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  1. I had valid points to make thereafter. I intended the comment to be conciliatory to both sides of this debate; some very good points having been made. Without the emotive dambusting it would have remained interesting and enjoyable, even though this era and subject are not on my list of modelling interests. I feel that I really don't deserve to be threatened, unless I should take that as an imperative, rather than a threat? I never react well to threats. I'll take at least 31 days off, then, and actually get something done away from the keyboard. Chillidragon out.
  2. Ysgol Dafydd, man! Are you still upset about that? Very well; three pieces of string walk past a bar. One says: "I could murder a pint" The second waves at a sign in the window: No pieces of string allowed. The third says: "I've got this covered. Tie me in the middle and rough me up!" Our hero walks into the bar and orders three pints of best. Says the barman: "Oi! Aren't you a piece of string?" "I'm a frayed knot".
  3. Cantankerous? Argumentative? A matter of opinion. But 'know nothing'? No-one in this debate has struck me as deserving of that. The Physics mentioned here is the very same as that which I studied, possibly at around the same time - after all, I do come from the same Universe, as do you. On the exhausts, my opinion is this: that heat is best exchanged by conduction, and the areas around exhausts do get very hot - more so, I would say, than the exhaust gas and therefore the material over which it is blown. So the black paint probably was heat resistant; after all, it doesn't look burned. Aesthetics do play a part in the maintenance of weapons of war which have periods away from the muck and bullets; it's a matter of morale, unit pride as a whole and that of the pilot in particular. Hence emblems and other artwork. Nothing wrong about wanting to risk your life in a well groomed mount, if you must risk it at all. Pride inspires confidence. If you don't want to win, nor think you can, the battle is lost - ancient authorities on combat knew this. Read Musashi Miyamoto's Go Rin No Sho - the Book of Five Spheres. Work goes better with good tools, and that includes appearance. I would suggest that the intake geometry on the 109F onwards was deliberately designed to facilitate fitting of filters; a 'plug and play' solution, perhaps. If there was concern about 'rebreathing', surely a simple duct would have sufficed? None of this, however, answers the original question!
  4. Yes to both. But does it clear the aforementioned product? I would check first, and if it does, then yes, definitely. Always choose the least hazardous option!
  5. No, indeed. You need to be swift with the rinse afterwards, and only use it for cleaning out Klear/Pledge or similar. No point using it for anything else.
  6. A valid point, but the most ridiculously extreme Reductio ad Absurd(issim)am argument I've ever heard. There's not enough information by far for me to attempt a build (even if the subject appealed to me), but let us not ridicule those brave souls who might now spend serious time and brainpower trying to work something out!
  7. Which are, of course, drawn around real people only recently deceased. Well; usually. Sounds to me this judge was looking for an opportunity to launch his little 'bon mots' and be thought quite the little wit, at the expense of actually doing his job in a measured and professional manner.
  8. Mine is Boots brand, but they may query your use. Or maybe that's just England.
  9. My favourite version, I think? (103B). The fence on the C spoils the lines for me. BrĂ¥!
  10. I loved those kits. I had a P38; I and an acquaintance each had one of different brands, and some details differed. We thought that one of them represented a post-war version. When I left home, it was given to the nephew. I only found out when, on a visit, I was called upon to reassemble it. Good that I never had an Uzi; I would have really missed that. Shortly after, my whole collection, huge bits box and my stash all ended up in the same place. As for blank pistols; I had a starting pistol, .22 short, top discharging. Being a science student at that time I took a large Humbrol pot and a hammer; soon I had an expansion and focussing chamber which, when bonded to said pistol, turned it into a non-lethal psychological weapon; a Sonic Demobiliser. My drinking colleagues of the time assured me - loudly and, strangely, angrily - that it worked. It drew few compliments, which puzzles me to this day... Note for whomever-it-may-concern, not that I think it ought to: I no longer possess any such objects nor the means to produce nor arm them. I present this as a cautionary tale and urge readers not to emulate my actions.
  11. Mwa ha ha ha ha! Heh heh! No. They were a distraction, just details to draw you ever further in. Like any good diorama; provide lots of storytelling detail, and people will look for it and at it.
  12. A quote from Miss Monroe found its way onto the cover of a refill pad of my favoured brand in the 80s (along with others from more obvious academic luminaries - one to each pad) If memory serves the gist was: "One day I'm going to marry the President of the United States. That'll [show? teach?] them." I think that's a better candidate for Famous (nearly) Last Words.
  13. I can't speak for clear parts, but I have heard of people using Ammonia solution for airbrush cleaning. I use it for brush brush cleaning but CAVEAT! Work outdoors and upwind. The sole reason that Ammonia has never been used as a war gas it that it's amazingly soluble in water.
  14. Isn't that illegal? It's secondary Pick-it-ing!
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