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  1. CzarPeppers

    Modifying Mig One Shot

    So I ordered a bottle of Mig One Shot to see what the stuff is like. I formerly used Vallejo primers, but I found the inability to sand it once primed rather annoying and I don't have an extractor for Mr. Surfacer annnd I'm getting off topic. Anyways, I ordered grey however it was on back order for awhile and they ended up sending white. But white isn't quite as good for spotting in-perfections. So rather than making a big fuss over the small mistake, I was wondering what you guys thought about adding some Vallejo black to it to make it grey? They're both acrylic and I know Mig's stuff is generally pretty similar to Vallejo. Odorless, water-based, etc. Unlike Tamiya paints which have a more alcoholic smell. So I wouldn't imagine there would be any adverse effects. Suppose I could try a small sample, but I'd still like to get your input. Also, as a random side note. Anyone know a good place to order Gunze acrylics in North America? I know they discontinued the line here, unfortunate since they fill in a lot of the gaps in the Tamiya colour line. I would like to use their enamels, lacquer, whichever it actually is. But setting up an extractor on my workbench is problematic since the only good way of doing it is putting a hole in the wall.
  2. CzarPeppers

    Humbrol Clear (125ml)

    Is that Klear stuff anything like Pledge Future floor finish? Not sure if they sell that over in Europe, but I use it for all my gloss clear coat needs and it is still produced and sold. I'd be curious to try out this Humbrol stuff though.
  3. I got this kit at the time mainly because it was cheap, but it didn't take long after I started building it to realize it was an extremely nice and detailed little kit for 1/72. So I decided to do something a little special with the winter camo pattern. image uploading site free screen capture software
  4. CzarPeppers

    1/48 I-16 Type 17

    I look forward to seeing it.
  5. CzarPeppers

    1/48 I-16 Type 17

    Alright, I think I've managed to get these links working now. Or at least they had better be, otherwise I'm going to be massively embarrassed for bump a bunch of dead links again. Annoying when they work for me just fine, but not for anyone else.
  6. CzarPeppers

    Boulton Paul Defiant Cockpit Photos

    Checked out your thread, nice work so far. The Airfix 1/48 version of the Defiant looks pretty good too, Eduard photo etch I assume? I was going to get the 1/48, but I wanted to do the night fighter version and it didn't come with the markings for such. I could have gotten after market, but ah well.
  7. CzarPeppers

    Boulton Paul Defiant Cockpit Photos

    Thanks guys, these will be very helpful.
  8. CzarPeppers

    Boulton Paul Defiant Cockpit Photos

    Currently working on the 1/72 Airfix kit of the aircraft (doing the night fighter variant), but I've been having a hard time finding good cockpit photos of this aircraft. Most of the ones I have found are just mis-labeled photos of Spitfire or Hurricane cockpits. I suppose it being hard to find such things is understandable considering the aircraft's obscurity and being more or less a complete failure, other than its early success during the Battle of France and Dunkirk before the Germans wised up to the gunner. It doesn't need to be colour, I'm pretty sure I know what the colours are (although if you know feel free to tell me just in case I'm wrong). I mainly just want a reference for adding some more scratch built detail, back in the gunner's position in particular.
  9. CzarPeppers

    1/48 I-16 Type 17

    Sigh, photobucket use to work so well for forum posting. Granted it was 15 years ago that I last did that, I had originally put them up from my Google drive sharing to post which apparently worked for some people. Any recommendations for photo hosting?
  10. CzarPeppers

    1/48 I-16 Type 17

    I tried uploading the photos on another service, hopefully they work now.
  11. Been working on this for quite awhile now, but quite happy with it now that I have finished. Granted I didn't have the greatest lighting for these photos.
  12. CzarPeppers

    Advice for free empty paint containers

    Good to know.
  13. CzarPeppers

    Mig 25 Cockpit colour

    Mr. Paint also makes a premixed version of this. A pretty good looking one by the looks of it, I plan on using it for my Mig-31.
  14. CzarPeppers

    Hello from the Dominion of Canada

    I'm on Vancouver island, just south of Nanaimo.
  15. I know that buying empty containers for paint etc can be rather absurdly expensive, but if you know anyone who uses an e-cigarette ask them if you can have their empty e-liquid bottles. Many of them are basically the same dropper style that Vallejo uses, making them great for paints that you airbrush with, they just need to be cleaned out well. The fancier ones are a little bottle with an eye dropper built into them, which I find are less useful but I use one of them for enamel thinner. I'm personally a vape... ist? And I have found many different uses for these things, so if you know anyone who does it could provide you with a gold mine of useful containers.