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  1. Very nice indeed! A former 2 Sqd RAF machine BTW.
  2. Very nice, Scott. I lived in Belleville and remember the day they arrived at CFB Trenton and all flew over Belleville inbound to the airbase. One of my friends father was piloting one of them, having transitioned from the CC-106. The Boeing's were a constant site in the skies. I'd love to get your reference info you mentioned.
  3. There is really no way to know if it ever did carry a three-digit tail number unless a photo pops up, and a side profile/drawing isn't proof. It most certainly carried only the two-digit 52 when it was in natural metal and there are photos to prove that. There are also photos showing 101 squadron companion aircraft sporting three-digit tail numbers at the same time. I was told the whole two-digit, three-digit thing was to give a false impression of actual aircraft quantities, but I've never actually read that anywhere. It makes sense though.
  4. Yes, the F-15 sets are particularly nice. I ordered the F-16 Blk 52 P&W A/B and nozzles and same for F/A-18A/B/C/D from 48ers.com during their sale this past weekend.
  5. The answer I was hoping for! Thank you.
  6. Has anyone here used the above-mentioned exhaust nozzles/nozzle and afterburner sets? Pricey, but they do look very nice.
  7. I believe you are seeing all the codes (just two letters) for that time. The letters CO are for aircraft "O" of "C" flight. Carried aft of the national insignia on the left and forward of the national insignia on the right. I do of course stand to be corrected.
  8. TBC

    Luftwaffe F-104F’s.

    Thanks for the reply, but after reading through the instructions I can find nowhere where it actually says that. Unless there is something in German which hasn’t been also translated into English in the instructions. I actually sent Danny an email 2 days ago regarding my query but he hasn’t replied.
  9. Would someone know if the data stencilling on the German F-104F’s was in German or English after they were repainted in camouflage? Thanks very much.
  10. Absolutely not. While currently out of stock at HIroboy, they are only 50 quid there!
  11. TBC

    DACO decals.

    DACO has an anniversary sale so it might be a good time to pick up their T/F-104G decal set. I’ve never used their decals before. Would like to hear from those that have used them previously. Thank you.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has seen a build of a WNW Albatros D.V with Pheon’s limited edition (only 100 made) 32010L Ltn. Rumey’s Jasta 5 devil markings?
  13. Absolutely worth the effort in my opinion if you want something better than kit-level detail. And the underside of the upper wings are untouched-I did not have to remove any plastic.
  14. Okay, here are some pics for you, Tim. First up, a couple of general shots of how they sit in the lower one-piece wing. As you can see the starboard side has some plastic square bar surrounding the resin wheel bay. Not really necessary for rigidity, but there anyways for additional support. Haven't done the port side yet. The only "extra" grinding that was done in the wheel bay area was to open up the 20mm cannon shell ejector chutes. When I removed the kit wheel wells I did not go any farther into the lower wing plastic other than what was necessary to remove the raised detail. I did not thin
  15. Tim, Run fast, run far, far away from the Aires set. Mine was a solid 1/8” too short-inboard to outboard, not lead edge/trail edge-wise. Plus I ruined a kit grinding the upper wings thinner only to find out the above. I have a CMK set installed in another kit and they were literally a drop-fit with no grinding required, other than removal of the kit wheel wells of course. There is already a rectangular notch in the kit upper wing to fit over the molded-in kit wheel wells. I had to snip out a little bit more for the CMK set-that’s it! I know you didn’t ask about it, but stay
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