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  1. Thanks for checkin' back in Sarge. I'm getting ready to start some vehicle production. Check back soon!
  2. I feel another Frankenstein moment coming on! Good luck with the surgery if you choose that path Doctor. I just love finding a really good reference photo after I have built something. It's enough to drive you nuts! You'll make it look great in the end tho. Keep digging my friend.
  3. Hey Richard, Vancouver Island is just up the road. Welcome to the Great Pacific Northwest! The build is great as usual.
  4. RichO

    Big As MAZ - DONE

    Sorry Sarge. We all knew that this would happen! *&^%$@#$%^&*&^%$#!@#$ PB!
  5. Hi Manfred, The Service Tower Floors are fun to build as long as I build one at a time with a day or so in between. The painting is an old fashion rattle can, and the rod is .75mm
  6. Hey Guys, This week was very intense and satisfying. I had to come up with some sort of idea about how to handle the individual floors for the inside of the tower. I only have a few photos of the floors, and these are not so good for references. The card cutout is the shape of the floor. Then transferred to a styrene sheet, at size, for layout, and start the beam work. The main issue was to design a scaffolding to support the floors. I can barely see any support beams in this photo below. So I came up with a design that supports the floor and still fits around the rocket and transporter, and is Revell simplified. In the photo below you can see the layout of the support beam design and the two front gates. I just pulled this out of my thrust nozzle, but it all works fine, and looks good. This is where the first floor is located. Actually this is the fourth floor. This is the first floor that has the front gates. The floors below this are much simpler to build and are just a "U" shape. These will go around the Rocket Support gear. It actually fits. Always test fitting. Now you can see how the floor fits onto the support frame. With the floor in place, the whole thing looks much cleaner. Still wet in the paint shop. I learned a valuable lesson when I painted the floor. I painted the main floor part and set it on the window sill to dry, and a gust of wind took it out the window and lost for days. I was so bummed out that I didn't work on the floor for a while. I found it by accident in the garden this morning three days later. Don't put the parts on the window sill to dry! This is the start of the hand rails that go around the front of each floor. These are the front gates finished, and the bend for the main hand rail. Ready to be painted... The first floor finished, gates down... The first floor finished. Gates up... A bit more minor work and this floor is ready to install. Now I just have to build 13 more floors. I'll be back with what ever's next. Thanks for looking!!
  7. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Thanks for checking in guys! Hey All, The frame detailing continues............. I have the frame suitably greasy and oily... The shine dose not show so good here...but it looks grimy enough in person..... That's it for the frame for now. It's time to move on. I'm starting with the suspension parts first... I'll be back with more of the suspension system. Thanks All..........
  8. Hey! I took some time the last couple of days to work on the measurements of the ascending floors for the Service Tower. Once I got everything worked out around the Transporter Trailer and Rocket, I decided to cut the floors out of card first. I have several items needing to line up along the front of the tower, and this helps visualize the layout. A pile of card...my cereal boxes... In this photo I have cut out the shapes of the floors and the opening for the rocket... Each floor will have to be custom built. The only common measurement is the side wall. Also these pieces are one part. The "real" floors are made of several parts and handrails. Here you can see the layout of the floors... Now that I have established the floors, I have a number of items to add to these floors. Each floor gets it's own handrails around, I have a lift arm that fits on the front of each floor, interior walls...I have no photos of the interior walls or what the floors looks like. This will be covered up by the top of the tower and items in front. This is a blast people! I'll be back with the first floor completed. Thanks for Looking........ Today's movie: "20 Million Miles to Earth" 1957
  9. A great opportunity to to do some really cool beam work on the roof intersection there. Also a barn door type entrance would be a nice way to show off your wood skills, maybe some broken glass?. Great job.
  10. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey Guys, Just a quick posting. I thought I would post some photos of the rusting frame as I go along. This is all going to get covered up and wont be seen again. After I painted the frame the green color, I started the rusting process. This will be somewhat modest compared to the Maz build. I start my rusting by building layers of color. Like one of my gallery paintings, I start with a light wash of the various colors and let everything dry. Then I start to add the layers of rust and texture...These are drying on an open window sill. You can see below on the section of frame, on the left, I have rusted the corners, and on the right, not yet, just my original stain. The rust is gettin' there... This is just about as much as I will do for this part of the frame. When this all sets I will install the X-beams and then do the final weathering for this part of the frame. Once I get the X-beams installed I will tighten up the rusting in the corners and then I want to add a light layer of dull coat to seal all this together. Then a greasy pin wash layer of Black or maybe Raw Umber. I'll be back with more frog romance later........Thanks All.
  11. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    I'd hate to have that land in my back yard! Thanks Sarge.
  12. Thanks Guys for looking in on this and leaving great comments! The tower is still under construction, but coming along nicely. I'm still working on the mid section, and still working out the measurements for the interior floors. I put a liner on the inside walls of the two sides just to make things look cleaner. This liner is the same as the outside texture, but with a smaller spacing between the grooves. Altho it seems not to show up on the photo. Once I got the liner installed, it was off to paint. The next thing to begin considering was the shape and size of the interior floors. The interior floors are a bit of an enigma. I have a ton of photos of the interior, but nothing up close that shows any detail, and nothing that shows the shape or scale of the floors. However, by looking at what I do have, and realizing that the interior floors need to go around the rocket (look at Manfred's photo above), but stay flush with the exterior face. I have come up with an initial design that dose this and still misses the Rocket Transporter. You can see that the transporter lifts the rocket into place right down the center. Sorry for the bad photo... I'll test my design and move up the tower a few floors and see how things look. If I can still get the rocket to fit up to the top floors, I might have something. That's it for now. Still reaching for plastic stars, Later........
  13. Hey Badder, I'm with Sarge on this one! Some of these shots are like looking at the real thing. That's floor is some impressive work. Thanks for sharing.
  14. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey Guys, The Frog is starting to take shape. The frame anyway. I got the x-beams built and ready to install. A bit more fine tuning and I'm ready to fit these into place permanently. I finished the little detail work and got things ready for the next step, and continued the beam work. The X-members still need to be detailed in this photo, but you can see how thing will fit together. A sunny summer day to paint... This is a coat of Russian military green, then a misting of rust. You can see I painted the x-beams separately so I could get the paint into the creases. I only stayed out side a few minutes, 85F / 29C. I thought I would try the salt technique to get the color change I wanted. But, as you will see, the color went onto the project so subtle, the the salt technique was non visible. So this was the only time I took a photo and after this I did not use this technique, no need. The weathered copper color looks a bit more intense out in the daylight, but I really like the color as a ground for the dirt and grease to come... Inside lighting, the color is not nearly as intense, but still shows the nice old copper color... Now I'll take this apart again to let it all set up for a day or so, then permanently install the X-beams. Once I get these installed I will rust up the areas that I wont be able to get to later on. All the little creases and corners. I'll have some close up photos of the weathered rust and junk next time. Thanks Everyone for looking......
  15. HI Manfred, When I was looking at the reference photos, I noticed some texture on the sides of the tower. I wanted to have something with a bit more interest than just flat sheet. I chose Evergreen #2040 V-groove sheet. .040 Spacing (1.0mm) .020 thick (0.5mm) thick. I will also use textured sheet for the inside of the walls. Just a little texture interest. I think it looks better anyway. Thanks!