with the bashing of fenders and all. I'm just going to leave it as is....... Hey, This week was a bit slower for working on this project. I had a wild impulse about building a kit OOB just to do something a bit different. But I did manage to get the cab interior built, and start on the cab details. One of the things I had to do was to perform a bit of surgery. I had secured the cab skeleton, ready for interior/exterior, last posting, but upon trying to get the cab interior into place, I had a really bad binding problem and could n
  9. My Chopper arrived yesterday, with a single stop. ( I wonder why Japanese received a double stop?) I'm ready to chop Manfred, Thanks!
  10. What a great solution Steve. I have been considering scratching a Russian Bat-M. This track scratch is right up my ally. Nice Job!
  11. Thank you guys for the great comments! Hey Altogether, A small posting this week. I knew that this week would be a slow build. The skeleton of the cab had to support the skin, so there were so many parts to get things right. Some of the parts.......and nuts. This part is the floor of the cab. Once I got most of the parts cut and cleaned, it was time to assemble. You can see the back of the cab with the dash board skeleton and part of the door frame. I should have taken more ph
  12. Thanks Timmas, That was frikin' funny!!!! made my day!
  13. Nice review of the chopper Manfred. As much scratch building as I do this is just what I need to make work a little smoother. I have ordered mine this morning. Thnaks!
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