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  1. Chillidragon

    Bf 109E blue air intake cover?

    I had valid points to make thereafter. I intended the comment to be conciliatory to both sides of this debate; some very good points having been made. Without the emotive dambusting it would have remained interesting and enjoyable, even though this era and subject are not on my list of modelling interests. I feel that I really don't deserve to be threatened, unless I should take that as an imperative, rather than a threat? I never react well to threats. I'll take at least 31 days off, then, and actually get something done away from the keyboard. Chillidragon out.
  2. Chillidragon

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Ysgol Dafydd, man! Are you still upset about that? Very well; three pieces of string walk past a bar. One says: "I could murder a pint" The second waves at a sign in the window: No pieces of string allowed. The third says: "I've got this covered. Tie me in the middle and rough me up!" Our hero walks into the bar and orders three pints of best. Says the barman: "Oi! Aren't you a piece of string?" "I'm a frayed knot".
  3. Chillidragon

    FOUR whom the toll bells

    friends at the local
  4. Chillidragon

    FOUR whom the toll bells

    fish in the Yemen
  5. Chillidragon

    eBay - any answers?

    Another thing to look out for is international sellers who don't put up a delivery price, then charge enough to make up for their disappointment. In my case, an Italian seller whose kit went at what I thought a good price from both points of view (Revell Mirage IIIE/R/S/SR, 1/72 at £14-odd), but who then wanted an exorbitant P&P charge (twenty odd pounds) because "Paypal insist". I could have it cheaper, though (less than half the P&P), if I would use bank transfer and bypass Ebay... They were oddly happy to cancel. Another time, I ordered an incense burner from China, BIN, with a ridiculously low price (few pounds) and a P&P, stated in full, also of twenty odd pounds. I figured that this represented the profit margin as well as P&P; the burner in the photograph was a beautiful little thing, big enough to accommodate a cone, I thought, and of a standard for which I would pay a similar price here. The photograph was accurate in appearance - it's lovely - but turned out at least as big and heavy as a Mills Bomb! Excellent value!
  6. Chillidragon

    Punny Brands

    Ah! So there's the 'water mark' sound shift, so to speak. Between both and siSwati its t and z, so siSwati becomes isiSwazi; and in reverse, isiZulu becomes siTulu. Since all my African friends were only passing through, and I'm never going to visit Africa, I didn't learn a serious amount. Always handy to know someone who did! Thank you, comrade!
  7. Chillidragon

    Martian Aviation

    Barques worse than their bight... I was thinking of living in such a structure, a sort of domiciliary dirigible, but plan(e)s are all up in the air...
  8. Chillidragon

    Punny Brands

    Spanish. I pointed this out to my wife (Spanish is one of her Primaries) and she dismissed it with "yes, but almost every word in Spanish is impolite in one dialect or another".
  9. Chillidragon

    Punny Brands

    Close. That would be Chou Mao in Mandarin.
  10. Chillidragon

    Punny Brands

    Not a speaker; I've just picked up a few words and phrases from people I've worked with and from studying Linguistics. The article I read had the qualifier 'under some circumstances' so could it be that 'ma' is the Noun Class Marker, and 'simba' the root noun? I may well need to pick your brains if the occasion arises, with your permission! (Starting now; can you personally tell the difference between isiZulu and isiXhosa? If so, how?) In the same establishment I also confirmed with an Estonian speaker that 'twelve months' really does sound like 'cacs taste good' (they spell it kaksteist kuud)!
  11. Chillidragon

    Martian Aviation

    I think someone has their mythologies mixed up here; either the 'Planet of Romance' should be Venus - with Mars as the 'Planet of War', or the author is thinking of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar, who governed War and Love. I've always thought that they had a point! Unless 'Romance' is taken in an older sense to mean fantasy; in which case it's tongue in cheek; "A Flight of the Imagination", as written in the article.
  12. Chillidragon

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    I must admit that I've never bought a live album. Perhaps it's the distraction of the audience - with "accidental" coughing and even hooting (listen! There! That's me; I recorded with the Staunch Farts, despite being talentless and as thick as pig pwp!) followed by deserved applause. For the performance on stage, that is. And some tracks do sound better with a bit of studio work.
  13. Chillidragon

    Who among you has ever seen such camouflage in a Harvard?

    All strength to you, man; go for it!
  14. Chillidragon

    Bf 109E blue air intake cover?

    Cantankerous? Argumentative? A matter of opinion. But 'know nothing'? No-one in this debate has struck me as deserving of that. The Physics mentioned here is the very same as that which I studied, possibly at around the same time - after all, I do come from the same Universe, as do you. On the exhausts, my opinion is this: that heat is best exchanged by conduction, and the areas around exhausts do get very hot - more so, I would say, than the exhaust gas and therefore the material over which it is blown. So the black paint probably was heat resistant; after all, it doesn't look burned. Aesthetics do play a part in the maintenance of weapons of war which have periods away from the muck and bullets; it's a matter of morale, unit pride as a whole and that of the pilot in particular. Hence emblems and other artwork. Nothing wrong about wanting to risk your life in a well groomed mount, if you must risk it at all. Pride inspires confidence. If you don't want to win, nor think you can, the battle is lost - ancient authorities on combat knew this. Read Musashi Miyamoto's Go Rin No Sho - the Book of Five Spheres. Work goes better with good tools, and that includes appearance. I would suggest that the intake geometry on the 109F onwards was deliberately designed to facilitate fitting of filters; a 'plug and play' solution, perhaps. If there was concern about 'rebreathing', surely a simple duct would have sufficed? None of this, however, answers the original question!
  15. Chillidragon

    Removing Klear (Pledge)

    Yes to both. But does it clear the aforementioned product? I would check first, and if it does, then yes, definitely. Always choose the least hazardous option!