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  1. TBC

    Spitfire 20mm Cannon colours

    JG-726 is listed in 417’s ORB as is a JB-726. According to my info, valid s/n’s for Vc’s starting with the letter J are JG, JK and JL. Therefore JB-726 must be a typo (look at where the letters B and G are on a keyboard!). ORB’s were most certainly poorly kept. The ORB shows “JB”-726 flying twice on 19-4-43. UP-DOWN 06:00 - 07:35 and then again 14:15 - 15:40. It does not appear-correctly or incorrectly serialled-after this date. Form 540 and 541 do not mention the accident which is quite normal as far as ORB entries go. There are several colour photos around of 417’s Vb’s an Vc’s, but JG-726 is certainly among the best of them.
  2. TBC

    Sabre Mk. 6

    If by “dedicated practice 86’s” you mean they didn’t practice in the GH Sabres, that’s not true. Chatham OTU Sabres were sprinkled in there.
  3. TBC

    1/48 Tamiya Meteor cockpit enhancement/replacement

    Hi Tech made one for this kit. I've had one for donkey's years. I have absolutely no memory of where I purchased it. It's pretty good. FWIW, a build on Hyperscale using it in the F.3 kit. http://hsfeatures.com/features04/meteorf3wb_1.htm
  4. TBC

    RAF Thunderbolts Colour Footage

    Great stuff. I wish there was a way to download that.
  5. TBC

    440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    Liberties were clearly taken when applying AEAF stripes. On Typhoons, full invasion stripes could be found with the sky band partially painted over or butted up to the sky band with it untouched.
  6. TBC

    440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    Reading through the instructions for MP149 it states that, "Both MP149 profile illustrations are based on existing photographs....." Having said that the profiles show it with a sky band starting below the serial number. Terry does quite exhaustive research with extant photographs. On page 2 of the instructions it is also mentioned that the sky fuselage bands "were often renewed as well" when the camouflage colours were renewed. Is it possible that what is seen in the one photo is a freshly-painted sky band? The sun is also overhead, too. I don't know the answer or whether your choice to paint the band white is right or wrong. I'm just looking at the available information and trying to decide as well. Maybe Terry will see this post and chime in.
  7. I am looking for photos of the hinge attachment points for the ailerons, rudder and elevators. Not on the moveable surfaces, though, but rather the hinge brackets on the wings, vertical fin and tail planes. I just can't find what I need on-line nor on the restoration site for RB396. I suppose the same areas on a Tempest might do for my purposes? Would anyone be able to help? Thank you.
  8. TBC

    Tempest II with 'lightning flash' - new to me...

    It took about 1 minute on The Hawker Tempest Page to find it. http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/contributions/photos/334-co-s-tempest-mk-ii
  9. TBC

    F-8C can this be done?

    Here you go. This should pretty much answer your questions. http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1298935035/F-8H+Crusader+answers
  10. TBC

    F-8C can this be done?

    The Cutting Edge and Cobra conversions did not give you what you needed to convert an F-8E to an F-8C. Due to the fact that you mentioned Cutting Edge and Cobra, I assume you are talking 1/48? Muroc Models makes an F-8C conversion for the Hasegawa F-8E and an F-8A conversion as well. You won't be disappointed with the quality. Muroc does not have a website. Contact David Newman directly at newmanispwest@yahoo.com
  11. I have seen images of this alternate elevator/horizontal tail (as in Vector La-5 correction set VDS48-037) used on the La-5F and UTI. I am wondering if the section added to the elevator was in fact some sort of mass balance that was used to compensate for increased horsepower engines and center of gravity? And to be clear, the elevator hinge line wasn't actually offset. The two hinges were in-line with each other. Approximately the outer half (a little more than half actually) of each elevator had an increase in chord with a corresponding decrease in chord of the horizontal tail to allow for this. Still wondering. The truth is out there.
  12. Maybe someone here can answer my question as I know of no way to get hold of Sergey at Vector directly. He makes a corrected control surface set for the Zvezda 1/48 La-5 kit. The horizontal tail planes and elevators are of a different style than the kit plastic parts, similar to the two types of horizontal tail planes used on the Beaufighter. His La-5F/FN/La-7 control surface set has the same elevators as in the aforementioned Zvezda La-5 kit. Anyone here know their La-5's and what this was about? Thank you.
  13. TBC

    Dambusters Lancaster query

    Yes, it would appear to be correct.
  14. Looking for some input on the "best" aftermarket cockpit for the Revell 1/32 G-6 and G-10 kits. I've seen builds that utilized Aires sets and, oddly enough, no naughty words were used. Thoughts? Thanks.
  15. TBC

    Converting .mdx video files

    Has anyone here converted .mdx video files to another format? Not having any luck coming up with a converter.