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Hadzi's 2021


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Hello Friends, here my output for 2021, enjoy it!

1.       IMG-9462.jpg

2.       IMG-9459.jpg

3.       IMG-9458.jpg

4.       IMG-9455.jpg

5.       IMG-9450.jpg

6.       IMG-9424.jpg

7.       IMG-9418.jpg

8.       IMG-9398.jpg

9.       IMG-9395.jpg

10.   IMG-9371.jpg

11.   IMG-9384.jpg

12.   IMG-9376.jpg

13.   IMG-9375.jpg

14.   IMG-9343.jpg

15.   IMG-9342.jpg

16.   IMG-9326.jpg

17.   IMG-9320.jpg

18.   IMG-9317.jpg

19.   IMG-9299.jpg

20.   IMG-9302.jpg

21.   IMG-9294.jpg

22.   IMG-9291.jpg

23.   IMG-9287.jpg

24.   IMG-9282.jpg

25.   IMG-9276.jpg

26.   IMG-9274.jpg

27.   IMG-9279.jpg

28.   IMG-9263.jpg

29.   IMG-9256.jpg

30.   IMG-9253.jpg

31.   IMG-9250.jpg

32.   IMG-9246.jpg

33.   IMG-9236.jpg

34.   IMG-9229.jpg

35.   IMG-9225.jpg

36.   IMG-9221.jpg

37.   IMG-9204.jpg

38.   IMG-9207.jpg

39.   IMG-9214.jpg

40.   IMG-9210.jpg

41.   IMG-9218.jpg

42.   IMG-9216.jpg

43.   IMG-9193.jpg

44.   IMG-9191.jpg

45.   IMG-9188.jpg

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2 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

Wow! What a yearbook this is! That's a lovely collection of 44 superb small scale little gems. Excellent work throughout. 


You have duplicated #21/22 by the way

Thank you, you are right, I make mistake with the link, now it is correct - one Hurricane was missing!

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Great work as usual, congratulations. I'm not hiding but your thematic approach PZL, P-47, . . . . . revelation for model building.

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Marvellous (as always) !!!

BTW the #8 pilot's name was Hugo (1925-58).

Patryk (1888-1964) was his father - colonel of the Polish armoured forces



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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, KRK4m said:

Marvellous (as always) !!!

BTW the #8 pilot's name was Hugo (1925-58).

Patryk (1888-1964) was his father - colonel of the Polish armoured forces



Thank you!

You right, Arma Hobby have made this mistake in the assembly manual - wrote Patryk 😞 and I missed it!

Sorry for that Hugo!


Hugo O’Brien de Lacy was born on the 29th of October 1925 in Warsaw. At the outbreak of the war, he was only 13, and he was a student of the Cadet Corps in Lvov. During the German occupation, Hugo lived in Warsaw. In 1941 he joined Polish Underground. The Gestapo arrested him, but the “organisation” managed to pay a ransom and free him. As he was afraid of further problems with occupants he went to Krosno and in May 1941 he tried to get to the Polish army in the Middle East through Hungary.

Unfortunately his attempt was not successful and Soviets arrested him. He spent two years and two months in Soviet prisons. In July 1942, after Sikorski – Maiski treaty, he was released, but the Polish Army, led by Gen Anders was getting ready to leave the USSR for Persia. He stayed in the Soviet Union and worked in a factory, kolkhoz and as a peat digger. In August 1943 he joined the Polish People’s Army and almost immediately went to the 1st Fighter Regiment. 

O’Brien de Lacy belonged to the last, fourth, training group of the 1st Fighter Regiment and he was one of only four pilots who saw combat – just in time to take part in the Battle of Berlin. He flew in the 2nd Flight as Sergeant. On the 2nd May 1945 he was promoted Warrant Officer. For his service de Lacy received the Cross of Merit and Polish and Soviet commemorative medals. After the war, he based with the regiment in Bydgoszcz and Modlin.

In January 1946 he was attacked by Russians in the Rembertów Forest and was shot in his leg. Stay in hospital and rehabilitation took away several months of his life. Since then, he had to walk with a walking stick. In 1946 he helped 2nd Ltn Władysław Żurawski, a pilot of the 1st Fighter Regiment, to escape to the West. The Military Information (in reality, political police in the army) learnt about his involvement, and he was sentenced two years in prison. Thanks to executive clemency he left it after 13 months.

Later he passed his A-Level exam and started working in newspapers in Warsaw, and he wrote articles about aviation and mountaineering. He was planning to write two books about the 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment “Warszawa” but he never made it.

On the 29th November 1958, W/O Res. Hugo O’Brien de Lacy committed suicide in Warsaw, exactly one month after his 33rd birthday. This courageous fighter pilot did not manage to cope with everyday problems in peacetime. His grave is at the Old Powązki Cemetery.

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