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  1. No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    Why not use them to replace the Red Arrows Hawks?
  2. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Now fitted little bit of filler need, not too long to sort out. DSG over the top next.
  3. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Came back from shopping and look what the postman had delivered: Will see how this fits tonight
  4. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Wings attached: Still waiting for the FR nose to arrange, but I think I will start applying paint anyway.
  5. Not Action man.....

    What about the smaller version of Action Man - Action Force, they were quite popular when I was in primary school. http://toysandbacon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/figure-friday-action-force-quarrel.html
  6. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Thanks Col. I have already closed up the fuselage, but the images might be helpful for the 1/32 project..... So after last night, I have also got the tail pipe on and the the nose wheel undercarriage bay attached: Next to paint the intakes, I am thinking light aircraft grey, and hope the correct FR10 nose arrives soon
  7. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Hi Phil, The minimum order value is £5 as well. James
  8. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Hi Phil, Odds and Ordnance is now sold by Alleycat Models http://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/hawker-hunter-pr10-conversion-revell-6579-p.asp It is listed as a PR10 - Once I get mine, I will put up a picture to confirm that is the correct nose for a FR10. James
  9. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Finally some progress. Cockpit: and the wings together: Also managed to get the fuselage closed last night. Feels good to finally be making some progress on this one.
  10. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    @Rabbit Leader, Was just going to stick with post WWII. Rigging is not a skill I have. Anyway not much progress as I have been away with work abroad, plus work is 'interesting' at the moment - it has been announced that office is moving 200 miles away and there will be redundancies - I think I am alright, as everyone that is leaving was told last week, while I was away. However, on a positive note, look what arrived today in the post: This looks a little more complex than I expect (certainly as there is a deadline), so I may left the intake detail of this build ( I have another Hunter in the stash). And this: Somehow I have managed to order the 1/32 version...Doh So have now place another order for the 1/72 version - anyone looking for a 1/32 Hinter PR10 conversion? Will make start on the seat and cockpit tonight.
  11. I could be up for this - Sabre in 4 Sqn markings....
  12. Italeri 1/72 A-10C

    Does the Kit include the extra bits for an A-10C or is just the decals?
  13. RAF Ordnance of the 60s & 70s in 1/72

    And a 3in rocket should be 1.06mm in 1/72? I have found a couple aftermarket sets for RAF 3in rockets from Eduard and Pavla, after reading Selwyn's comments in this thread: I believe that the rockets should be ok to use, I will just need to build 'Towel Rail' to hang the rockets off - I should be able to stretch build these. Remember build one as lad, surprised it was never released by Revell, certainly no worst than the some of the other Matchbox kits they re issued.
  14. Hawker Hunter FR.10

    Reading a couple of hunter books last night came across a couple of images of XF419 with 58 SQN and XF418 with TWU with the camera nose fitted. Apparently they were used for covert surveillance of terrorists. Interesting thing is that in both photos the line between the LAG and the DG/DSG is higher up on the noise compared to the rest of the fuselage - the is defiantly a step down at where the noise attaches the rest of the fuselage - makes me think the camera nose was transfer between different aircraft depending on serviceability?
  15. RAF Ordnance of the 60s & 70s in 1/72

    Thanks Selwyn. I thought that would be the case - just shows that you can trust everything you read. I had thought (incorrectly) that they were the same..and had read that SURA rockets were used on Strikemasters in SOAF and therefore they were also used on Hunters. James