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  1. TBC

    DACO decals.

    DACO has an anniversary sale so it might be a good time to pick up their T/F-104G decal set. I’ve never used their decals before. Would like to hear from those that have used them previously. Thank you.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has seen a build of a WNW Albatros D.V with Pheon’s limited edition (only 100 made) 32010L Ltn. Rumey’s Jasta 5 devil markings?
  3. Absolutely worth the effort in my opinion if you want something better than kit-level detail. And the underside of the upper wings are untouched-I did not have to remove any plastic.
  4. Okay, here are some pics for you, Tim. First up, a couple of general shots of how they sit in the lower one-piece wing. As you can see the starboard side has some plastic square bar surrounding the resin wheel bay. Not really necessary for rigidity, but there anyways for additional support. Haven't done the port side yet. The only "extra" grinding that was done in the wheel bay area was to open up the 20mm cannon shell ejector chutes. When I removed the kit wheel wells I did not go any farther into the lower wing plastic other than what was necessary to remove the raised detail. I did not thin it out whatsoever. Below is a shot directly overhead showing how they look from the underside. Below is a couple of shots from different angles showing some detail. By looking at the edge of the kit wheel well you can see that I did not grind the lower wing thinner. And finally, two pictures showing how I increased the size of the notched area on the inboard face of the upper wing parts. It doesn't look particularly aesthetic, but it's nothing that will be visible once the wings are glued on. The taped wings are not necessarily aligned in these pictures, nor are they forced together. The upper to lower wing fit is exactly as it was prior to removing the kits wheel wells. Sorry for the grainy pics as they were taken with my iPad as I currently don't have a proper photo booth operational, but I think these are sufficient for what I am attempting to depict. If I can be of any more assistance...........
  5. Tim, Run fast, run far, far away from the Aires set. Mine was a solid 1/8” too short-inboard to outboard, not lead edge/trail edge-wise. Plus I ruined a kit grinding the upper wings thinner only to find out the above. I have a CMK set installed in another kit and they were literally a drop-fit with no grinding required, other than removal of the kit wheel wells of course. There is already a rectangular notch in the kit upper wing to fit over the molded-in kit wheel wells. I had to snip out a little bit more for the CMK set-that’s it! I know you didn’t ask about it, but stay away from the Cutting Edge set, too-not that you would attempt to find one, necessarily. I’ll dig out my kit, take some pics and post them here within the next couple of days. Just my opinion, but I’ve been there and done that!
  6. Would I be correct in assuming that the only two-seat Mirage III Kinetic hasn’t done yet is a plain old IIIB?
  7. Giuseppe, What issues does the correction set address?
  8. Very nice. What tool are you using for scribing?
  9. Unc, Up North did one other scribing template set which was for the Monogram 1/48 F-100D Super Sabre. FWIW they also did a very nice RATO set for the 1/48 Mirage IV, too.
  10. Just curious as to whether these magazines dating back to the 1970's contain any useful information. I wouldn't want to write them off necessarily just due to their vintage.
  11. Well, I was hoping for "top drawer", but top banana works, too. Thanks.
  12. So I’m looking at purchasing the Welsh Models 1/144 CC-106 Yukon and the Proteus 1/72 CC-109 Cosmopolitan. I’ve never seen kits from these manufacturers, so I’d like to know if anyone here has experience with either of them and what your thoughts are. Thank you.
  13. TBC

    Minicraft DC-8

    Good info. The wings are dead straight on my EAL dash 63 kit. I’m more concerned with the pylon shape on the aftermarket RR Conways.
  14. TBC

    Minicraft DC-8’s.

    Good stuff in those links, Dave. Wrapped up some loose ends for me. Thank you.
  15. TBC

    Minicraft DC-8’s.

    Anyone here up to speed on the various boxings? I’m interested in knowing which DC-8 versions can be built from the different kits. And correct me if I’m wrong, but they never came out with RR Conways in any of them. Thank you.
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