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  1. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Not sure - it could still take me 3 or 4 weeks from this stage - although I did manage to get most of the starboard side decals on. However there has had to be a slight change of plane now doing d-8143 - did not have a number 7 in the correct size/font.
  2. Is it the standard rear fuselage pylons introduced on the Mirage IIIE?
  3. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Finished painting at the weekend: Decaling starts tonight!
  4. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Found the ejection seat - in with a selection of under wing stores for the couple of f-16s (one of which will also be Dutch) that are also on the go currently. So seat glued in and canopy masked.
  5. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Thanks theplasticsurgeon - I will have a good look in the mobile work bench tonight.
  6. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Over christmas was finally able to make some more progress - finally some paint applied. Underside, just about finished. and upper surfaces Still needs a second coat and then to add the anti glare panel and clean up the dielectric panels . Appear to have lost the ejection seat during break before Christmas.
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    After being told by my wife that I was not getting any kits this year, she brought me the Airfix Shackleton AEW 2. I have been dropping hints all year for this one and have already started to paint the interior. Also so got the Airfix Jet Provest, a 1/72 Tamiya F-16 and a book on A-10 units in OIF & OEF
  8. Tim's Starfighter - COMPLETED

    Yes mine had more flash than is what I would normally expect from Hasegawa. Maybe the moulds are starting to wear?
  9. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    So weekly update. cleaned up the joins between the intakes and the fuselage. Also wings and tanks added. The Dutch F-104s had the ALQ-126 ECM system added in the mid Seventies. Externally there is an extra lump under the forward fuselage, so I have tried to make this. here it is fitted. There is also an additional antenna to the starboard side. I plan to modify one of the small antennas from the Hasegawa F-16 kit ( as used on the navy version) so so this is what I have so far. Will not fit this until I have so paint on, which I should start this week. The Dutch RF-104s also had an additional (cooling) intake behind the lump where cannon should have been, but I missed these and did not notice until I had joined up the fuselage.
  10. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Thanks Andrew and Giorgio. I decided not to glue the rear fuselage together and to sleep on it. Following the advice from Andrew and Giorgio, I re tried with the arrow pointing up and now have a good fit. as you can see I now have fuselage together, here are some of the missing steps. Rear fuselage glued. No mention of adding any weight is made in the instructions, but I added some anyway I used some liquid gravity, held in place with some PVA. Here is the forward fuselage glued together. So next is clean up the joins, looks like only a little filler is required
  11. Hasegawa F-104 in Belgian markings

    Those CMK sets have some great detail in. Looking good so far.
  12. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    So after some test fitting the rear fuselage fits better together with the arrow pointing down...
  13. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Now should the arrow point up..... or down... the instructions make no mention of the arrow.
  14. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    Just to that although progress is slow, I have done some painting..... the undercarriage parts. Painted in a mixture of Humbrol 11 and 56. notice the flash on the undercarriage doors - not use to this on a Hasegawa kit. Here is the instrument panel. normally I would just use the decals, but for a change, I have attempted to paint.
  15. Dutch F-104G - 1/72

    So finally have some pictures of the work so far. Still some work to do on the cockpit tub. Need to get a picture of the instrument panel - my best hand painted one for a while - helped by the panel being in clear plastic.